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5th Liberty Musicfest - Meet Artists - Saturday August 20th ( Night Time) @ The Grape Room, Manayunk

The Liberty Musicfest (LMF) is Philadelphia's Premier Independent Music Festival. This year will feature 80+ Artists from 25 different States with diverse music styles ranging from Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Punk, Singer Songwriters, Rock, Alternative, Progressive, R&B, Experimental, etc.

What makes LMF special is our focus on Networking and building relationships between artists and Industry. We provide Workshops, Seminars, Mentor Sessions for Artists looking to talk to music industry professionals. This year we are adding street vendors and an outdoor stage on
Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm FREE TO THE PUBLIC.
The whole event will be centered around THE GRAPE ROOM. Located at 105 Grape Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19127

These blog postings are to introduce you to the wide variety of Artists performing each day.
Below are Links to all the Artists Performing. Check them out, please share them and just maybe. You will discover your new favorite artist!

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Check out a sample of the Artists Performing
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Saturday, August 20th
Main Stage Night Time

Randy Haze Trio
Performance time: 12:20am / From: Newark,NJ

ForFans of 
Red hot Chili Peppers,  Stevie Ray Vaugn, JImi Hendrix, Sly and the Family Stone, The Mars Volta

Riveside Odds

Performance time: 11:30pm / From: Philly
Speed Punk Rock N' Roll

Drinking, fighting, stealing your girlfriends, wrestling, and more drinking… and that’s just in the first six minutes. Sounds like one hell of a fun night, right? The Riverside Odds will deliver to you Philadelphia speed punk rock n roll like a freight train fueled off cigarettes PBR and scotch whiskey.

Formed in 2013 by vocalist RW and bassist Tim, formerly of Philadelphia speed punk band, Griswolds, and Guitarist Matty Terror of the Von Horrorbles and The Heartbeaters, these guys are veterans of the scene, having been in a total of 11 bands between them. Drummer Darren "D-Bag" Wallbridge, who was practically born with drumsticks in his hands, has lent his skills to a number of projects throughout the years and was picked up early on to round out the band. in 2014 Dan "Bezzi" Beswick, formerly from the band Balista, was added as lead guitarist.

Influenced by bands such as The Dwarves, Black Flag, Zeke, Ramones, The Dead Boys, Token Entry, The Riverside Odds know just how to throw down fast and hard rock n roll.

Midnight Mob
Performance time: 10:40pm / From: Long Island, NY
Rock N Roll, Punk, Metal & Soul

The New York based powerhouse rockers in Midnight Mob have staked their claim at the intersection of punk, metal, blues, and soul. Raspy-voiced chanteuse Blackey Deathproof, guitarist Mickey Squeeze, bassist Carly Quinn, and drummer Beatz flawlessly blend classic rock influences with modern day inspirations to create something beautifully restless. 
The band has evolved tremendously since forming in 2009, but the focus has never shifted: Midnight Mob is destined to bridge the gap between genres and create something without fear of limitation. As Mickey says, “We play what we dig and people seem to dig what we play. We get the punk crowd, the metal crowd, the classic rock crowd - even people who aren’t really into hard rock relate to us on some level.” Having already impressed the likes of Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan with their bewitching live performances at the CBGB Music Festival and beyond, Midnight Mob is set to rock the world one riff at a time

Montgomery Streets
Performance time: 9:50pm / From: Brooklyn, NY
Indie Rock

After their critically acclaimed band "The Vinyl Addicts" disbanded, Brian Murray and Anthony DeFeo began writing some new songs in an apartment on Montgomery St in Brooklyn's Crown Heights. The songs were catchy, unapologetically pop riddled with harmonies and introspective lyrics. Over time, the new band "Montgomery Streets" became known for their energetic and ever changing live shows. In 2013 they released their first EP "Damn Girl". Produced by Chris Cubeta at GaluminumFoil Studios in Williamsburg, the album marks a huge step forward for the band. Featuring Spencer Cohen on drums and Chris Cubeta on guitar/keys, songs like "Change" boast a fuller sound and driving beat while fan favorite "The One Who Got Away" sticks to the group's acoustic roots.

In Presence of Wolves
Performance time: 9:00pm / From: Philly

"Progressive and groovy and plenty heavy."
Vince Neilstein (MetalSucks.Net)
"Incredibly humble yet technically adventurous and virtuosic"
- Jordan Blum (AXS Contributor)
"The band’s technical ability and tasteful songwriting is miles ahead of most nationally touring acts." - Graham Noel (Kill All Music)
"The crowd actually cheered after their sound check; that is how incredible this band is live."
- Dustin Dellinger (Gashouse Radio)
"Vivacious and thoughtful, both technical and melodic."
- Justin Carlton (The Phantom Tollbooth)

Performance time: 8:10pm / From: Philly
 Rock, Soul, Funk

Many millennia ago, the earth and sky gave birth to the mighty Tytans­– Kronos, Okeanos, Hyperion & Prometheus – who ruled benevolently during  a period known as “The Golden Age.” Unnerved by an ancient prophecy, Kronos grew fearful of his own children and devoured each of them whole. After escaping their father’s belly, Zeus and his siblings waged a great war,  eventually overthrowing and entombing the Tytans deep in Tartarus; the dark abyss where ancient souls are cast away to  rot in perpetual punishment. Regrettably, the reign of the new gods became tainted by Zeus’ power-hungry greed and  monstrous infidelities. As the Golden Age decayed into turmoil, the Tytans, with the aid of Zeus’  daughter Athena, were released from their prison and seek refuge in the modern age. Now living in secret and concealing their powers, the Tytans have formed a rock band in the hopes to convert new followers into an army of Demigods to help battle Zeus and return the Tytans to their rightful place among the heavens. And thus, STEREOTYTANS was born!

2nd Floor Lounge - Night Time

Blaq n Nappy
Performance time: 11:50pm / From: Philly
 Hip Hop

  • Starting out as an excuse to put out some fun a movement

Cuban Dvenci
Performance time: 10:50pm / From: Philly
 Hip Hop

Cuban Dvenci is a artist from a small city outside of Philadelphia, Pa called Coatesville. When he was 14 he started perusing his career in hip hop. His sound is something like Jayz with his incredible metaphors. He represents the 90 style of rap music.He was influence by the storytelling of the 90's era of the music by like Tupac, Nas, Biggie, and more. He dropped his debut album The Dvenci Code album back in 2012. He is currently working on his new album Was Written which should be dropping in Dec 2016. He is currently working with former BET host Sir in Philadelphia, Pa. He has a new mixtape called 50 Shades of DVenci dropping early new year of 2016. Cuban fell in love with music after being at his dad band concerts. Elementary he took up trumpet and violin lessons. By time he got to middle school he was taking up saxophone lessons and starting free-styling after school as a hobby. By 19 he became a recording engineer and started recording his first group called O.B.M. (Operation Big Money). Cuban had opened up for Hopsin when he was on Tour was on tour with Hopsin in 2011. Jan 2012 he was running and working with Wu Tang/Brooklyn Zu on Judah Priest in a group called 144,000. In the middle of 2012 he has been in 3 articles of Indiegator Magazines. In September 2012 he was recognize by Action News as one of the upcoming independent artists. 2013 he started as hosted on WBZH Tri- County, The Buzz Radio in Pottstown, Pa. Also made the hometown success on there website. He did the opening performance at DJ Johnny V from Power99 fm birthday party in June of 2013. Feb 2014 he performed at the Styles P concert in Pottsville, Pa.

Marc Lancaster
Performance time: 10:10pm / From: Philly
 Singer Songwriter

Marc Lancaster’s Soul Construktion, an organic sound formed by singer songwriter Marc Lancaster. An up and coming artist who is starting to make waves in the Philadelphia music scene in a big way. The artist stands out from the rest of the pack, as he puts his listener’s minds into a state of inner stellar overdrive, with his gritty vocals and unique sound. Marc takes his audience on a wild ride with his poetic lyrics and cool collected grooves. The listener can hear his highly influenced sound of classic rock , rhythm and blues, and alternative music littered throughout his songs. Influenced by bands in the vain of Jimmy Hendrix, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and so on, and so on. Intern, he creates a sound he likes to call ACOUSTIC SOUL. “I want write music that is going to touch people and stand the test of time. I do not want to be a flash in the pan but to be inscribed eternally onto those who love and appreciate music. You can find Marc Lancaster playing all over the Tri-State area. He has had live on air performances on major market stations 94.1wysp and 93.7wstw Hometown hero‘s. He has played venues, like the Grape St. Pub, The Fire, Crocodile Rock, The General, Triumph Brewing, Tom and Jerry’s, The North Star Bar, and the extensive List goes on. In order for one to fully understand the experience, you must hear him for yourself and let the music enrapture your SOUL!!!!!

Ian Biggs
Performance time: 9:10pm / From: New Haven, CT
 Singer Songwriter

Ian Biggs is a singer/songwriter from New Haven, Connecticut, who denies the label of a "genre." The musical journey of his latest collection of material will take you from the quiet depths of a weathered soul to the heart-pounding, rug-cutting thrill of being alive.
After years of fronting the rock band All in Blind, Ian began working with producer Jeff Gitelman (The Stepkids, Chance The Rapper, Alicia Keys) and longtime friend Robbie Chemical on his new project. After his second European tour, Ian returned home in August of 2014 and signed with Niveo Records. Entering 2015, Ian has continued his collaborations, working with Frostbite Entertainment and producer Tim Cappezone of Rise or Decay.
Ian has worked as a session guitarist/vocalist for many acts as well as a toured with Jesse McCartney (808 Records), Katy Tiz (Atlantic Records), Edisun (EMI), Nicole Frechette, Marjorie Lee, and was an instrumental member in the indie rock band Lion's Teeth. Ian has also had the good fortune of sharing the stage with several other notable acts including Neon Trees, Capital Cities, Betty Who, Aaron Carter, Kat Dahlia, Marcy Playground and Everlast to name a few.

Chelsea Carlson
Performance time: 8:30pm / From: Mount Olive, NJ
 Singer Songwriter

Chelsea Carlson is a roots-rock singer/songwriter from Morris County NJ. Described as a “young and ambitious” artist on the rise by Elmore Magazine, Chelsea has been taking the local music scene by storm since 2011. With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Adele, Chelsea is not your typical “singer/songwriter.” Her original music has been described as soulful, powerful, and full of emotion. Her vocal style has been compared to that of Grace Potter and Anne Wilson, and her songwriting is reminiscent of Carole King. It is Chelsea’s goal to take the heart of classic rock and blend it with the intensity of the blues, energy of modern rock and pop, and raw emotion of alternative music, into something new and exciting.

Ken Shiles & CiBon
Performance time: 7:30pm / From: Atlantic City, NJ
 Singer Songwriter

Ken Shiles and CiBon are a male/female duo from Atlantic City, NJ. The duo formed late in the summer of 2015. Focusing on stripped down acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies, their music spans a wide variety of genres. Their first release entitled "Chasing Summer" is due out June 3rd.

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