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2017 Liberty Musicfest Meet the Artists Saturday 8/19 Outdoor Stage at The Grape Room

The 6th Annual Liberty Musicfest
Wed. Aug 16th thru Sunday Aug 20th

The Grape Room - Broken Goblet Brewery - Pretzel Park
Event Page: Click Here 

Bringing together musicians, fans and industry professionals for one incredible weekend filled with entertaining & informative events. The festival seeks to introduce music enthusiasts to up-and-coming original independent on the cusp regional and national artists. As well as provide tips and tricks to attendees on music industry topics such as publishing, touring, and social media. It is a huge networking festival that you can meet artists and music professionals.

Saturday, August 18th, 2017
Outdoor Stage Performers
11:30 to 8pm - Free & All Ages
at The Grape Room

XPresidents -Philadelphia  time: 7:10pm

Music is singular to the individual: We each bring something to the table the others don't have, and together we create something that is unique. If you were to take a cross-section of who we are, and what we do, you'd find permutations of that which has already been done: At the core, we're a power trio, and an MC fronts the band. Growing up in the late 90s, early 2000's unfortunately I remember that era of bands categorized as 'rap-rock' (..and zero guitar!!); yet none of those bands were equipped with a neo-soul wizard on the keys. Conversely, there are many r&b outfits that dabble in hip hop and soul; yet, I've yet to see one with a lead guitar player blowing LA rock guitar through a Marshall stack. We deal in rock, jazz, funk, reggae, neo-soul, and we play live. We can take to any stage, in any circumstance and do what we do without the aid of a computer. It's real, and that in and of itself, I believes sets this band apart. Marv has a story to tell, we help him tell it. There are 4 different versions to this story, and what I've laid before you is simply how I see it….

Memphis Crawl - New York  time: 6:20pm

"Bluesy","Ballsy","Soulful" and "Convention Defying"….These are some of Words that Have Been Used to Describe Memphis Crawl. The Crawl was Formed in NYC by Charismatic Frontman Matty O'Brien on The Blue-Collar Streets of New York City….The Son of a Counter Culture Mother From Brooklyn and A Country-Blues Bred Outlaw Daddy From The South, Matty was Raised on a Strict Diet of Rock n Roll and Delta Blues and even as a Small Child it was Clear that this "Old Soul"... Was a Natural Performer....Soon after putting the Group Together Matty Found some Of the Heaviest Cats Around…..Guitarist Stevens, Bassist Arvin Q. Rojas and Percussionist Michael Powder... From Their First Jam Session Together it was Obvious That Their collective Energy and Chemistry was Truly Something Special and a Once in a Lifetime gift.This Four Piece PowerHouse has Toured all over the U.S. from NYC to Los Angeles and parts of Europe....Their Fanbase Known as "The CrawlDogs" have Become a Huge Funky Family... Kind of a Cross Between a Counter Culture Commune and a Traveling Circus.If You Get a Chance to see the band will quickly find out why their motto is "play like its your last night on Earth!!'.

The Sly Foxes West Chester,PA  time: 5:30pm

he Sly Foxes are a funk/rock band from West Chester, Pa consisting of Doug Myers, (guitar/vocals), Arturo DiPietro (bass guitar/vocals), James Jorgensen (saxophone), Timmy Oakes (piano/keyboards) and Dennis Oakes (drums).​
The band began to gig in and around Pennsylvania. This included festivals often requiring them to play a specific genre including blues, reggae, acoustic, and funk. By playing a diverse array of genres, the Foxes were able to develop a unique sound that is entirely their own. One such festival at the Moondancer Winery, the band was introduced to artist rep Lynda Bennett of world renown roots label Lanark records. 
Lynda introduced the Foxes to rockabilly hall of famer/label owner Quentin Jones. The Foxes and Jones agreed to do a four song EP with Jones behind the board as producer as he has done with artists such as Robert Gordon, Lynda Gail Lewis, and Kenley Collins. 
With the EP “Cooped Up” under their belt, the Foxes are setting up touring dates for 2017 in support of their EP and album.

Calla Bere & The Attitude New Hope,PA  time: 4:40pm

Calla Bere & The Attitude is a blues rock group based in New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA. Formed in January 2017, the band is led by the powerful vocals and classic songwriting of Calla Bere (Ka-luh Bear), driven by Mastermind's Rich Berends (Bear-ends) on drums and the Duane-Allman-influenced style of Kevin Rovner (Rove-ner) on guitar. The band is fresh on the scene and will release their first album in early Summer 2017.

Aviance- Philadelphia  time: 3:50pm

Known as "The Bad Girls of R&B," Aviance is one of the best R&B of coming acts today. With their huge, cutting and soulful voices and a diverse line-up of songs with women empowerment anthems while keeping most of their music bright and friendly. Aviance is a Philadelphia based female group that gets the house jumping everywhere they go; with their R&B allure, soulful voices, pop hooks and hip hop swag. This all lead singing trio features Beyyond, Dominique Nicole & Jess, and they get down and gritty with soulful voices. Aviance gives their fans and all music lovers just what they’re looking for "REAL" singing! The name "Aviance" comes from the word "ambiance"; and they represent every meaning of the word, because these ladies are known for creating a special vibe when they enter a room. Their performance is definitely memorable; in every way, which causes them to gain new, loyal and dedicated fans wherever they go. They've opened up for Artists such as Dru Hill, K-Ci & Jo Jo, Silento, Jazz the Greatest and many more. These girls have gained a reputation for rocking the house wherever they go. Aviance plans to make their mark on the industry by being known for the singing group that has brought back TRUE SINGING and REAL MUSIC to this industry. Their talents collectively and individually will definitely leave a mark on this industry and give them the type of staying power that legendary Artists had.

Lucida- Philadelphia  time: 3:00pm

Indie Alternative Rock
Check out there tracks " Changing Tides" & "echoes"

Redux Envy - Philadelphia  time: 2:10pm

Redox Envy wants to give you their "Hearts", but they may just end up stealing yours. Produced at Sine Studios (Motown, Bon Jovi) and mastered at Sterling Sound by Grammy-winning engineer Joe LaPorta (David Bowie, Foo Fighters, the Weeknd, Imagine Dragons, the Killers), the "Hearts" EP features the kinds of killer hooks and lush atmospherics that seem to bypass your ears and go straight to your soul.
An embrace and a flawless integration of technology may conjure up the modern and breathtaking soundscapes, but it's the tried and true fundamentals of infectious melodies, searing solos, and airtight rhythms that electrify. Now adorned with a full ensemble of artful technicians, Redox Envy is primed to deliver the sweeping and all-encompassing live concert experience that laptops and digital programming will simply never be able to replicate.
Whether blistering through their own scintillating tunes or paying tribute to the icons who bestowed upon us those unforgettable hits, Redox Envy lives to stoke that fire inside of every dreamer who may wonder when the next moment may arrive to unleash its magic.

In Different Sounds - Philadelphia  time: 1:30am

In Different Sounds is the natural progression of a friendship between four independent musicians from the Philadelphia area. This indie-rock band combines the unique influences of each of its members into an earnest blend of alternative rock, pop, synth, and folk. In collaboration, they have created an environment that pushes each individual beyond their limitations. The result is an exciting group which is just as comfortable with energetic, electric mayhem as it is with dulcet, acoustic harmony. The band consists of Kate Kozak on keys, Jake Fuscia on drums, Lucas Waldburger on guitar, Patrick Downey on bass, and everyone on vocals (except Jake...but he really is the songbird of his generation). 

CHVNCE - Philadelphia  time: 12:40am

Chvnce is a new solo project from Hayden Chance. This project blends elements of electronic pop and psychedelic rock, giving it a unique and captivating sound. Hayden writes and records everything on his own and thrives on experimentation to harness his creativity. 
His self titled EP was released on April 21, 2015 and was a great introduction as to what he brings to the table as a songwriter. A coinciding music video for "Green Lady," Chvnce's first single, was shot shortly after the EP was released. In the beginning of summer 2015, Hayden began working on the material that would soon become his first full length album Guest Room.
After months and months of writing, recording and planning, Guest Room was finished and purposefully released on June 10, 2016 to capture the album's fun, summery vibe and make the tunes more relatable for listeners. This album truly shows the potential of Chvnce and the direction the project is heading. With a band full of some of the most promising up-and-coming musicians in the region, the future of Chvnce is looking bright

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