Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Liberty Musicfest 2013 Recap Videos Part:1

We would like to thank all the bands/artists that attending and performed at the 2nd Annual Liberty Musicfest. I couldn't tell how many people couldn't believe the talent that they saw over the 4 days. This was an awesome event to meet lots of new artists, fans and industry professionals. We would like to thank all the sponsors SSA Music, Songbites4u, Unclaimed Bands, Starr Hill Brewery, PBR, That MAG!, Mirror Image Media, DVT Entertainment!!!!

The is the first of several blog posts that will recap the artists with Video of the artists who performed at this year's event! Spread the word, turn people on to other bands and lets all blow each artist up!!! We all have the passion, love all genres and are one Community!!

American Wolf - Chicago, IL

Devise- Philly/NJ

Political Animals- New Haven, CT.

Next to None- Leigh High Valley, PA
features 13yr. Max Portnoy, son of Mike Portnoy

Milton McCauley II - Baltimore/Philly

The Royal Noise - Phila, PA

Face the King - NY

Mo Lowda and the Humble - Phila, PA.

Part II coming Soon!!!!

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