Friday, March 28, 2014

Metal Madness on 4/12 Check Out; Old Man Savage, Citadel, Kore Rozzik, Makhaira and The Minutians

Metal Madness
Saturday April 12th 2014
The Legendary Dobbs
We put together a nasty metal lineup for this show and these are bands you should now about! This definitely a show you really don't want to miss is you like heavy music. I had the pleasure of seeing all this artists over the year and was able to get them all on one bill together. These bands are reason why metal is alive and well in the music scene. So please checkout all the artists below and hope to see you on this night from open to close!!!
Jim Thorpe - Legendary Dobbs

Event Page

“The tunes the band has featured on their ReverbNation page are pulse pounding and get the job done with great vocals, killer riffs and some awesome lyrics with excellent drum fills to top it all off. This is the total package and anyone looking for some great music needs to listen to Citadel.”
“This is only their second gig in almost twenty years and these guys are already making their way to the front of the line; playing directly below headliners like Anvil Bitch and filling in the slots for former Combat recording artist Faith or Fear. Actually from what I hear this was their first time crossing paths with Anvil Bitch on stage and they definitely held their own.”

“The name of the band is Old Man Savage. So, like I do whenever I’m turned onto a band, I found my way to Old Man Savage’s page, and I got to hear one live track called “Electrified” off of the band’s live CD that was recorded at The Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia, PA. The song is as metal as they come with great driving guitar riffs, thunderous bass and drums. The vocals are a little too hard to hear because its a live recording, but can anyone understand metal vocals anyway? Highly motivated metal band out of south Jersey, Old Man Savage. They gleam professionalism onstage and off. Old Man Savage formed as a cover band under another name back in 1998 when singer Walter Lutz, guitarist Harry Parker, and bassist Dave Parker became bored with playing other people’s music, so they finally decided to go all original! Nine years later and after a few lineup changes, Old Man Savage has become a strong, well oiled machine, with the addition of drummer, Rich Davidson.”


Kore Rozzik
Flushing, NY

Kore Rozzik is a New York City band driven by The Charisma and Attitude of its Namesake Front Man.  Playing the NY metro area for the past 3 years Kore Rozzik has managed to successfully make their mark as the definite opening act for many established Hard Rock/Metal National acts. "Our shows can be explained as "organized chaos". You never know what is going to happen when we get on that stage. ...I am the MC of this metal party but at the same time this is WAR! We always raise the bar to show we belong here! I think our fans relate to that underdog mentality" says the front man regarding their performances.
"Have A Taste" the 4 Song Debut EP -Produced by Paul Bento (TYPO NEGATIVE/CARNIVORE) will be released spring 2014 and feature head pounding lyrics that personify characters of rebellion depression and sexual deviance. Kore’s rugged yet melodic vocals will reveal his inner struggles between antagonist and hero.

The Minutians

We are the sound track of your life, had you been kidnapped and tortured by psychotic clowns from outer space. Or maybe they were from Earth but took you to outer space. The details aren't important the music is. So shut up and stop your crying, we are here to comfort you to death.

With soaring clean vocals, crushing guitar riffs and high-flying solos, from brain rattling bass gallops to chest pounding drums, Makhaira is here to melt your face with both classic heavy metal covers and original music!

Monday, March 10, 2014

3/21 TL Dobbs presents ONE (Pavement Entertainment/Sony Red) from Montreal w/ Emily Danger and House of Cards

Friday, March 21st
The Legendary Dobbs
(Pavement Entertainment/Sony Red)
From Montreal, CA.
ONE continues to remain inspired in an unforgiving business that can leave you faced with the kind of adversity most people would never have to confront. With 3 albums, 2 awards, 500+ shows, several videos, and a handful member changes later the band is still going strong.
Other inspirations for ONE are the bands and musicians that have and continue to write Music History. After finishing their m...ost recent tour, the band decided to take a different direction by recording a heavier rock version of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”.

“We played it for 2 years on the road and never really thought about recording and releasing it, until now! Folsom is such a huge song and Johnny Cash is the ultimate rock n’ roll badass, you need to make sure you pay tribute properly, especially to an icon like him,” says guitar player Chris Staniforth.
 ONE chose the comfort of working with Slaves on Dope guitarist Kevin Jardine at Uplift Studios, as they did with their 2 previous releases.
 After having built an Army of loyal followers while touring and Headlining some famous venues like the Hard Rock CafĂ© and the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, as well as opening for National Tours. ONE is only beginning to put their mark on the music business.

Emily Danger

From New York, NY

Dark cabaret rock from Brooklyn. Orchestral, heavy, Queen-like arrangements. Pretty music about ugly things. Poetic lyrics with a dynamic, operatically trained female front woman whose voice is an instrument unto itself. Radiohead meets Jeff Buckley and Heart

House of Cards

From PA