Thursday, July 21, 2016

5th Liberty Musicfest - Meet Artists - Thursday, August 18th @ The Grape Room, Manayunk

The Liberty Musicfest (LMF) is Philadelphia's Premier Independent Music Festival. This year will feature 80+ Artists from 25 different States with diverse music styles ranging from Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Punk, Singer Songwriters, Rock, Alternative, Progressive, R&B, Experimental, etc.

What makes LMF special is our focus on Networking and building relationships between artists and Industry. We provide Workshops, Seminars, Mentor Sessions for Artists looking to talk to music industry professionals. This year we are adding street vendors and an outdoor stage on
Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm FREE TO THE PUBLIC.
The whole event will be centered around THE GRAPE ROOM. Located at 105 Grape Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19127

These blog postings are to introduce you to the wide variety of Artists performing each day.
Below are Links to all the Artists Performing. Check them out, please share them and just maybe. You will discover your new favorite artist!

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Check out a sample of the Artists Performing
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Thursday, August 18th - MAIN STAGE

A Better Class Criminal
Performance at 12:10am  / From Philly
 Style: Rock/Hip Hop

While fusing together classic rock'n'roll and hip hop, A Better Class of Criminal brings a different element to the music scene. With influences ranging from Rage Against the Machine to Black Sabbath, from Beastie Boys to Iron Maiden, and from Cage The Elephant to Wild Cherry, A Better Class of Criminal has founded a certain unique blending of styles that seem to co-exist flawlessly. While sick of all of the 'same old same old', 'it's been done before', and 'they all sound the same' attitude towards the music scene, they set out to be their own category when compared to the rest of the bands out there today.

Performance at 11:20pm / From Bucks County,PA
 Style: Alternative

Dirty Purple is an alternative/rock band from Bucks County, PA, founded in October 2010 by long-time friends Scotlyn, CoCo, and Claire Brewer, Katie Corson, and Ashley Ferrante. Over the last five years, Dirty Purple has played numerous cities along the east coast, including Philadelphia, Trenton, Baltimore, Hartford, CT, Nashiville, TN, and more . They currently have two self-released albums out: their full-length debut 'Dirty Purple' and their recently released EP 'Settle.'

Performance at 10:30pm / From: Detriot, MI

ELSIE BINX is an up-and-coming new pop/rock band out of Detroit, MI. Their sound and songwriting style is influenced by artists/bands such as Pink, Halestorm, Queen and Boston. Their debut album 'Smile and a Bullet' dropped on October 27, 2015. They are currently working on their sophomore album at The Sound Shop Studio in Macomb, and have opened (are opening) for well-known bands such as Trapt, Soul Asylum and Cactus. They hope to release their second album in October 2016.

Performance at 9:40pm / From: Long Island, NY
  • HIGH-ENERGY, danceable punk that's fast, loud, and FUN.
    It’s not the 70s anymore in NYC – but the spirit of that era’s wild punk scene is alive, well and infused into the contemporary roar that’s blasting out of multi-generational Long Island based sensation Bad Mary. Building off the crackling success of their debut album Better Days – which garnered three first round Grammy ballot nods and whose “Forget About It” and “Don’t Know Where The Line Is” provided an edgy soundtrack to the 2014 NBA Finals – the foursome led by powerhouse vocalist Amanda Mac has a fresh bold task for their new EP: Killing Dinosaurs.

Performance at 8:50pm / From: Philly
Indie Rock

aper Comets is a four-piece indie rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cycling through many band line-ups, guitarist Jesse Christaldi, bassist Patrick Radecki, and drummer Stephen Jasinski collaborated with vocalist Benjamin Wright, and soon after, the line-up was solidified. Now with a solid group of players, Paper Comets has been writing songs together and moving towards success. Consisting of a mix of hard-hitting and dynamic indie rock, with strong melodies and hooks, Paper Comets is currently pushing forward creatively, writing new material for their freshman EP expected in mid 2016.

Performance at 8:00pm / From: Philly
Psychedelic Rock
The minute you hear the hum of a vintage amp or a noisy 12 string jangle your transplanted to a surreal world at the bottom of the rabbit hole into a reinterpretation of music and reaches into your psyche and takes you the "listener" on a voyage of new musical journey and leaves you remembering the past and seeing the future..the Bohemian mule carries you ..thru the music like a story with blues, folk,mod,and psychedelic opuses

2nd Floor Lounge
A very Special GOT SONGS? with your Host John Faye. 5 Singer Songwriters will be featured including Tom Curtis JrRachel Schain and others TBS

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  1. Paper Comets has been writing songs together and moving towards success. Consisting of a mix of hard-hitting and dynamic indie rock, rock band