Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hidden Treasures from the 70's Vol: 1 - Rock/Prog/Pysch/soul Bands

Hope everyone had a great summer and saw lots of live music! I am an avid vinyl collector and have been collecting a lot of rare 70's artists from Rock, Proto Metal, Prog/Pysch. After researching the early 70's era i found so many incredible bands that got lost in the shuffle. A lot of these bands never got the push from the labels, also created music that wasn't deemed popular by the Major Labels. Thanks to Youtube and Discogs makes it possible in finding these rare gems! Here is Volume: 1 - hope you enjoy and find a new/old band to become of fan of!!! - Jim Thorpe/DVT Entertainment


I am so glad to have found this all female band, Birtha. An American all-female rock band of the early 1970s.Each of the band members contributed lead vocals and harmonies. They put out 2 LP's "Birtha" and "Can't Stop the Madness". There sound is driving hard rock with harmonies and with exception musicianship. Musically comparably to James Gang, Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Below is a a youtube video of their song


Buffalo is a largely unrecognized band within the Australian music scene for 1972 to 1977, Buffalo was possibly Australia's first proto - heavy metal band, pre-dating other pioneering Australian hard rock/metal acts. The band's sound is comparable to Black Sabbath, whom they supported during an early 1970s tour. Buffalo remained an underground band. This was largely due to a lack of airplay on radio, with "commercial radio" virtually blacklisting the band. They put out 5 Lp's. my favorite is "Vocanic Rock". Check out the live video of "Sunrise" off that record.

Sir Lord Baltimore

Sir Lord Baltimore was a huge discovery for me. This band rocks beyond belief godfathers of proto metal/stoner act. There sound like everyone in the early 70's is like Sabbath and Deep Purple. They put out 2 Lp's in the 70's "Kingdom Come" and "Sir Lord Baltimore" both albums are highly recommended. they did put out a record in 2006 with just lead vocalist/drummer John Garner.
Check out the viseo which is their full record "Kingdom Come"


KHAN was a huge surprise when I found their only release "Space Shanty" from 1972. This is cutting edge progressive rock for the time period. The music progresses through ambient atmospheric to hard rock, fusion and straight hard rock vocals in the vain of Ian Gillan. The LP is diffently hard to find and pretty pricey mainly because of the limited release of this Canterbury scene band. 

Baby Huey

Baby Huey is a soul singer out of Gary, Indiana. His only release The Baby Huey Story: The Living Legend produced by Curtis Mayfield was a key influence on hip hop music. He had a psychedelic brand of soul and a vocal style that drew comparisons to Otis Redding, the 400 pound Baby Huey was set to break nationally with his 1971 debut album. Unfortunately, a fatal heart attack prevented him from seeing the release of the disc. Baby Huey's lone album has become a sought-after collectible soul fanatics. The LP was released on Vinyl. Check out

Fuzzy Duck

Here is a real gem of band, Fuzzy Duck. Don't let the name fool you they are English Underground Progressive Rock band that is truly amazing. Their 1971 release "Fuzzy Duck" was limited to 500 copies, it has been reissued on CD. Its tragic that the band broke up just after this was released. Its guitar/keyboard driven , strong melodies and songwriting. This worth checking out!


Okay, I saved my favorite for last, Armageddon. these guys only released one self-titled LP in 1975. This is a blistering record from beginning to end it features Keith Relf of the Yardbirds and Bobby Caldwell of Captain Beyond. This is one of those records that has every element of Hard Rock, Musicanship, Jams and killer songs. All I can say is listen to music below and you decide!!!