Thursday, June 29, 2017

2017 Liberty Musicfest Meet the Artists Wednesday & Thursday

The 6th Annual Liberty Musicfest
Wed. Aug 16th thru Sunday Aug 20th

The Grape Room - Broken Goblet Brewery - Pretzel Park

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Bringing together musicians, fans and industry professionals for one incredible weekend filled with entertaining & informative events. The festival seeks to introduce music enthusiasts to up-and-coming original independent on the cusp regional and national artists. As well as provide tips and tricks to attendees on music industry topics such as publishing, touring, and social media. It is a huge networking festival that you can meet artists and music professionals.

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Special Liberty OPEN JAWN

with your Hosts The Jawn and Trap Rabbit

This is an open Jam Night, we encourage all musicians to swing by and sit in with band. 

meet the hosts

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

The Indigos - Muncie, IN   time: 11:20pm

The Indigos style combines the music of rock, indie, modern pop, jazz, groove, alternative, and blues music. Their sound continues to evolve as the band and members themselves evolve.We like to say our genre is "Indigroove" because of its groovy roots meshed with our collective rock 'n' roll influences. Already the size of a baseball team and working on becoming a football team, we have depth of diversity with a central focus on creating our unique brand of music so that our fans can get in, get in the groove.

Vital StatsPhiladelphia, PA   time: 10:30pm

VITAL STATS is a most righteous conglomeration of soul shakin’, earth quakin’, baby makin’ electrified Funk, Soul and Rock music. Led by the charismatic Jacques St. Claire, Vital Stats delivers songs of unequaled groove—retro tunes with a brash style that is truly their own unique brand of soul-revival.

Skribe - Annapolis, MD   time: 9:40pm

Skribe plays an oil can called a canjo-zookie. It’s an eight-string guitar with a biting, blues-y rasp. Skribe’s got the voice (and the old-school Cadillac) to match. Accompanying himself on the suitcase-kick and hi-hat, Skribe’s “M.I.Y.” is a barn-burning roots number. 
- Ben Naddaff-Hafrey NPR
They call it "garage folk," perhaps because the music is crafted without any more polish than it needs to showcase the allure of its soulfully delivered down-to-earth lyrics. The focus of Skribe's sound is rhythmic acoustic strumming and plucking with emphatic vocals that epitomize the musical landscape of the area's small-town city feel. Oh yeah, and the kazoo. Who knew you could elevate a quasi-irritating kid's birthday party favor to a desirable sounding musical instrument?!
-Lindsay Bolin Lowery - Visit Annapolis / LBo Craft

The Ardvark Felon - Philadelphia, PA.   time: 8:50pm

The Ardvark Felon, though they focus on their originals, have a huge catalogue of blues, funk, rock, top 40's and jazz.  Whether they're playing covers or originals, the goal is the same - to get people dancing.  They're a party band!  They do weddings, birthdays, Memorial Day BBQ's and any other occasion you could think of.  Leave it to the these guys to bring your party to the next level!   

VENN - Washington, DC.   time: 8:00pm

2nd Floor Lounge:

John Faye - Got Songs - Philadelphia, PA.   time: 8:00-1am

With 2 decades in the music business under his belt, Philly rock veteran John Faye has truly taken matters into his own hands: his new solo album Meddling Kid (which won the WSTW Homey Award for 2015 Album of the Year) is an artistic tour-de-force on which he plays every instrument and sings every note (with the one notable exception of inviting all of his colleagues from his former band IKE to sing gang vocals on his remake of that band's signature hit "Into Philadelphia"). The lead single, "D.N.A.," is a scathing rebuke of skin-deep relationships and snap judgements in the age of Tinder and short attention spans.
John Faye has amassed an impressive musical resume dating back to his major label days fronting 90's alt-rockers The Caulfields (whose single "Devil's Diary" cracked the modern rock top-40, and whose album tracks landed on soundtracks for Disney's "The Babysitter's Club" and "Melrose Place"), to his first solo foray The John Faye Power Trip,

Andrew Moorer - Moorestown, NJ.   time: 9:40pm

Andrew Moorer is a 22-year-old Philadelphia based singer/songwriter/musician/producer. He started to sing at the age of seven, beginning with musical theater, and was inspired to pick up guitar and write music at the age of fourteen. Moorer currently attends college at Rowan University, double majoring in BA in Music (voice) and BS in Music Industry. His repertoire contains a large variety of genres of music including Classic Rock, Pop, Folk, and even Country. He has performed at numerous venues and events in the Tri-State area

Tilting Windmills - Wilmington, DE.   time: 9:10pm

Tilting Windmills is the musical experiment and brainchild of Darnell Miller & Javy Diaz. Honest lyrics & soulful voicings collide with a versatile guitar & driven percussion rhythms

Nalani & Sarina - Berlin,NJ.   time: 8:30pm

Getting music fans to agree on anything is next to impossible. That’s why the quick rise to national recognition of identical twin sisters Nalani & Sarina is such an astounding story. These two audacious young artists, from west-central New Jersey, have developed a distinctive blend of traditionalist soul-rock and modern pop, and their stylistic alchemy is likely to keep their faces in the spotlight for years to come. Legendary music critic and Sirius radio host Dave Marsh called their EP, Scattered World, “some of the best music being made”, and fans, critics and taste-makers have echoed his praise.

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  1. I am so pumped for another Liberty Music fest. DVT keeps on bringing these amazing artists to Philly. Can'r wait to check out the rest of the artists performing at the fest.