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5th Liberty Musicfest - Meet Artists - Sunday August 21st ( Outside Daytime) @ The Grape Room, Manayunk

The Liberty Musicfest (LMF) is Philadelphia's Premier Independent Music Festival. This year will feature 80+ Artists from 25 different States with diverse music styles ranging from Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Punk, Singer Songwriters, Rock, Alternative, Progressive, R&B, Experimental, etc.

What makes LMF special is our focus on Networking and building relationships between artists and Industry. We provide Workshops, Seminars, Mentor Sessions for Artists looking to talk to music industry professionals. This year we are adding street vendors and an outdoor stage on
Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm FREE TO THE PUBLIC.
The whole event will be centered around THE GRAPE ROOM. Located at 105 Grape Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19127

These blog postings are to introduce you to the wide variety of Artists performing each day.
Below are Links to all the Artists Performing. Check them out, please share them and just maybe. You will discover your new favorite artist!

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Check out a sample of the Artists Performing
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Sunday, August 21st  

Performance at 7:10pm  / From Philly
Alternative/Reggae/Dub/Comic Books

Musical Fabric... Stitched in Short Story...
East of the West is a modern, live-action comic book without the possession or hindrance of "one" main character.
Kevin O'Beirne, and Teddro Osso illustrate tales of morality (or lack of there of) with their unique brand of musicianship, while Roberto Chavez attempts to weave character based short story into the backdrop of imagination they collectively create...

Performance at 6:20pm  / From NYC
Real Efn Rock n Roll

"Bluesy","Ballsy","Soulful" and "Convention Defying"….These are some of Words that Have Been Used to Describe Memphis Crawl. The Crawl was Formed in 2004 by Charismatic Frontman Matty O'Brien on The Blue-Collar Streets of New York City….The Son of a Counter Culture Mother From Brooklyn and A Country-Blues Bred Outlaw Daddy From The South, Matty was Raised on a Strict Diet of Rock n Roll and Delta Blues and even as a Small Child it was Clear that this "Old Soul"... Was a Natural Performer....Soon after putting the Group Together Matty Found some Of the Heaviest Cats Around…..Guitarist Stevens, Bassist Slim Earl and Percussionist Michael Powder... From Their First Jam Session Together it was Obvious That Their collective Energy and Chemistry was Truly Something Special and a Once in a Lifetime gift.This Four Piece PowerHouse has Toured all over the U.S. from NYC to Los Angeles and parts of Europe....Their Fanbase Known as "The CrawlDogs" have Become a Huge Funky Family... Kind of a Cross Between a Counter Culture Commune and a Traveling Circus.If You Get a Chance to see the band will quickly find out why their motto is "play like its your last night on Earth!!'.

Performance at 5:30pm  / From Glen Rock, NJ
Rock n Roll / Indie Rock

New Jersey-based sexy, gritty rock n’ roll band, Deaf Rhino, just released their first LP, Dirt, Rust, Chaos, under their new band name (formally Easy Company). Quickly picking up speed, the album has gained international acclaim online and found a home on major US radio stations’ airwaves. Earmilk raves, “From the get go you know this LP means serious business, each song is different and explores every depth of their musical ability. The LP is a smash success for their first full-length and a promising look into the their bright future.” 
Deaf Rhino has hosted multiple sell out/capacity nights at noted clubs, such as Arlene's Grocery (3x), Maxwell's Hoboken (x2) and The Bitter End (x3). Deaf Rhino has played and rocked rooms like The Studio at Webster Hall (3x), The Marlin Room at Webster Hall, Black Bear Bar Brooklyn, Fat Baby NYC, Trash Bar Brooklyn, Mexicali Live (NJ), The Stone Pony, The Saint (NJ), The Wonder Bar (NJ), The Middle East (MA), Copperfield's (MA), The Stanhope House (NJ), Jammin' Java (VA) among many others throughout the North East. 

Performance at 4:40pm  / From Philly
Rock n Roll / Indie Rock

Akin to the innovative music that inspires us today Linus the Moon has been influenced by that which came before them, music we grow up with and love. Much like lying down for the first time with a partner you'll share your life with, there's the comfort of being somewhat familiar with anticipation and excitement of what is about to be. The music tugs at your soul and moves you.

Performance at 3:50pm  / From Lancaster, PA.
Alternative, Psychedelic, Rock N' Roll

"Wake up after a good sleep, hop in a cold shower then do 20 really fast jumping jacks, drink 3 espressos and smoke 4 cigarettes. After doing all of this if you don't have a heart attack you will understand the energy of a Medusa's Disco performance."
-Rob Simon (105.7 the X Under the Radar Host)

Performance at 3:00pm  / From Philly
 Blues, Psychedelic, Funk, Soul, 

...Flowing from the diverse international hub that is Philadelphia, PA, USA ...Performing both LIVE and in the STUDIO ...ENDLESS TAILE is every bit the embodiment of the simple and yet mysterious phrase "POWER TRIO" ...Just as the term stokes the imagination, the passionate players at the head of ENDLESS TAILE weave their impressive skills together to conjure the most inspiring vibes from music legends and legacies of the past, present, and future... ...It's pure SONIC SOUL POWER at it's finest ...TIMELESS! ...Whether as delicate and intriguing as whispers, or massive yet majestic like thunder, their unique and vastly dynamic sound allows them to take you on an enhanced audio tour of what defines good music... all while blazing new trailes along the way with ease! ...HEAR YOU THERE!

Performance at 2:10pm  / From Trenton, NJ
 Urban Pop 

Discovered via ReverbNation by North Star Media’s John Sepetys, EPOCH FAILURE is poised for a bright future. Sepetys states about finding the band, “I discovered EPOCH FAILURE, buried amid ten thousand submissions, during our first ReverbNation artist outreach. They had a video with the two of them in a car, lip-syncing to their demo. It was unpolished and unrehearsed, but it was all I needed to see and hear. Their charisma was off the charts, and I immediately recognized the ability to write monster hooks.” "Epoch Failure has been hugely successful, particularly in the sports world," said Victoria Camera, ReverbNation’s Vice President, Music Industry & Artist Relations – one of the band’s early champions. "We're not surprised that they've done so well in the film and television area and are looking forward to seeing more incredible things for them in the future." EPOCH FAILURE’S 5-song debut EP was mixed and co-produced by Grammy-nominated producer Billy Hume (Lil’ Jon, Ying Yang Twins, Pitbull).

In many ways EPOCH FAILURE’s single, urban/rock hybrid “Champion,” is a perfect sonic portrait for these work hard, play hard guys who are all about fully embracing every new moment and challenge that life has to offer. Their cover of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” put their own spin on a classic song about struggling to make it, as they have in their lives. When asked to describe the group, singer Billy Joe sums it up nicely, "Epoch Failure is the voice of everyone who has fallen or stumbled, but still had the heart to stand up again and climb back into the ring. It's about accepting our failures and turning a negative into a positive. You fight through the struggles and come out the other side better, wiser, and stronger as a result. And then, of course, always raise a glass or two to celebrate.

Performance at 1:20pm  / From West Chester, PA

Gina Castanzo is a indie performer from West Chester, PA. She has been a dancer since she was four years old at Touch of Class dance studio. Gina has performed in the following musicals: Cinderella, The Sound of Music, Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat, The Wizard of Oz, and Suessical. Gina has written music and has a demo titled "Civil Desire".

Performance at 12:30pm  / From Philly, PA
 Pop Punk / Alternative

We are a Pop Punk / Alternative band from suburban Philadelphia

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