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5th Liberty Musicfest - Meet Artists - Friday, August 19th @ The Grape Room, Manayunk

The Liberty Musicfest (LMF) is Philadelphia's Premier Independent Music Festival. This year will feature 80+ Artists from 25 different States with diverse music styles ranging from Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Punk, Singer Songwriters, Rock, Alternative, Progressive, R&B, Experimental, etc.

What makes LMF special is our focus on Networking and building relationships between artists and Industry. We provide Workshops, Seminars, Mentor Sessions for Artists looking to talk to music industry professionals. This year we are adding street vendors and an outdoor stage on
Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm FREE TO THE PUBLIC.
The whole event will be centered around THE GRAPE ROOM. Located at 105 Grape Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19127

These blog postings are to introduce you to the wide variety of Artists performing each day.
Below are Links to all the Artists Performing. Check them out, please share them and just maybe. You will discover your new favorite artist!

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Check out a sample of the Artists Performing
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Friday, August 19th - MAIN STAGE

Performance at 12:20am  / From Philly
 Style: Rock/Alternative

"The Good Mess creates a generally feel-good atmosphere with driving instrumentals and sleek vocal takes, whether in the form of soft melodies or all-out exclamations."
-Jay Breslin,
In early 2015 the band recorded its first EP "Smoke Like Ghosts" at the famous Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA and officially released it that September. 2015 has proved to be a big year for the band, not only for their EP release but for their participation in the first annual Legendary Dobbs Rock-Con and the fourth annual Liberty Music Fest. Drawing comparisons to Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Bush the band continues to write high energy rock songs and look forward to having them appear on future releases. 

Performance at 11:20pm  / From DC/MD/VA
 Style: Live Band Hip Hop/R&B

Footwerk. A Washington, D.C.-based 6-piece Pop outfit can only be described as an intense, high-energy performance, a ‘blind date’ for first timers or a ‘booty call’ to an experienced audience member. Vocally led by ‘friendzone’ power couple on the frontline, the back line is made up by a group of diverse musicians from different backgrounds:
Crafting their sound by ‘Sleeping Around’ with Rock rhythms under soulful Rap and R&B vocals over dance beats with a splash of percussion. Footwerk's unique style of ‘No Strings Attached’ fan interaction made their ‘One Night Stands’ popular in the saturated DMV scene.
Unbelievably, A chance craigslist meeting led to the formation of the independent group. Due to their immediate success they’ve decided to release their debut album, aptly titled ‘Casual Encounters’ and go out on a national tour of ‘One Night Stands' in 2015. Here's your chance to see for yourself, if there’s chemistry in person and have your own ‘Casual Encounter’ with Footwerk. (No Strings Attached)

Performance at 10:30pm  / From York, PA.
 Style: Rock / Indie

"...York rock’n'roll outfit The Plums are either the hardest working or hardest partying band in Pennsylvania, perhaps both. Two members were at the venue hours early, propping up the bar and downing whiskey, fully loaded in before the techs had even arrived. As previously mentioned, their drummer played with Kyle Morgan...willing to work with anyone like their heroes in The Band. The comparison is not too far-fetched either, with 5 part harmonies... demonstrating technical proficiency of which most young bands can only dream. They brought PA equipment just in case, and had to trim down their typical all-night bar set substantially to even fit in the allotted time."
-Dave Fox,

Performance at 9:40pm  / From Nashville, TN.
 Style: Rock/

If you’re tired of run-of-the-mill rock, then you need to spend some time with Lines In The Sky. Cutting-edge and catchy as all get out, the Nashville trio’s forward-thinking brand of punk is guaranteed to add some welcome variety to your regular rotation, especially if you’re a fan of Coheed and Cambria and other progressive acts..."--
Under The Gun Review, 2/17/2016

Performance at 8:50pm  / From Philly
Rock/ Alternative/ Funk/ Soul

JOE JORDAN’S EXPERIMENT ("JJX") is an uncompromising rock band from Philadelphia, PA whose genre bending sound and energetic live shows have hooked audiences across the nation. The JJX sound is an addictive fusion that blurs the lines between rock, funk, blues, and metal, forging a raw, soul-driving sound with Joe on guitar and vocals, Barbara Duncan on drums and Dan Halma on bass, rounding out the lineup. Since it's inception in 2007 the band has had the privilege of working alongside a myriad of acclaimed artists (Living Colour, Erykah Badu, Eric Gales, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, Akrobatik, The Memorials), self-released their debut EP “Twisted Visions” (available at all major online retailers) and booked tours independently, culminating in appearances at Juneteenth Fest, Utah Arts Fest , Sundance Film Fest, Freedomfest , AfroPunk Fest, CBS News,  CBGB Festival and most recently SXSW 

Performance at 8:00pm  / From Chicago,IL/Philly
 Style: Progressive Rock - Stoner Rock

Chicago/Philadelphia's original "Garage Metal" Duo, hailing from the lineage of classic rock and stoner metal The RAKNOSS is a tour de force when it comes to riff heavy rocknroll. Since 2013, The RAKNOSS has been dumbfounding audiences with their complex guitar work, hard hitting drums and LOUD stage presence. Don't let the raw rock fool you however, The RAKNOSS has grooves to shake them hips and keep the ladies dancing all night.

2nd Floor Lounge

Performance at 11:50am  / From New Jersey
 Style: Hip Hop
In an industry where it is so easy to go with the grain than against it, there was a rebel. " 
EVG Rebel is a female artist hailing from the state of New Jersey. Her love for the arts started early (age 4) and began with the particular expression of dance. The high expenses of dance classes left her unable to continue with teaching but never stopped her passion. As she grew older, she took up playing various instruments such as the saxophone and the piano. Listening to legends such as Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, and others as a child helped uncover her secret love early in life for writing music, which stayed with her all the way through her young adult years. Gracing stages as a back up dancer for many well known artists such as Lil Mama and LL Cool J while also being in numerous videos, music has always played a big role in her lifestyle. It wasn't until she started secretly posting Youtube videos of her rapping and singing that people started to take notice of her natural talent for songwriting and artistry. Becoming a youtube sensation propelled her into the forefront of many famous artists and producers willing to lend a hand a work with EVG. "Being a part of this industry teaches me a lot. You have to have a strong sense of self when being an artist...ESPECIALLY as a woman! I made a lot of mistakes and created a lot of misconceptions of how I wanted to be portrayed due to the pressures of this industry. Being a female there are a lot of standards that have nothing to do with your true talent. They seem more concerned with the lipstick that covers your mouth than what actually comes out of your mouth. I just want to be respected for the complexities of my mind and the artwork painted by my tongue. I want to celebrate the beauty of my womanhood in a honorable way and give women everywhere a voice. A REAL voice. Not one that is actually a male being a ventriloquist with a female puppet. I want to be able to tell ALL sides of a woman's story. "

Performance at 11:00pm  / From Boston, MA.
 Style: Singer/Songwriter, Folk/Rock

Nico's unique, one-man band performances are filled with a raw passion that captivates audiences of all sorts. Using every limb to play multiple instruments at once, Nico puts on a show like no other with a sound that blurs the lines between the singer/songwriter, indie rock and folk genres

Dead Fellow
Performance at 10:10pm  / From Philly
Singer/Songwriter, Folk/Rock

Performance at 9:20pm  / From Philly
Singer/Songwriter, Rock
Messages of hope embedded in emotionally driven rock... 
Much like Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and sponsor of the arts from whom they take their name, Peg and Kevin combine both their passion for music with a desire to inspire and heal others.

Performance at 8:30pm  / From Marboro,NJ

Mike Cappelluti is a regional touring artist from Central New Jersey who writes and performs original music. By mixing different elements of folk and pop, Mike is able to create a unique genre similar to that ofartsists such as the Lumineers and Passenger. His first debut singles "Hurricane" and "In the End" were met with welcoming appraise in January of 2016. Mike's debut LP, title "Hurricane" is to be released in February 2016. His songwriting is comprised of different conversations, stories, and experiences-- creating a deeply personal and relateable story behind each song.


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