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December Bands you Should Check Out at the Grape Room!

DVT Entertainment strives to promote and introduce you to the amazing indie music that is brewing and Philadelphia along with must see touring acts. We are known for going beyond the normal booking agents and really promote events, artists and offer opportunities to as many bands possible. Why because we love music and continue to help the indie artists grow

With the addition of booking The Grape Room in Manayunk-Philly PA. we are able to bring you even more original music.

If your in a band and looking for dates in 2016 drop us a line at

Check out these great bands and become a fan!!!

Philly, PA
The Grape Room on Friday December 11th

Are You Ready? Polymer is dusting off our microphones and stringing up our guitars to play our their show in five + years. 
Polymer is an explosive rock band from Philadelphia that has developed a reputation for having one of the most energetic stage shows around.

Mari Rosa
Boston, Ma.
The Grape Room on Thursday December 17th
Award winning Italian Argentine American multi lingual singer songwriter. Remarkably hyphen averse. Irony lover
“ catching the attention of bossa nova and Latin jazz aficionados, who praise her voice as well as her multilingual song-writing skills.” Russell Contreras, Boston Globe
“Seductive and alluring.” Billboard Songwriting Contest

“Mari Rosa’s debut disc, Honeyspot, feels like the sonic progeny of Martin Denny’s Afro-Desia(1959) and Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz’s Gets Au Go Go (1964). Like those two classics, songwriter/vocalist Rosa’s disc resists blushing at its own suave subtext… In 2005, Rosa received her first Billboard Music Award for Songwriting; she wrote nine of the twelve songs on Honeyspot, which is still being shopped to labels. She composes in jazz, bossa nova, and bolero styles, and various heady amalgams thereof. [Rosa] describes Honeyspot as a concept album. It is also –like Pink Floyd’s Meddle and the Ohio Players’ Honey –a conception album.”
Andres Solar, Miami New Times
Agent Moosehead
Philly, PA.
The Grape Room on Friday December 18th

Philadelphia's dank, hairy, oily jazz underbelly yields many unknown innovative groups performing works of groundbreaking so...nic expression. all too often these groups go unnoticed on the agendas of most philly hipster youth on their way to dance parties or trips to see their emo pop favorites spouting out their anthems.

Casting aside these defeating propositions, Agent Moosehead, and many others, continue to try to push the boundaries of that four letter word (J-A-Z-Z) and explore avenues that some may just be too cool to travel down with them.
The Good Mess
Philly, PA.
The Grape Room on Saturday December 19th
Toy Drive for Kids
"The Good Mess creates a generally feel-good atmosphere with driving instrumentals and sleek vocal takes, whether in the form of soft melodies or all-out exclamations."
-Jay Breslin,
"The Good Mess delivered with an upbeat great set of original music. The band has a strong following of fans.They were real professionals and a pleasure to work with. I will have them back to The Trocadero!"
-Steven Cermanski, Praying Mantis Entertainment

 "The Good Mess delivers a diverse set of rocking songs with an amazingly energetic live show!"
      - Scooter & The Grape Room
Looseleaf Trio
Philly, PA.
The Grape Room on New Year's Eve Thursday Dec 31st
Passion for music drives the Looseleaf Trio more than anything else. The trio have been working their way onto the Philly mu...sic scene and are just beginning to find their creative stride. They love performing their music and play live shows as much as possible. The Looseleaf Trio is set to release their first full length album featuring ten original songs.

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5 Bands You Need to See Live before Years End!!

Here are 5 bands you need to see live before the end of the year!!!

Ghost Ship Octavius
Friday December 11
w/ Next to None (Max Portnoy Mike's Son), Binary Code, Spiritual Sickness and Tungsten
Bullshooters Saloon, Philly, PA.

Ghost Ship Octavius is a Modern Progressive Metal Band featuring Matt Wicklund (God Forbid, Himsa, Warrel Dane), Van Williams (Nevermore, Ashes of Ares) and Adōn Fanion.

Melodic, proggy, and totally epic,
Ghost Ship Octavius  sound is influenced by bands like Nevermore, Symphony X, Darkology, Vanden Plas, Control Denied & Communic among others. Were I to describe the bands music style I would call it melodic prog metal with heavy/power, groovy, atmospheric, modern and dark elements, but music definitions do not matter at all as soon as you start listening to GSO. The guys have managed to craft a very powerful, intense, technical, heavy, melodic, contemporary, progressive yet personal sound, which will enthuse the fans of the 00s prog metal music. They have chosen not to add brutal vocals and that was a smart move since nowadays & brutal vocals, and extreme screams; are way too trendy and are used by everyone just for the sake of it. The heavy riffs & the potent drumming will certainly make your head bang but theres more than that. The guitar solos are amazing as well as the vocals by the budding Adon.


J and the 9's
Friday November 20th
w/ Autumn Pass, Iron Front, Too Far Gone and Dynacid
Bullshooters Saloon, Philly, PA.

“On the 26th of August on stage in Moscow will be the costumed rock n' rollers from brooklyn, j and the 9s, known for their sound, intense behavior on stage, defined costumes and lavish makeup.”

“The one reason I came to this showcase was to see J and the 9s, who shocked and awed at CBGB a few weeks ago, and not only did they live up to my expectations - they exceeded them. J and the 9s is a highly tuned, hybrid machine that brings large doses of punk mixed with some metal and good old Rock N’ Roll to form a unique but familiar sound.”


Saint Caine
Saturday November 21st
w/ Midnight Mob (NY), Fast Ride, Seven Heads and Local Demise
Bullshooters Saloon, Philly, PA.

Saint Caine's Music will show you the difference between "flash in the pan" and longevity, "trend" and trendkill. Saint Caine is here for you to physically hold in your hands and in your beating hearts. "We formally challenge you tell us right now whether or not the music of Saint Caine doesn't evoke all the love you first had for music in the first place." We are nothing more than an extension of true music fans. Give us your hearts and we promise to keep them beating."

This Will be their CD Release Party!


Friday Dec 4th
w/Primma Donna and others TBA
Bullshooters Saloon, Philly, PA.


The Madeleine Haze
Saturday December 19th
w/ Mile Marker Zero, Next to None and TBA
Bullshooters Saloon, Philly, PA.

"Imagine if Kings X, Porcupine Tree and King Crimson had a crazy love child... I saw these guys live for the first time a few weeks ago and became an instant fan."
- Matt DiFabio (Single Bullet Theory, ex-Pissing Razors)

 "There’s topical rock with a message, and then there’s the aggro, in-your-face proselytizing of The Madeleine Haze, which uses dramatic, King’s X-style hard rock imagery to make any number of sociopolitical points."
- Free Times (Columbia, SC)


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4th Annual Liberty Musicfest Complete Schedule and Events.

The 4th Annual Liberty Musicfest is soon approaching. The 4 day event will take place at Bullshooters 14000 Bustleton Ave. Phila, PA, 19116
On Aug 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th

Below is all the information on Festival Schedules, Event Pages and More:

$10 Each Day
$20 for all 4 days
We are not doing advance tickets, mainly because of the high service fees costs
All single dale and 4 Day tickets can be purchased at the door.

Each Day Event Page:

Check out Sounds of the Artists Performing:

The Sponsors and Companies
That Make this Event Possible
DVT Entertainment - Unclaimed Bands - SSA Music - ThatMag
Miller Lite - PBR - Coors Light
Milk Street - Connie's Ric Rac - Gashouse Radio - The Philly Roundtable

Social Media Hash Tag:  #LMF2015
Please share your pics, posts & video

Schedule of Events:

Thursday 8/27/2015

Main Stage Indoor

12am - Mahatma X
11pm - Mark Gaines 
10pm - A Better Class of Criminal 
9pm - Joie Katos
8pm - Pascal Project
6:30-8:30 - VIP Happy Hour LMF Kick Off Party

Acoustic Stage Indoor
11.30pm - Jeremiah Tall
10.30pm - Dan Callahan
9.30pm - Jordan Bickhart
8.30pm -Marc Lancaster

Friday 8/28/2015
Main Stage Indoor
12am - Audio Impulse
11pm - Palaceburn
10pm - Revel 9
9pm - JAE
8pm - Tony DeSimone Band
6:30-8:30  - VIP Happy Hour 

Acoustic Stage Indoor
11.40pm - Scott Bluth
10.30pm - Paul Donovan
9.30pm - Paul Saint John
8.30pm - Jo Stones
7.00pm -  PM Minerva

Saturday 8/29/2015All Ages can attend from 2pm to 9pm
Under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian
Main Stage Indoor
12:30pm - Pavelle
11.30pm - Jay Skull in Spades
10.30pm - Riverside Odds
9.30pm - Sweet Leda
8.30pm - East of the west
7.30pm - Zymotic Flow
6.30pm - John Faye & Those Meddling Kids 
5.30pm - Sweet Eureka
4.30pm - Sezhu
2:00-4:00pm - School of Rock
6:30-8:30pm - VIP Happy Hour 
Acoustic Stage Indoor
12:00am - Clashing Plaid 
11.00pm - Mike Nappi
10.00pm - Twin Ghosts
9.00pm - Montgomery Streets
8.00pm - Josh Miller
7.00pm - Jessica Graae
6.00pm - Cory Presner
5.00pm - Industy Panel - The Philly Roundtable
4.00pm - Brianna Nelson

Outdoor Stage
8.00pm - Dirty Purple
7.00pm - Midnight Mob
6.00pm - Kelley Plante
5.00pm - The Means
4.00pm - 1 Echo 1
3.00pm - Knightlife
2:00pm - Murphee Doyle

Sunday 8/30/2015
All Ages can attend from 2pm to 9pm
Under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian
Main Stage Indoor
11:30pm - The Madeleine Haze
10:30pm - Crown of Earth
9.30pm - Ketosis
8.30pm - Next to None 
7.30pm - Rausch
6.30pm - Mile Marker Zero
5.30pm - In The Presence of Wolves
4.30pm - Shadow Merchant
2:00-4:00pm - School of Rock
6:30-8:30 VIP Happy Hour 
Acoustic Stage Indoor
8:50pm & 9:50pm - Trevor Keat
6:50pm & 7:50pm -  Daniel and Jennifer
4.50pm & 5:50pm - Glaida J 
4.00 PM Industy Panel State of the Music
Outdoor Stage
8.00pm - Dr Bearspace and the Spacemen
7.00pm - The Good Mess
6.00pm - Alright Junior
5.00pm - 1FM
4.00pm - The Phonies
3.00pm - Tasty Face
2:00pm - Nice Couch

All Photos are from last years 3rd Annual Liberty Musicfest 2014

Sunday, July 26, 2015

4th Annual Liberty Musicfest: 3rd Group of Artists Selections

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Hello Music Lovers!!!! Here is the Second group of Artists Performing at this years
4th Annual Liberty Musicfest at Bullshooters Saloon in Northeast Philly.
We are so looking forward to these 4 days of Multi-Genre Artists showcasing the emerging artists in the region. We will be release more artists Soon!!!!
Mile Marker Zero (Connecticut)

Joie Kathos (Philadelphia)

Palaceburn (Philadelphia)
EP Release Party

Mike Nappi (West Chester, PA)

1FM (Philadelphia)

Giada J (Cosenza, Calabria, ITALY)

Clashing Plaid (Philadelphia)

Tony DeSimone Band (Philadelphia)

Crown of Earth (Philadelphia)

Corey James Presner (Palmyra, NJ)


Mark Gaines (Philadelphia)

Dirty Purple (Doylestown,PA)

Monday, July 20, 2015

4th Annual Liberty Musicfest: 2nd Group of Artists Selections

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Hello Music Lovers!!!! Here is the Second group of Artists Performing at this years
4th Annual Liberty Musicfest at Bullshooters Saloon in Northeast Philly.
We are so looking forward to these 4 days of Multi-Genre Artists showcasing the emerging artists in the region. We will be release more artists Soon!!!!

John Faye & Those Meddling Kids (Philadelphia)

Montgomery Streets (New York)
Kelley Plante (New Hampshire)
1 Echo 1 (Harrisburgh, PA)
Josh Miller (Philadelphia)

Downhill Presents Sequence Session 02 Josh Miller from Downhill Productions on Vimeo.

SEZHU (Philadelphia)

Twin Ghost (Philadelphia)

Calico (Langhorne, PA)

Knightlife (Springfield, PA)

Paul Donovan 
Ketosis (Philadelphia, PA)

Danielle and Jennifer (Harleysville, PA)

A Better Class of Criminal (Philadelphia/Queens)

Paul Saint John (Philadelphia)

The Jupiter Storm (Philadelphia)


Brianna Nelson (Newtown, PA)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

4th Annual Liberty Musicfest: 1st Group of Artists Selections

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Hello Music Lovers!!!! Here is the first group of Artists Performing at this years 4th Annual Liberty Musicfest at Bullshooters Saloon in Northeast Philly.
We are so looking forward to these 4 days of Multi-Genre Artists showcasing the emerging artists in the region. We will be release more artists Soon!!!!

Sweet Leda (Maryland)
Next to None (Lehigh Valley, PA)
Nice Couch (Radford, VA)
The Riverside Odds (Philadelphia,Pa)

REVEL 9 (Long Island, NY)

Pavelle (Manhattan, New York)

Zymotic Flow (Philadelphia, PA)

In The Presence of Wolves
(Barrington, NJ)

Midnight Mob (New York, NY)


JaE (Philadelphia, Pa)

Sweet Eureka (Philadelphia, Pa)

East of the West (Philadelphia, Pa)

Alright Junior (Philadelphia, Pa)

Dr Beardface and the Spaceman(Philadelphia, Pa)

Jo Stones (Burlington, NJ)

(Philadelphia, PA)

The Means (
Philadelphia, PA)

The Good Mess (Philadelphia, PA)

The Phonies (Philadelphia, PA)

Jessica Graae


Friday, June 26, 2015

DVT's 5 Artists You Need to Check Out!!!

DVT Entertainment would like to introduce 5 Artists You Need to Check Out!!
Five of the Eyes (OR), The Band Droidz (Harlem),
Spaceship Days (NC), RAUSCH (PA) and
All these artists will be performing LIVE at Bullshooters (Philly) in July/Aug!

Five of the Eyes
Portland, Maine
Prog Rock/Funk/Latin/Indie
Show: Fri uly 17th @Bullshooters - Philly
w/ In the Presence of Wolves, White Light Spectrum, Skobo and Jack Nimbus

"...a self-titled, self-produced first studio effort that’s arrestingly dynamic, heavy yet danceable, and deceptively melodic. It draws on the progressive metal roots of many of the band members, but it brings in further Latin, funk and pop elements. It’s one of the strongest debuts from a new Maine band in the past two years, and it’s already helped the band garner some early buzz as a seriously awesome live act."
-Emily Burnham (Culture Shock, Bangor Daily News)
A mind altering assault of energy and performance, Five Of The Eyes is Portland Maine's newest rock act to hit the scene. Blending influences of Prog, Funk, and Latin, this is a group that will make you funk dance yourself into a full blown explosion of head banging rock. How about you salsa over to the … NOPE CAUSE NOW THEY’RE ROCKING YOUR BODY INTO CONVULSIONS. Try to tear your eyes away from the body melting heat as vocalist Darrell Foster tears up the stage with dance moves that put James Brown in a cold sweat.

The Band Droidz
Harlem NYC
Punk Rock
Show: Sat. July 25th @Bullshooters - Philly
w/ The Riverside Odds, The Unwanted and others TBA

It’s hard these days to find something musically outstanding in the myriad of genres, bands and performers that make up the euphonic landscape of today, it’s difficult to give your heart to one solid band that will nourish your soul and satisfy your cravings- until now. Now there is “The Band Droidz” – a band based in New York, with a New York soul, real New York zip-code and genuine New York city attitude and quality. You might be taken aback by their sound, a mélange of influent powerful notes like “The Clash” and “Nirvana” with a hint of “REM” on a rock-hard New York city background. 
Monk's  voice has a delicate texture that reminds you of dark luxurious chocolate that balances out the rough guitar and soulful lyrics , the melodic line induces a dream-like state in which the rhythmic accuracy of Compton Timberwolf on drums punctuates the flow of the music straight to the core of your being while the coarse base lines played relentlessly by Q-MAXX bring you back to reality just in time for you to realize that you are addicted. Addicted to good music.

Spaceship Days
Durham, NC
Pop Rock

Show: Thurs. July 23rd @Bullshooters - Philly
w/ Matthais and others TBA

Spaceship Days blends digital guitar effects, full orchestration, timeless piano, acoustic solos, rich vocal harmonies, vivid mental images, and intricate mixing techniques to create songs that have mass appeal.In 2009, the founding members of the band - Greg Torsone (guitars /production) and Chuck Cox (bass) formed the artistically matured  Spaceship Days, taking their name from a lyric in a Catherine Wheel song.A former America's Got Talent Finalist, fresh off of a Top 40 finish on American Idol, Adam and the band went straight into the studio, releasing 'The Thrill of Freefall' in March 2013. A string of successful west coast shows followed, including an electrifying performance at the legendary Roxy Theater in Hollywood. Spaceship Days returned home, and went back to work.
 After a stint playing with one of London's hottest up and coming bands Brian Avery returned to the States, joining the band soon after.The pop-rock outfit's 4rd album, Saving the Universe, recorded at their own Afterglow Studio was released in July 2014.

Philadelphia, Pa
Rock/ Progressive/ Experimental

Show: Fri. July 24th @Bullshooters - Philly
w/ Big Uncle, Primitives and others TBA

 was not until mid-2013 that the weakened – but ever-enduring - pulse pounded its way back to a heartbeat; and ironically, it was at first not Rausch’s piano chops – but rather his voice - that caught the attention of Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory (The Roots, Halestorm). While songs like "Minimalism" & fan-favorite "B.P.M.S." did well to offset the densely layered debut with respites of pop sensibility, the producer now challenged RAUSCH to an outright “commercial exercise” – a piece that, not entirely unlike the very études of Chopin, could serve a vital nuts-and-bolts purpose yet simultaneously stand on its own musical merits. “You need a 'Keep Yourself Alive' before asking the world to embrace 'Bohemian Rhapsody,'” Ivory implored. Challenge accepted.
Stepping away from the piano to briefly pick up his guitar, "Good Day" came to Doug almost immediately; and in just a few short months, the finalized recording - accompanied by 1st official RAUSCH music video, deftly directed by contemporaries in NYC’s JOLLY – was ready to go. In light of this, and considering the time still needed to formally convert ALL aforementioned darkness into musical form (i.e. Album 2), the vote was unanimous to release the new single right away. Pleasantly surprised by an almost over-night endorsement from current GN’R guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, apparently the band chose… wisely. Poised to reclaim the stage with a vengeance – and said new album – in 2015, RAUSCH is now more resolute than ever to indeed NOT LET IT DIE.

Angel Vivaldi
Princeton, NJInstruMetal, Progressive

Show: Sat. July 18th @ Bullshooters - Philly
w/ Godshed Eyes, Conscious Whispers and others TBA

DVT has been a huge supporter and extreme fans of Angel Vivaldi. Angel is a guitarist who has evolved over the years into one of best guitarists internationally. Since he has released his solo records, he demonstrates highly technical guitar playing with a real twist "MELODY". Most technical guitar players bombard you fast blazing shredding but leaving out the song aspect. Angel literally sings with his guitar playing and never leaving bored but rather he draws you in for the journey. I recommend checking out his youtube page which Angel constant is putting out Videos from his studio releases, in studio, webclasses and much more.
Angel has two releases "Universal Language" and just recently releases "Away With Words Pt. 1" you can get these at:

Check out his new Video for  "// . _ _ _ _" off "Away With Words Pt. 1"



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Bands to Check Out!!!! Lo-FI Resistance, The Dreaming, Everlit, Malaya and Risen Resilient

DVT Entertainment would like to introduce to some Amazing Artists we have performing at Bullshooters in the upcoming months. DVT is about bringing you the best live original music that the US has to offer. We continue to support the touring artists that are shaping the music of today!!
Lo-Fi Resistance
At Bullshooters (NE Philly) Thursday June 4th 2015
Lo-Fi Resistance is the creation of 26 year-old guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Randy McStine. Founded in 2009, Lo-Fi Resistance have released three albums highlighting a striking blend of progressive rock musicality, melodic pop sensibility, and among many other attributes, a strong penchant for song-craft and experimentation. In the studio, McStine has collaborated with members of King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, Spock's Beard, King's X, and more to bring a special quality to these songs. The latest album, The Age Of Entitlement, is a true solo venture, with McStine taking on all instrument and production duties. Aside from Lo-Fi Resistance, McStine can be seen on tour handling guitar and vocals for The Pink Floyd Experience

The Dreaming
(featuring members of Stabbing Westward)
At Bullshooters (NE Philly) Wednesday June 17th 2015
Advance tickets at:
the Dreaming is the songwriting team Chris Hall and Walter Flakus ( Save Yourself, Shame , So Far Away, Drugstore, Waking U...p Beside You, POMF, Violent Mood Swings, Lies, the list goes on and on) along with SW drummer Johnny Haro and Orgy guitarist Carlton Bost and bassist Franccesca D'Struct. New album Rise Again out NOW on Metropolis records!!

Rise Again is a perfect segue from previous Puppet, keeping that hard-driving, alternative industrial sound.  As predicted, their sound incorporates rock, electronic, dark wave, in emotional rock ‘n’ roll. Although the lyrics are thoughtful, and the production of the music is excellent, there is not much variation from song to song.  Nevertheless, if you are a fan of The Dreaming’s previous albums or Stabbing Westward, The Rising will not disappoint.  Top tracks are ‘Alone’ the first video and single, ‘Kisses Taste Like Death’, ‘The Blink of an Eye’ and ‘Destroy’. ‘Kisses Taste Like Death’ is the heaviest, most guitar driven with a peculiar title; ‘The Blink of an Eye’ also very heavy guitar driven with lyrics that force you to listen and ponder life; and ‘Destroy’ the most creative of all songs on the album with excellent industrial blending of guitar and keyboards, stimulating time changes and breaks, creating a wall of sound with accentuating digital sound bites and noises. - Rock Revolt

Philly, PA

At Bullshooters (NE Philly) Saturday June 20th 2015

 The band is off to a fast start @ Active Rock radio, with single “Break Away” being the most added song on Billboard’s BDs Indicator chart on April 24th. 12 stations have added the song in its first week, with another 15 testing and playing the song. “Break Away” was released commercially on 4/28 with an exclusive premier from Loudwire on 5/5.
Forged in the rough and tumble Hard Rock scene in the city of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia, PA – Everlit’s core is in fact 2 brothers – Jordan and Ryan Panfil. The brothers, along with Drummer Jacob Castro, made a name for themselves on the East Coast rock circuit with their former band Willpowerless. That band released 3 albums and an EP while touring extensively on the East Coast and MidWest, playing dates from Minnesota to Texas. Willpowerless performed on several Warped Tour dates over the years as well as touring with National acts like Taproot, In This Moment, American Head Charge, and Boy Hits Car. At the end of 2013 the members decided that Willpowerless had run its course and they disbanded and retired the name.
Everlit was born as a band in 2014 when Jordan, Ryan and Jacob came together with another friend from High School, Guitarist Anthony Michael. They connected with Taylor Larsen from the band First To Last and started writing and recording @ his Oceanic Recording studio in Bethesda, MD. The result is a Powerful new set of songs – featuring the hard charging march and sing along chorus of “Break Away” to the anthemic grooves of “A Phoenix Will Rise” which speaks to never giving up and finally breaking through life’s barriers to success. This band has come together as a seasoned and exciting touring unit

Tampa, FL

At Bullshooters (NE Philly) Thursday June 25th 2015
This four piece from Tampa, FL blends pop fun with rock passion.
Their first E.P. was recorded with producer Brooks Paschal... (Versa Emerge, There For Tomorrow, Boyce Avenue, To Speak of Wolves) in March 2012.
The band once more teamed up with Paschal to record their debut full length "The Pieces That Make Us" Released in Oct of 2013, the album is an impressive blend of styles, moods, energy and emotion.
In the past 6 months Malaya has completed 2 separate tours covering most of the Southern states as well as the East Coast and Midwest. Currently the band is preparing to record this coming March with a new EP scheduled to be released in June 2015.

Risen Resilient
Philadelphia, PA

At Bullshooters (NE Philly) Friday June 6th 2015

The array of influences within this band is so wide; it could quite possibly transcend the equatorial diameter most likely more than once. But if it must be loosely defined, it could be said that they mostly manage to primarily emulate an alternative/grungy feel with a nod to the dark vibe of the nineties that features minor movement, quick licks, booming undertones, an abundance of harmonies.
Risen Resilient is currently comprised of the cohesively creative and profound sounds of local rock and roll sister duo: Erin and Katie Fox; the inventive and clever stylings of hard-rock and blues-oriented guitarist, Buckminster Forrest Kellorgg; and complimented finally by the silvery mellifluous and enigmatic grooves of young bassist, Alicia Hedwig.
Risen Resilient has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with national acts such as Hunter Valentine and Sick of Sarah.
They look forward to completing their next EP by the end of 2015.