Monday, May 18, 2015

Bands to Check Out!!!! Lo-FI Resistance, The Dreaming, Everlit, Malaya and Risen Resilient

DVT Entertainment would like to introduce to some Amazing Artists we have performing at Bullshooters in the upcoming months. DVT is about bringing you the best live original music that the US has to offer. We continue to support the touring artists that are shaping the music of today!!
Lo-Fi Resistance
At Bullshooters (NE Philly) Thursday June 4th 2015
Lo-Fi Resistance is the creation of 26 year-old guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Randy McStine. Founded in 2009, Lo-Fi Resistance have released three albums highlighting a striking blend of progressive rock musicality, melodic pop sensibility, and among many other attributes, a strong penchant for song-craft and experimentation. In the studio, McStine has collaborated with members of King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, Spock's Beard, King's X, and more to bring a special quality to these songs. The latest album, The Age Of Entitlement, is a true solo venture, with McStine taking on all instrument and production duties. Aside from Lo-Fi Resistance, McStine can be seen on tour handling guitar and vocals for The Pink Floyd Experience

The Dreaming
(featuring members of Stabbing Westward)
At Bullshooters (NE Philly) Wednesday June 17th 2015
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the Dreaming is the songwriting team Chris Hall and Walter Flakus ( Save Yourself, Shame , So Far Away, Drugstore, Waking U...p Beside You, POMF, Violent Mood Swings, Lies, the list goes on and on) along with SW drummer Johnny Haro and Orgy guitarist Carlton Bost and bassist Franccesca D'Struct. New album Rise Again out NOW on Metropolis records!!

Rise Again is a perfect segue from previous Puppet, keeping that hard-driving, alternative industrial sound.  As predicted, their sound incorporates rock, electronic, dark wave, in emotional rock ‘n’ roll. Although the lyrics are thoughtful, and the production of the music is excellent, there is not much variation from song to song.  Nevertheless, if you are a fan of The Dreaming’s previous albums or Stabbing Westward, The Rising will not disappoint.  Top tracks are ‘Alone’ the first video and single, ‘Kisses Taste Like Death’, ‘The Blink of an Eye’ and ‘Destroy’. ‘Kisses Taste Like Death’ is the heaviest, most guitar driven with a peculiar title; ‘The Blink of an Eye’ also very heavy guitar driven with lyrics that force you to listen and ponder life; and ‘Destroy’ the most creative of all songs on the album with excellent industrial blending of guitar and keyboards, stimulating time changes and breaks, creating a wall of sound with accentuating digital sound bites and noises. - Rock Revolt

Philly, PA

At Bullshooters (NE Philly) Saturday June 20th 2015

 The band is off to a fast start @ Active Rock radio, with single “Break Away” being the most added song on Billboard’s BDs Indicator chart on April 24th. 12 stations have added the song in its first week, with another 15 testing and playing the song. “Break Away” was released commercially on 4/28 with an exclusive premier from Loudwire on 5/5.
Forged in the rough and tumble Hard Rock scene in the city of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia, PA – Everlit’s core is in fact 2 brothers – Jordan and Ryan Panfil. The brothers, along with Drummer Jacob Castro, made a name for themselves on the East Coast rock circuit with their former band Willpowerless. That band released 3 albums and an EP while touring extensively on the East Coast and MidWest, playing dates from Minnesota to Texas. Willpowerless performed on several Warped Tour dates over the years as well as touring with National acts like Taproot, In This Moment, American Head Charge, and Boy Hits Car. At the end of 2013 the members decided that Willpowerless had run its course and they disbanded and retired the name.
Everlit was born as a band in 2014 when Jordan, Ryan and Jacob came together with another friend from High School, Guitarist Anthony Michael. They connected with Taylor Larsen from the band First To Last and started writing and recording @ his Oceanic Recording studio in Bethesda, MD. The result is a Powerful new set of songs – featuring the hard charging march and sing along chorus of “Break Away” to the anthemic grooves of “A Phoenix Will Rise” which speaks to never giving up and finally breaking through life’s barriers to success. This band has come together as a seasoned and exciting touring unit

Tampa, FL

At Bullshooters (NE Philly) Thursday June 25th 2015
This four piece from Tampa, FL blends pop fun with rock passion.
Their first E.P. was recorded with producer Brooks Paschal... (Versa Emerge, There For Tomorrow, Boyce Avenue, To Speak of Wolves) in March 2012.
The band once more teamed up with Paschal to record their debut full length "The Pieces That Make Us" Released in Oct of 2013, the album is an impressive blend of styles, moods, energy and emotion.
In the past 6 months Malaya has completed 2 separate tours covering most of the Southern states as well as the East Coast and Midwest. Currently the band is preparing to record this coming March with a new EP scheduled to be released in June 2015.

Risen Resilient
Philadelphia, PA

At Bullshooters (NE Philly) Friday June 6th 2015

The array of influences within this band is so wide; it could quite possibly transcend the equatorial diameter most likely more than once. But if it must be loosely defined, it could be said that they mostly manage to primarily emulate an alternative/grungy feel with a nod to the dark vibe of the nineties that features minor movement, quick licks, booming undertones, an abundance of harmonies.
Risen Resilient is currently comprised of the cohesively creative and profound sounds of local rock and roll sister duo: Erin and Katie Fox; the inventive and clever stylings of hard-rock and blues-oriented guitarist, Buckminster Forrest Kellorgg; and complimented finally by the silvery mellifluous and enigmatic grooves of young bassist, Alicia Hedwig.
Risen Resilient has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with national acts such as Hunter Valentine and Sick of Sarah.
They look forward to completing their next EP by the end of 2015.