Thursday, November 1, 2012

Carfax Abbey releases new CD "Caustic Revolution"

Philadelphia-based industrial rock band Carfax Abbey manages to seamlessly blend hard rock elements and a superstructure of electro-industrial sound to form a relentless assault on the listener. Electrifying, high-intensity performances onstage take the recorded sound to a whole new level. Cafrax Abbey Just released their new CD “Caustic Revolutions” on Halloween Night 10/31/12 at the Dracula’s Ball in Philadelphia, PA. There are no words for their performance. The Video below of one of their classic songs “Spitshine” is just a small example what people experienced this Night.

Caustic Revolution is Carfax Abbey’s 3rd major release and first concept album, telling the story of a malign invasion by an unknown force, which leads to apocalypse and rebellion. The album delves into the band’s hardcore roots of industrial rock, as well as crossing over into some unexpected territories. The album contains eleven original songs that masterfully blend into one massive sonic tapestry.

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  1. That Video is SICK!!!! Damn that singer is intense. I checket out the clips on Amazon. This is some of the best Industrial Music I have heard in years. I loved Carfax's Secon Skin CD, It Screams Disease was okay but Caustic Revolution from the clips were awesome. Carfax is back and may have the Industrial CD of the Year for 2012 and 2013.