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DVT Presents: 2nd Street Festival - Meet the Artists at The Piazza at Schmidt's Commons - Sun Aug 7th

DVT Entertainment is Proud to be apart of the 2nd Street Festival this year and providing the festival with these very special artists at The Piazza at Scmimidt's Commons in Northern Liberties on Sunday August 7th. This event is FREE and the performaces with be in the courtyard along with countless vendors. So come out out and have a great time!!!

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Brothers & Sisters - 9pm

 Brothers & Sisters is an Indie Blues band based out of Philadelphia. Always keeping their ears open for new ideas, the members of the band focus their influences into a colorful blend of Blues, Rock, Fusion, and Jazz to create a sound uniquely their own.  The band has extensive live experience, having played many famous Philadelphia venues including The Union Transfer, The Legendary Dobbs, and World Cafe Live (Upstairs and Downstairs). This live experience, along with the original music from their newly released album From Earth, ensures a show that is both entertaining and rich in quality music. The band's goal is to unite people through the love and joy they put into each song, and to introduce a new generation to the brilliance of Blues and Rock & Roll.

Cold Roses - 8pm

It’s rare in today’s music to find a band that embodies the swagger of rock and roll, groove of Philly-soul, heartache of the blues and folk-esque storytelling quite like Cold Roses.
Honing their signature sound and electrifying audiences along the east coast for the past year and a half, Cold Roses self-released their debut LP “No Silence In The City” on November 1st, 2014. Produced by Webb and Clancy, and recorded at Miner Street Recordings, the band implemented a more “traditional” recording approach by performing each song live to analog tape, emulating the energy and intimacy of their live shows. The result is an 11 song “tour de force” album that showcases the band’s versatility and “demonstrate[s] what it means to live and breathe the essence of rock and roll…this is a dirty, soulful, wickedly fun album” (ThatMag). 
Whoever said rock and roll was dead must have just given up.
93.3 WMMR's "Artist of the Month" June 2013 & April 2015

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Modern Colour - 7pm

While bursting onto the Philadelphia music scene as the city’s response to the deconstructed blues-rock pioneered by Jack White and The Black Keys, Modern Colour expanded their sound by experimenting with different genres and working with artists representative of each. Though the band is still a straightforward and in-your-face rock n’ roll group, a closer listen reveals layers of hip-hop, neo-soul, R&B, Americana, and funk influences hidden beneath the blues bars and driving drums.
During the writing, rehearsing, touring and recording of their follow-up eponymous album, Modern Colour opened for acts like Tom Keifer (Cinderella), guitar greats Davy Knowles and Joe Robinson, Macaulay Culkin's band Pizza Underground, and The Roots. The band also found themselves receiving local radio play as the Artist of the Month for 93.3 WMMR as well as featured on Clear Channel’s Radio 104.5. Modern Colour also spent a year as the house band for the famous Philadelphia venue, The Legendary Dobbs, hosting its weekly jam sessions. Modern Colour played regularly up down the east coast, most notably in Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. The band’s commitment to their music and to each other has proved to outsiders that this is a hard working band and a band that is here to stay and deliver.

Footwerk - 6pm

ootwerk. A Washington, D.C.-based 6-piece Pop outfit can only be described as a ‘blind date’ for first timers or a ‘booty call’ to an experienced audience member. Vocally led by a ‘friendzone’ power couple (Melisa & Kyle) on the frontline, the back line is an orgy musicians from diverse backgrounds named Teddi (keys) Eric (Percussion) Fern (Bass) Josh (Drums).
Crafting their sound by ‘Sleeping Around’ with Rock rhythms under soulful Rap and R&B vocals over dance beats with a splash of percussion. Footwerk's unique style of ‘No Strings Attached’ fan interaction made their ‘One Night Stand’ live shows popular in their hometwon DMV music scene.
Unbelievably, A chance craigslist ad led to the formation of the independent group. Due to their immediate success they’ve decided to release their debut album this year, aptly titled ‘Casual Encounters’ and go out on a national tour of ‘One Night Stands' in 2015. Here's your chance to see for yourself, if there’s chemistry in person and have your own ‘Casual Encounter’ with Footwerk. (No Strings Attached)

Nik Greeley & the Operators - 5pm

Nik Greeley is known for being arguably the best frontman & performer in Philadelphia, and just in the last few years has established himself as one of the most entertaining & hard working musicians in the area, often being compared to the likes of James Brown, Joe Cocker, and Jim Morrison. Greeley released his solo debut EP Town Gypsy in Spring 2015, and has performed live sessions & received airplay on radio stations such as Radio 104.5, 88.5 WXPN, 93.3 WMMR, 93.7 WSTW and 95.9 WRAT. Greeley is also a member & singer in Philly's première funk band, Swift Technique, where he shares lead vocal duties with his female counter-part, Chelsea ViaCava. Members of ST also perform in The Operators, including the talented ST horn section.
The Operators is a collective of some of the finest musicians in Philly
"The band's energetic live performances include a diverse spectrum of rhythm, blues, jazz, and extreme levels of funk, and is one of the most infectious live music experiences you'll have. Greeley's voice can be felt from around the block, and his full brass section will fill any room with contagiously electrifying vibes."

-Kendall Deflin, Live For Live Music

Song Dogs - 4pm

Featured in both the New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer with a sound often compared to Neil Young and the Allman Brothers, Song Dogs is a 6-piece americana rock band bringing prairie-heavy rock and railroad tone to the city of Brotherly Love. Formed in 2009, Song Dogs released their first EP in 2011 and their debut full-length album Wild Country was officially released in January, 2013.

Wild Country was produced by Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Sheep Dogs, Toy Soldiers, Grandchildren, Man Man, Lotus) at Waking Studios in Philadelphia. Song Dogs debut EP, Song Dogs and the Nightjar, was produced by Aurum Studios.

Song Dogs was named 2013 WXPN Beta HiFi Wilmington champions and they have received glowing reviews from national and international publications including The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, WXPN's The Key,, The Watchtower, Here Comes The Flood, and The Music Court.

Sweet Eureka - 3pm

Though Sweet Eureka will be a fresh name to most, the band members will be familiar to many. Frontman/guitarist Jamie Victor (founding member of Victor Victor Band), drummer Ari Miller (formerly of Surgeon), and bass player Patrick Polli (TMT, Disciples, Cowgirls From Hell, Mandobot) are no strangers to the Philly/NYC music scene.

Separately they have played many of the notable/notorious rock rooms of the east coast (Arlene's, the Troc, TLA, North Star, El Bar, KFN and CBGB) and have recorded with celebrated producers/engineers (Steve Albini, Brian McTear, Andrew Lipke, Phil Nicolo). Together now, the band lives for live performance and song craftsmanship. Currently, Sweet Eeureka is playing limited engagements while recording their debut album at their ranch/garage in Pennsylvania. 

Bohemian Mule - 2pm

The minute you hear the hum of a vintage amp or a noisy 12 string jangle your transplanted to a surreal world at the bottom of the rabbit hole into a reinterpretation of music and reaches into your psyche and takes you the "listener" on a voyage of new musical journey and leaves you remembering the past and seeing the future..the Bohemian mule carries you ..thru the music like a story with blues, folk,mod,and psychedelic opuse

SelfHelpMe - 1pm

JD first set foot into the music industry as the guitarist of Valencia, the Philadelphia-based pop-punk band who has released three records from 2004 - 2011; two on I-Surrender Records and one on Columbia Records. In the years after Valencia, JD experienced a journey of self-discovery through self-awareness, which lends to his stage-name, selfhelpme. In 2014, he began to compose his own music on top of contributing to other music projects (Mosey, James Kelley Band, Kelley Plante). Under the name Morockan Music, he released his first demo's in Spring 2014 and his first EP in January 2015, and in June of 2015 he released his second EP under JD Perry. While he has seen much growth in one year of songwriting on his own, he knew there was a much greater potential and sound to be unlocked within his music. Fortunately for JD, his lifelong friend Shawn Dorsey knew this, too, and approached JD in December 2015 to join forces to create Know Hope Records and provide a platform for JD to release his music amidst a budding music community.
The name selfhelpme can be best described as this: "self, help me." It is a true representation of JD's path, his mindset, and his music. 

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