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5+1 Artists to Check out in February 2017

DVT Entertainment would like to introduce you to 5 Artists to check out and also a Flashback Artist. Each month we will be bringing you this series in our blog. Will feature National, regional and Local artists! One Hundred Thousand
Friday 2/3/2017

Fusing transcendent musicianship with a kinetic live presence, One Hundred Thousand hammers its considerable progressive influences into a sharp, polished hard rock edge. But it’s not just the band’s live show that’s drawing in new fans. Their combination of heavy rock battery and prog rock intricacy is framed by impressive individual performances and an ultimate devotion to creating memorable songs. Elevating these songs even further is the vocal production and veteran finesse of Clint Lowery (Sevendust and Dark New Day).
While the band members impress on their own, proof of their musicianship is found in the collective polish of their sound. Unlike some debuting progressive acts, each member of One Hundred Thousand is playing only to serve the song.
“Creating something greater than the sum of its parts is a common goal for the band and of mine in general,” says drummer and chief songwriter Wubbenhorst. “Having outstanding individual parts are great, but when it comes together as something greater than yourself – that’s why we do what we do.” 
Wubbenhorst is also a co-owner of Architekt Music, in Butler, NJ, which is home to music education, a live venue, artist management and a recording studio under one roof. Architekt serves as a home base to One Hundred Thousand. It’s also where Sevendust’s three latest releases were recorded, as well as recent releases from bands like Three Years Hollow, Thank You Scientist, Call Me No One, Candlelight Red, and many more.

Trap Rabbit 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at the Grape Room Open Band jam
Checkout their write up in Atwood Magazine

Thursday 2/2/2017 at the Grape Room

WE don’t believe in rules…. Rules are limitations placed upon you by others through their own insecurities, fear, and lack of imagination.  WE believe in learning the rules of your instrument so you are not bound by those rules, and you are free to create.  If you were to ask the other guys in the band what this is to them, you’d probably get 5 different answers: and that’s really the point.
Music is singular to the individual: We each bring something to the table the others don’t have, and together we create something that is unique.  If you were to take a cross-section of who we are, and what we do, you’d find permutations of that which has already been done: At the core, we’re a power trio, and an MC fronts the band.  Growing up in the late 90s, early 2000’s unfortunately I remember that era of bands categorized as ‘rap-rock’ (..and zero guitar!!); yet none of those bands were equipped with a neo-soul wizard on the keys.  Conversely, there are many r&b outfits that dabble in hip hop and soul; yet, I’ve yet to see one with a lead guitar player blowing LA rock guitar through a Marshall stack.  We deal in rock, hip-hop, jazz, funk, reggae, neo-soul, and we play live.  We can take to any stage, in any circumstance and do what we do without the aid of a computer.  It’s real, and that in and of itself, I believes sets this band apart.  Soul has a story to tell, we help him tell it.  There are 5 different versions to this story, and what I’ve laid before you is simply how I see it…
Da Rezarekt
Friday 2/24/2017 at the Grape Room This is a REUNION SHOW!!!

Da Rezarekt is a one of a kind band on the scene. A scholar of Philly Old School Hip Hop, front man Supreem met up with the funkadelphia bass player Low B Puffy D to embark on a musical journey. Searching for a guitar player, in walks ‘Guitar Grrrl’ Marisa for an audition. Within minutes, the dynamic pair knew something special just arrived to the band known as Da Rezarekt. With the addition of funky ass drummer ‘Supa Star Dar’, Da Rezarekt has become the liveliest band on the planet.
Their live performances is a sight to be seen, heard and felt with a FunkRockHop sound and insane energy that hasn’t been experienced in a long time; with people dancing, laughing, grooving, rockin’ out and having a great ass time at each show.
During the past two years, the band has played the Vans Warped Tour 2009, SXSW 2009 & 2010, Dewey Beach Music Conference & Festivals, Red Gorilla Fest 2009 & 2010 and multiple supporting dates for Pyschostick. Da Rezarekt has embarked on several mini tours in the north and southeast corridors. They are constantly on tour and will be coming soon to a town near you.

Chamomile and Whiskey
Saturday 2/25/17 at The Grape Room

Chamomile and Whiskey formed in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia in the late winter of 2011. Marie Borgman and Koda Kerl had been traveling the country playing as a duo and returned home to Nelson County with the idea of forming a full band. After a few shows of expirementing with different musicians they quickly settled in with Tim Deibler, Brenning Greenfield, and Ryan Lavin. From the beginning the group played dozens of shows in the local bar scene, with an emphasis on high energy and passionate performance. With each of the members coming from different musical backgrounds the songs melded into a new sound... with shades of rock, americana, irish, gypsy, and old-time sounds... all played with a punk rock ferocity.
After a year of playing the local bar scene, the band signed with County Wide Records... a Charlottesville based label that worked with many of the bands influences, including Bobby St. Ours, Pantherburn, and Mister Baby. The band recorded an EP produced by Jamal Milner, in a barn in Nelson County... aptly titled The Barn Sessions it was released at the Southern in downtown Charlottesville in April 2012. The band's second year proved fruitful and saw them open for Rusted Root, Railroad Earth, J Roddy Walston and the Business, and The Hackensaw Boys. They also played their first headlining show at the Jefferson Theater.
2013 was a big year for the band. On May 24th they released their debut LP Wandering Boots at the Jefferson Theater. The album was produced by Rob Evans and has gained significant radio play in the local market. The band has toured for much of the year with performances up and down the east coast, from Vermont and New York down to South Carolina. With infectious and ever-changing live performance, the band has devoleped a reputation for engaging shows full of rowdy dancing and incredible collaborations.
2014 continued on with Chamomile and Whiskey touring more extensively than ever... making debuts in Chicago, Nashville, and New Orleans. They recorded a Daytrotter session in the summer and joined the Infamous Stringdusters at the Festy in Nelson Coutny. The band logged well over 100 shows in 2014, constatnly improving their sound. The Chamomile and Whiskey family is growing with more and more talented people collaborating with the band both on and off the stage. The future looks bright for these vagabonds, with rumors of a new recording starting soon...

Grape Street History Flashback!!!
Halestorm in 2007

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Just Show Up in 2017: Insight on your Musical Career

DVT Entertainment wishes a great musical year!

2016 is in the books and first things are first. This year we lost so many great artists from David Bowie, Prince, Sharon Jones, Glen Frey, Bernie Worrell, Maurice White, Phife Dawg, Keith Emerson, and many more... Bowie,Prince and Sharon Jones really hit me hard because these artists represent "Legend" to me. The never compromised on there art, always pushed themselves no matter what people thought. These are qualities I current don't see in today's music industry mentality. For all artists. #neverdupicated

2016 Observations in the Scene / Touring Acts

This past year in the Philly Scene was interesting to say the least. I start off with there were a lot of great bands and performances I saw this year. I would say though really disappointed in they way bands/artists have been with their brand. The trend last year was a majority of bands are cramming so many local shows within two month periods. This so counter productive it drives me This hurts you more than you know along with the venues and it effects better opportunities in the future. Artists really need to get to basics put together a realistic game plan to build your bands fan-base along with opportunities.
In my opinion about 90% of the artists on the scene  seem to be going through the motions and trying to mold into something there not instead of growing organically. These all genres across the board. it seams that the artists don't push limits of their abilities, are play it safe mode or afraid to try something different. I seen about 300+ live unsigned performances and probably listen to about 1000 artists. Like I said above, there were lots of great music last year but really nobody had that WOW factor!!! Nothing that moved me.

So in 2017 I put a challenge out there the you the Artists, create music that inspires, pushes the boundaries, WOW Factor and don't be afraid to try something out of the box!!!

2017 Artist Resolutions

Every artist wants to succeed in one capacity or another whether its better shows, branding, reviews, killer songs, etc. So I put together some goals for the artists for 2017

1. Music
Strive to make a great song first, don't worry about should I put out an EP or Record. Concentrate on one song and make it the best it can be then move on to the next. We are in the time where people are lucky to give you 30-60 secs. to determine if they will listen to more. So buckle down, and right some game changing music!!!!
2. Shows
Insanity = doing the same thing over and over with the same result. That is basically the local scenes across the USA. So lets start fresh and work on EVENTS instead of playing every possible show with in 2 month period in the local scene. I know its a great feeling playing different venues in the city, but artists must Hustle Smarter to benefit from each show. The question we get most is how do we get on the festivals that DVT and others put on. We look at bands that are trying hard to build their brand, write go music and work smart!
Challenge #2:
On your next show coming up, contact all the bands on the bill, work on a poster, combine your promotions and put a killer show/event together. When all the bands are working together you will be surprised what can happen!

3. BrandingBranding is another aspect that seem to be disappearing from the local artists. It is the one thing that does set you apart from other artists, more professional and attracts new fans. Branding is everything from logos, Artist photos, posters, live shows and merchandise. A comprehensive artist package create sets the tone and what you represent. 

DVT Entertainment in Review and the Future

Vince and myself first off would like to thank all the artists and venues that we worked with last year. Without you there would be not be DVT Entertainment. For people who don't know, we are probably the best music lovers on the planet especially the unsigned music scene. DVT was built on our passion of music and we will continue in 2017!!!!

The Grape Room

in 2016 we joined forces with the owner Scooter to put The Grape Room back in the eye of the scene and regional level as one of the best rooms to play at in Philly. We saw a resurgence in crowds at the Grape along with strong walk up crowds interested in what was going on! In 2017 we are going to be taking it up a few notches more this year. We have two national shows coming up

Wednesday 13/Bourbon Crow Acoustic - Saturday, January 21st - Get Tickets
Mack Myers Moore feat. Zach Myers of Shinedown Wed. March 8th - Get Tickets

South Street Spring Festival

This was the 4th year in which DVT booked the the two main stages and the street performers. Each this event keeps growing with 60,000+ people attended this year. We had over 40 artists perform this one day event. As like each year the music praise was hot topic and mostly talked about. Its so amazing that each artist kept on rising to the occasion by performing at such high levels.
We are back in 2017, booking artists for this great event. See Image below to submit your artist for consideration in performing!

2nd Street Festival
It great when you get the call to book a location that you always wanted to book. We were so honored to be apart of the 2nd St Festival in 2016 booking the Schmidt's Commons in  Northern Liberties. We had a blast booking this event bringing some of the best artists to center stage in the courtyard. It was a big undertaking for us but it turn out amazing and thanks to the artists who made it happen!!!

The Liberty Music Festival
This is DVT's biggest event each year and the best way to describe the 5th year is VIBE!!!
We held LMF at The Grape Room this year, closed down the street for out door performances and had over 80+ artists from all over the country attended. The only hiccup was the rain on Sunday but we brought as many acts to the inside. As I mentioned above "VIBE" is the best way to describe the atmosphere the entire 4 day event, from the first band on Thursday the tone was set that this was going to a real special LMF. In all my experiences with festivals and live shows I never have seen artists keep pushing each others performances to higher levels, artists talking to artists, etc. The Networking is what DVT preaches and we saw so many people meeting new people, discussing show swaps and just talking about music. It was definitely the most successful LMF to date.
The 6th Annual Liberty Musicfest will be back at The Grape Room this year, shutting down the street and also adding several venues and locations on Main St.  We also we be adding more Seminars and workshops. along with guest speakers! Stay tuned for more info!!!

This was the 1st year, it was a collaboration with the South Street Headhouse District and DVT Entertainment held at the TLA on South Street.
This was a gathering of friends. A DOBBS REUNION!!! Peers, musicians & travelers alike coming together to celebrate the contribution of Heshey Schlachterman, who has made and continues to make such an incredible impact on thousands upon thousands of burgeoning musicians and patrons of South Street, a place he calls home. A man with a kind heart and an endless catalog of stories. It was also a benefit for music education, all the proceeds this year went to Rock the Nation.
This is going to be a yearly event so stay tuned for information on 2017 event!!!

DVT in 2017

We have a lot going on in 2017, with all the festivals and bookings at The Grape Room.
 We are looking forward to continue to help consult artists with their career, help with tours and put on great shows!
We have teamed up with Broken Goblet Brewery to bring a new monthly music series with 2nd Acoustic Fridays and 2nd Saturday Lets Get Loud!
Again, thank you to everyone that helped our endeavors be successful. We look towards 2017 and want to help elevate MUSIC and the ARTISTS to New Levels!!!

 Jim - Vince - Erik

contact us at

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5 Artists Not to Miss Out On!

5 Artists Not to Miss Out On!
by: Jim Thorpe - DVT Entertainment

I would like to present you with 5 artists you show not miss out on. The Artists listed are a breath of fresh air in the this over saturated mediocre offerings that the so called industry is trying to push down everyone's throat. Creativity, Out of the Box and Unique are ways to describe what a music lover is looking for. So open you ears and check these artists out. Hope you find a new favorite artist.

Twelve Foot Ninja 

If you don't know about Twelve Foot Ninja, where have you been? 
The band is one of the freshest sounding metal bands out there with their unique sound with comparisons to Faith No More, System Of The Down. They band just released "OUTLIER" and below is the album sampler. If your looking for a band that thinks out of the box and uniquely crafts songs that push the bounderies, I recommend Checking out Twelve Foot Ninja .


This is a band a found about by accidentally download it off of iTunes. The song was "Coconut Dracula" ( the Video is below) from Violence and Desctruction. I was totally surprised how bad ass this band is. Basically take Incubus, Deftones, and their New Wave flavor, throw in a blender and you get this awesomeness. They just released a new record "Power Under Control" on Victory Records. This release expands the bands growth on this release with tracks like "Darkness", "Bad Guy" and "Better Day". 

Wild Adriatic

Wild Adriatic is band that we have booked (DVT Entertainment) several times over the years and now have gone on to bigger stages, tours and gain worldwide fans. This is a band that WOWED they hell out my partner Vince and myself. There sound is rooted in blues rock sound fusing sounds reminiscent of  Bill Withers, Free, Zeppelin with Alabama Shakes, My Morning Jacket and Mutemath. See this band live will sell you, the video below "Mess Around" is favorite song of mine from them. Hope you enjoy!!!

Tessellated Shapes

With so many great Progressive Rock/Metal records released over the past few years, there has been a resurgence in this genre. So how does a band not get caught up in being compared to the usual suspects Rush, Dream Theater, Opeth and Porcupine Tree? You do what Tessellated Shapes did with melody w/ technicality, arrangements, rhythm patterns and vocal arrangements. The are fresh sound with female vocals over multilayered sound textures. If your interested in some newer prog music check out their video of their Album Preview.


A new artist on the indie scene that embraces creating a emotional canvas for songwriting. Deadfellow's sound is honest by channeling the souls of Tom Waits, Dylan and Cash but crafting a very unique style of his own. Having the opportunity to hear various tracks off the new release the songs are well crafted and keep you embodied in the songs.
"I Dream I Lost my Girl" from the first single from the highly anticipated new EP "Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener" out November 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016

5th Liberty Musicfest - Meet Artists - Friday, August 19th @ The Grape Room, Manayunk

The Liberty Musicfest (LMF) is Philadelphia's Premier Independent Music Festival. This year will feature 80+ Artists from 25 different States with diverse music styles ranging from Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Punk, Singer Songwriters, Rock, Alternative, Progressive, R&B, Experimental, etc.

What makes LMF special is our focus on Networking and building relationships between artists and Industry. We provide Workshops, Seminars, Mentor Sessions for Artists looking to talk to music industry professionals. This year we are adding street vendors and an outdoor stage on
Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm FREE TO THE PUBLIC.
The whole event will be centered around THE GRAPE ROOM. Located at 105 Grape Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19127

These blog postings are to introduce you to the wide variety of Artists performing each day.
Below are Links to all the Artists Performing. Check them out, please share them and just maybe. You will discover your new favorite artist!

#LMF2016 #DVTentertainment #justshowup

Check out a sample of the Artists Performing
On AFU Podcast for Free


Friday, August 19th - MAIN STAGE

Performance at 12:20am  / From Philly
 Style: Rock/Alternative

"The Good Mess creates a generally feel-good atmosphere with driving instrumentals and sleek vocal takes, whether in the form of soft melodies or all-out exclamations."
-Jay Breslin,
In early 2015 the band recorded its first EP "Smoke Like Ghosts" at the famous Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA and officially released it that September. 2015 has proved to be a big year for the band, not only for their EP release but for their participation in the first annual Legendary Dobbs Rock-Con and the fourth annual Liberty Music Fest. Drawing comparisons to Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Bush the band continues to write high energy rock songs and look forward to having them appear on future releases. 

Performance at 11:20pm  / From DC/MD/VA
 Style: Live Band Hip Hop/R&B

Footwerk. A Washington, D.C.-based 6-piece Pop outfit can only be described as an intense, high-energy performance, a ‘blind date’ for first timers or a ‘booty call’ to an experienced audience member. Vocally led by ‘friendzone’ power couple on the frontline, the back line is made up by a group of diverse musicians from different backgrounds:
Crafting their sound by ‘Sleeping Around’ with Rock rhythms under soulful Rap and R&B vocals over dance beats with a splash of percussion. Footwerk's unique style of ‘No Strings Attached’ fan interaction made their ‘One Night Stands’ popular in the saturated DMV scene.
Unbelievably, A chance craigslist meeting led to the formation of the independent group. Due to their immediate success they’ve decided to release their debut album, aptly titled ‘Casual Encounters’ and go out on a national tour of ‘One Night Stands' in 2015. Here's your chance to see for yourself, if there’s chemistry in person and have your own ‘Casual Encounter’ with Footwerk. (No Strings Attached)

Performance at 10:30pm  / From York, PA.
 Style: Rock / Indie

"...York rock’n'roll outfit The Plums are either the hardest working or hardest partying band in Pennsylvania, perhaps both. Two members were at the venue hours early, propping up the bar and downing whiskey, fully loaded in before the techs had even arrived. As previously mentioned, their drummer played with Kyle Morgan...willing to work with anyone like their heroes in The Band. The comparison is not too far-fetched either, with 5 part harmonies... demonstrating technical proficiency of which most young bands can only dream. They brought PA equipment just in case, and had to trim down their typical all-night bar set substantially to even fit in the allotted time."
-Dave Fox,

Performance at 9:40pm  / From Nashville, TN.
 Style: Rock/

If you’re tired of run-of-the-mill rock, then you need to spend some time with Lines In The Sky. Cutting-edge and catchy as all get out, the Nashville trio’s forward-thinking brand of punk is guaranteed to add some welcome variety to your regular rotation, especially if you’re a fan of Coheed and Cambria and other progressive acts..."--
Under The Gun Review, 2/17/2016

Performance at 8:50pm  / From Philly
Rock/ Alternative/ Funk/ Soul

JOE JORDAN’S EXPERIMENT ("JJX") is an uncompromising rock band from Philadelphia, PA whose genre bending sound and energetic live shows have hooked audiences across the nation. The JJX sound is an addictive fusion that blurs the lines between rock, funk, blues, and metal, forging a raw, soul-driving sound with Joe on guitar and vocals, Barbara Duncan on drums and Dan Halma on bass, rounding out the lineup. Since it's inception in 2007 the band has had the privilege of working alongside a myriad of acclaimed artists (Living Colour, Erykah Badu, Eric Gales, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, Akrobatik, The Memorials), self-released their debut EP “Twisted Visions” (available at all major online retailers) and booked tours independently, culminating in appearances at Juneteenth Fest, Utah Arts Fest , Sundance Film Fest, Freedomfest , AfroPunk Fest, CBS News,  CBGB Festival and most recently SXSW 

Performance at 8:00pm  / From Chicago,IL/Philly
 Style: Progressive Rock - Stoner Rock

Chicago/Philadelphia's original "Garage Metal" Duo, hailing from the lineage of classic rock and stoner metal The RAKNOSS is a tour de force when it comes to riff heavy rocknroll. Since 2013, The RAKNOSS has been dumbfounding audiences with their complex guitar work, hard hitting drums and LOUD stage presence. Don't let the raw rock fool you however, The RAKNOSS has grooves to shake them hips and keep the ladies dancing all night.

2nd Floor Lounge

Performance at 11:50am  / From New Jersey
 Style: Hip Hop
In an industry where it is so easy to go with the grain than against it, there was a rebel. " 
EVG Rebel is a female artist hailing from the state of New Jersey. Her love for the arts started early (age 4) and began with the particular expression of dance. The high expenses of dance classes left her unable to continue with teaching but never stopped her passion. As she grew older, she took up playing various instruments such as the saxophone and the piano. Listening to legends such as Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, and others as a child helped uncover her secret love early in life for writing music, which stayed with her all the way through her young adult years. Gracing stages as a back up dancer for many well known artists such as Lil Mama and LL Cool J while also being in numerous videos, music has always played a big role in her lifestyle. It wasn't until she started secretly posting Youtube videos of her rapping and singing that people started to take notice of her natural talent for songwriting and artistry. Becoming a youtube sensation propelled her into the forefront of many famous artists and producers willing to lend a hand a work with EVG. "Being a part of this industry teaches me a lot. You have to have a strong sense of self when being an artist...ESPECIALLY as a woman! I made a lot of mistakes and created a lot of misconceptions of how I wanted to be portrayed due to the pressures of this industry. Being a female there are a lot of standards that have nothing to do with your true talent. They seem more concerned with the lipstick that covers your mouth than what actually comes out of your mouth. I just want to be respected for the complexities of my mind and the artwork painted by my tongue. I want to celebrate the beauty of my womanhood in a honorable way and give women everywhere a voice. A REAL voice. Not one that is actually a male being a ventriloquist with a female puppet. I want to be able to tell ALL sides of a woman's story. "

Performance at 11:00pm  / From Boston, MA.
 Style: Singer/Songwriter, Folk/Rock

Nico's unique, one-man band performances are filled with a raw passion that captivates audiences of all sorts. Using every limb to play multiple instruments at once, Nico puts on a show like no other with a sound that blurs the lines between the singer/songwriter, indie rock and folk genres

Dead Fellow
Performance at 10:10pm  / From Philly
Singer/Songwriter, Folk/Rock

Performance at 9:20pm  / From Philly
Singer/Songwriter, Rock
Messages of hope embedded in emotionally driven rock... 
Much like Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and sponsor of the arts from whom they take their name, Peg and Kevin combine both their passion for music with a desire to inspire and heal others.

Performance at 8:30pm  / From Marboro,NJ

Mike Cappelluti is a regional touring artist from Central New Jersey who writes and performs original music. By mixing different elements of folk and pop, Mike is able to create a unique genre similar to that ofartsists such as the Lumineers and Passenger. His first debut singles "Hurricane" and "In the End" were met with welcoming appraise in January of 2016. Mike's debut LP, title "Hurricane" is to be released in February 2016. His songwriting is comprised of different conversations, stories, and experiences-- creating a deeply personal and relateable story behind each song.


5th Liberty Musicfest - Meet Artists - Saturday August 20th ( Outside Daytime) @ The Grape Room, Manayunk

The Liberty Musicfest (LMF) is Philadelphia's Premier Independent Music Festival. This year will feature 80+ Artists from 25 different States with diverse music styles ranging from Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Punk, Singer Songwriters, Rock, Alternative, Progressive, R&B, Experimental, etc.

What makes LMF special is our focus on Networking and building relationships between artists and Industry. We provide Workshops, Seminars, Mentor Sessions for Artists looking to talk to music industry professionals. This year we are adding street vendors and an outdoor stage on
Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm FREE TO THE PUBLIC.
The whole event will be centered around THE GRAPE ROOM. Located at 105 Grape Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19127

These blog postings are to introduce you to the wide variety of Artists performing each day.
Below are Links to all the Artists Performing. Check them out, please share them and just maybe. You will discover your new favorite artist!

#LMF2016 #DVTentertainment #justshowup

Check out a sample of the Artists Performing
On AFU Podcast for Free


Satuday, August
 20th - OUTDOOR STAGE - Daytime

Performance at 7:10pm  / From Philly
 Style: Live Band Hip Hop

Rowboat Casino is a high energy, content heavy, live band hip-hop powerhouse from Philly. Since their onset late 2012 they’ve already shared the stage with legends Black Thought (The Roots), Raekwon (Wu-tang), and Big Daddy Kane (Las Supper). While finishing up their debut EP “Boat Drinks” they’ve been gaining a lot of festival love starting with the Liberty Music Fest (Philly), Dewey Beach Music Conference (Delaware) and the CBGB Festival (NYC). Get on the Boat!!

Performance at 6:20pm  / From Philly
Hip Hop, Urban Pop, R&B

From appearing on Oxygen Network’s, ‘The Glee Project,’ where she made top 15 female finalists out of 45,000, to being sponsored by Red Bull, winning ‘Best New Artist’ at the 2013 Philly Hip Hop Awards, and now being the only artist to make the Mayor of Philadelphia dance, Joie Kathos is proving that she deserves her spot every chance she gets.
Now at age 22, Joie has gained the title "The Advocate", due to her continuous efforts to inspire young people. She is the co-founder of her own organization called Take A Stand Campaign, a foundation whose purpose is to empower today's youth and promote positive change in society. In addition, Joie is also a spokesperson for the Be More Heroic foundation, a non-profit anti-bullying campaign dedicated to inspiring individuals and communities to stimulate positive, proactive, and courageous action in their daily lives.

Performance at 5:30pm  / From Connecticut

“When Viele pulled out the Ukulele, and plugged it in, there might have been divine intervention with Otis Redding whispering into Viele's ear and sitting next to him. That's how good they were, producing another one of those moments that sent chills down your back.” -

In an ever-changing, genre defying, musical climate, Viele has found a home on stages and in stereos across the country as an independent artist. Whether pulling at heart strings with an acoustic love song or bringing a crowd to their feet with his unique blend of soul, funk, and rock, the music of Frank Viele is simply a sound all his own... "New Music With An Old Soul" (Nashville Music News).

At home on stage with nothing but a stool, glass of bourbon, and an acoustic guitar, or side by side with his power house band, Viele has found himself on stage with modern singer/songwriters such as Pat McGee, Ryan Montbleau, Gavin Degraw, and Tony Lucca, Jam and Rock oriented bands including Blues Traveler, Eric Lindell, Turkuaz, The London Souls, and Zach Myers of Shinedown, as well classic rock legends including The Marshal Tucker Band, Foreigner, Ambrosia, Bret Michaels, and Bob Marley's Wailers.
Performance at 4:40pm  / From New York State
Progressive Rock

“There are many layers here on first listen…delicately placed strips of all
manner of sounds interwoven and joined without a hint of the seam…It’s
that good, and only gets better upon each playing…Trust me – You’ll know
what I mean when you listen to Return yourselves.” – Paul Watson, Progarchy

“Circuline’s new album, their second effort, Counterpoint, shows the evolution of this band from its primordial beginnings to a very advanced stage of cinematic progressive music. The balance between extreme instrumental and vocal gymnastics has been harnessed and the results are clearly evident. This band is a maturing organism that is evolving into a juggernaut, not only in the progressive music genre, but in the general music scene. I’m not sure I can even handle what the third release may bring!” — Marty Dorfman (AKA The Prog Doctor), House of Prog

Performance at 3:50pm  / From Monmouth County, New Jersey
 Style:  Pop Rock

Taylor Tote is a Singer-Songwriter from Monmouth County, New Jersey. She has received many nominations and awards over a few short years. The Aquarian Weekly wrote “she is dominating, empowering, strong, soft, sexy, and insanely fun”. "Her attitude and stage presence is smooth, sweet, and controlled. However, it can be flipped like a switch to a rock and roll, hell-stomping diva. Her range is one of a rock ‘n’ roll vixen that will send your music senses on the ride of your life." Taylor’s shows are energetic and captivating and will leave you wanting more!
Taylor has performed with numerous musicians over the years at many venues, including The Stone Pony, The Wonder Bar, The Saint, The Brighton Bar, and The Bitter End in NYC. She has performed countless events to include festivals, fundraisers, private parties, open mics, fairs, radio spots, Sandy Hook Concert Series, Street Life in Red Bank, Ladies Sing the Blues… and the list goes on! Taylor had the honor of performing the National Anthem at local events and in July 2014 performed at the Madison Square Garden in NYC for New York Liberty.

Performance at 3:00pm  / From New York,NY
 Style:  Rock n Roll, Alternative, Pop Grunge

The Danbees are an American rock & roll band based in New York City that was started by college classmates Mark Slotoroff (lead vocals/guitar) and Wade McManus (drums/vocals) in 2014. Upon Graduating from Ithaca College, Mark called upon childhood friend Shane Matthews (lead guitar) to join the band while Wade reached out to longtime friend and previous bandmate, Sam Enright (bass).
The Danbees are straight up rock & roll. Categorized by their riff heavy songs and simplistic lyrics about faltered love stories or shitty girlfriends, they excel on stage with their live show. Whether it's excessive partying, band members rolling on the floor, or an impromptu drum solo, The Danbees have established themselves as rock & roll for the modern era.

Performance at 2:10pm  / From Philly
 Style:  Shred Hop

Music is singular to the individual: We each bring something to the table the others don't have, and together we create something that is unique. If you were to take a cross-section of who we are, and what we do, you'd find permutations of that which has already been done: At the core, we're a power trio, and an MC fronts the band. Growing up in the late 90s, early 2000's unfortunately I remember that era of bands categorized as 'rap-rock' (..and zero guitar!!); yet none of those bands were equipped with a neo-soul wizard on the keys. Conversely, there are many r&b outfits that dabble in hip hop and soul; yet, I've yet to see one with a lead guitar player blowing LA rock guitar through a Marshall stack. We deal in rock, jazz, funk, reggae, neo-soul, and we play live. We can take to any stage, in any circumstance and do what we do without the aid of a computer. It's real, and that in and of itself, I believes sets this band apart. Marv has a story to tell, we help him tell it. There are 4 different versions to this story, and what I've laid before you is simply how I see it….

Performance at 1:20pm  / From Philly
 Style:  Alternative Rock
Winning last year’s Radio 104.5’s Birthday Show contest brought UArts act Andorra alongside acts such as Monsters and Men, Death Cab For Cutie, Hozier, Passion Pit, and AWOLNATION, making the group one you may have heard of recently here in Philadelphia and in the surrounding region. Kevin McCall and Jordan Petrellis’s band has grown in structure and sound over the past five years to an intrepid stage in their young career. Having seen a revolving door of additional band members and various different line-ups coupled with a solid string of performances at venues, bars, churches and in the Drexel/Temple house show circuit and community, Andorra (now joined by Michael Trycieckyj and Dante DiLoreto) continues to release new music including the single “Indian Queen” premiered exclusively on Rock On Philly and that was also featured by WXPN’s The Key as well as their forthcoming song and accompanying music video entitled “Four Corners.”

Performance at 12:30pm  / From Philly
 Style:  Fizzrock

“I’m expecting massive things to come from Resilient…and I’d be willing to bet on this band being insanely electric and amazing in a live-setting based on everything I’ve heard on this record. All of this works. ALL of it. You hearing me out there people?” – Jer @ SBS
esilient is a female-fronted happy accident that was formed out of the ashes of several other projects in the Philadelphia area.

 The array of influences within this band is so wide; it could quite  possibly transcend the equatorial diameter most likely more than once.  Their music mostly encompasses an alternative vibe with an apparent affinity for grunge, punk, and prog-pop styles in their multi-layered arrangements.

The band is currently comprised of the cohesively uncanny sounds of Erin and Katie Fox; the inventive and clever stylings of blues-oriented guitarist, Buckminster Kellorgg; and is complimented finally by the silvery enigmatic grooves of bass whisperer, Alicia Dickerson.

They’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with national/internationally touring acts such as Pinky Doodle Poodle, Hunter Valentine, Sick of Sarah, and The Last Year.
They just released the first single and title track from their new mini-album, “Imagining Things”.  They look forward to its full release in July 2016.

School of Rock
Performance at 11:40am  / From Philly
 Style:  Rock