Tuesday, September 30, 2014

AFU Podcast: For Love of the Game - New Music


AFU Podcast is back in October with another Episode featuring the hottest new tracks from Major Artists and the Best Independent Artists on the rise. These podcasts are to introduce you to new music if you enjoy please support these artists and buy there music and see there live shows!!!
This Episode is called "For the Love of the Game" - music is the game these artists play in, they right incredible music for you the fans to build their Audiences!!

Here is the Track Listing:

Stars - Sixx A.M. www.sixxammusic.com
Back to Oblivion - Finch www.backtooblivion.com/
Colors - Empire Theory www.empiretheory.com
You, Me & the Sound - Face the King www.facethekingband.com
Submissions - The Tea Party www.teaparty.com
Your Future - Timothy Bloom www.facebook.com/timothybloom
Little Miss Whiskey - The Morrison Brothers Band www.themorrisonbrothersband.com
Follow - Lovebettie www.lovebettie.com
Sweet Gitchey Rose - Lenny Kravitz www.lennykravitz.com
Midnight Oil - California Breed www.californiabreed.com
Contemptress - Motionless in White www.motionlessinwhite.net
Matter of Time - Wovenwar www.wovenwar.com
King of Errors - Evergrey www.evergrey.net
Ember City - Mastodon www.mastodonrocks.com
Bitch in the Pit - Body Count www.bodycountband.com
Flashback Golden Nugget TrackThe Knife - Genesis www.worldofgenesis.com
Man of the Times - In The Presence of Wolves www.facebook.com/InThePresenceOfWolves
Eternal Reigns Will Come - Opeth www.opeth.com
A Beautiful Mistake - Voyager www.voyager-australia.com
Siren Sky - Threshold www.thresh.net
Kerakrps - Thought Chamber www.facebook.com/thoughtchamber
Language I: Intuition - The Contortionist www.facebook.com/thecontortionist

Friday, September 26, 2014

3 Artists You Should Check Out

I have decided to do a reoccurring blog series called "3 Artists You Should Check Out". With the past two extremely successful Conference/Festivals Dewey Beach Music Conference (Delaware) and The Liberty Musicfest (Philly), along with the upcoming Elm City Music Festival  (Connecticut) and the South Street Spring Festival (Philly) coming up I have been exposed to hundreds of amazing artists making music you should know about.
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Jim Thorpe - DVT Entertainment

Bobby Church
Bobby Church is Josh Paul (Daughtry, Suicidal Tendnencies, Everlast), Timothy Bloom (two time Grammy award winner), Matt Holmes and Pat Besecker (The Underwater, Sinclarity). As you see this is a diverse band that blends rock and soul to its fullest potential. Imagine 4 successful musicians from different backgrounds of music getting together to create music for the love of music, no one telling them a direction to go and create music organically. We that is Bobby Church! With organic nature of the writing process we get a fantastic honest record. Honest meaning its real and grabs you on many levels, I highly recommend you to check them out and if you like if please purchase their music. Below is their video for "Blood Rain" of their new release.

Their brand spanking new release can be found at:
 Born Again EP on iTunes

The Silent Scene is Ben Spremulli, Duran Visek, Richie Arthur and Jeff Maurer. The band refers to themselves as an electro~house // indie~dance // pop band. What does that mean? "We want to revamp and reamp the whole four piece, two guitars, bass and drums format." says Ben; " We're throwing in elements of EDM and indie dance to innovate and reinvent that sound...we are finding out where we, as a four piece band, belong in the electronic dance scene."
We had The Silence Scene at Dewey Beach and was their show explosive and they totally live up the "revamp" and "revamp" statement. These young guys have hit songs, fresh sound and originality! Check their new video out for the their song "Collecting Hearts" 

For The Silent Scenes music on Amazon

Observe the 93rd

Observe the 93rd (OT93) is a high energy, melodic hard rock band from Harrisburg, PA. OT93’s incredibly diverse and innovative songs seem to be an uncommon yet perfectly harmonious coup...ling of static and satin. This comes as a result of their myriad of influences drawn not only from music, but many other sources of inspiration, such as: visual art, everyday life through the eyes of strange people, dreams, brisk, cymbal monkey, hidden milk, and, because, at, also. Their live shows are that of extreme energy, passion, banter made up of obscure references, and Abdul Wright. Breaking down the band/audience barrier seems to be no trouble as they get the crowd involved through chants, clapping, jumping, and sometimes through the cherished custom of teabag and sexual protection dispersal.
Another over the top performance at #DBMC2014. I never seen this band live but heard through industry friends that I needed to see. Boy was I blown away they reminded me of 30sec of Mars meets Coheed and a little System of the Down but in their on creative way. Talk about a show, it was a sonic onslaught and visual controlled chaos. This band is really going to make some waves in the region and hopefully on a national level

Monday, September 8, 2014

Liberty Musicfest 2014 Recap, upcoming Events!!!

Liberty Musicfest 2014 Recap, upcoming Events!!!

Sorry for the delayed recap of this years Liberty Musicfest 2014 at Finnigans Wake in Philadelphia - still recovering from the event \m/.
Each year our main goal is to offer a event that artists can perform, hang out, meet new artists/fans, network with industry folk and have a great time in the process. Hopefully we achieved this for you. Thanks to people from Unclaimed Bands, SSA Music, Starr Hill Brewery, Broken Goblet, Paystr, Gashouse Radio, The Recording Academy Board Members, Greg Styer (GMS Photography), Industry Professionals, BassPlayer Tees, Rick's Drums, Official Philly - Black Maverick, Phreedom Events and S.O.S Sound - this wouldn't be possible with out your support each year. Oh Yeah!! major thanks to Eric , Jared, Alex, Ali, and Noami for making things run smooth!!!!

(Midnight Mob - NY)

We had over 1500 people in attendance over the 5 days which is amazing in itself and the true testament of the talent that torn FW down every night over 4 floors. Thank you, the artists for being apart of something special that is need in our independent music community. The beauty of this year #LMF2014 is that all genres were represented and supported by each other. A true essence of musicians and music fans in the Philadelphia Scene.

(Joie Kathos)
Its seriously hard to name standout performances this year, Since every artists put their heart and soul into their performances. Personally I love seeing bands bringing it 110% and keeping all the performances at a such high level. This is the reason I love doing this, its all about the show and the energy that music embodies. There were numerous people who were coming up to me all the nights praising the talent they just saw and many couldn't believe that you were independent artists. Again Thank you for lending your talents to this event.

(East of the West)

To be honest, I was a little disappointed in the attendance for the Music Industry Panels during the day; but understand the artists mentality these days that have their business all straight. There was a good crowd don't get me wrong, but offering great information and introductions to industry professionals is priceless.  The artists in attendance they truly benefited from the panels along with one on one networking with them. The topics were geared to the DIY artist and not promising the world. The common theme work your asses off, network with everyone and keep true to what
your doing.

(In the Presence of Wolves)

We always preach to the artists to raise the bar, so we took our own advice and raised the bar. We had a blast putting this together, hanging with old friends, meeting so many new kickass artists and providing an outlet for independent artists to strut their stuff!!! We look forward to next years event!!! Announce we come in January 2015!!!
See below on upcoming DVT Entertainments Events!!

Thank You Artists - Jim Thorpe

(Kid Felix)

Upcoming Events!!!!

September 18th to 21st
The 12th Annual Dewey Beach Music Conference
Dewey Beach, De.

November 7th to 9th
The Elm City Musicfest
New Haven, CT.
Artist Submissions are on Reverbnation
DVT Entertainment presents
In the Presence of Wolves CD release party!!!
We are proud to be working with the Philly Alternative Prog rock band with their new release!