Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Wayside Shakeup! This Saturday 2/2 @ The Legendary Dobbs

The Wayside Shakeup is a new band atThe Legendary Dobbs. Reviewing their first performance on our 2nd floor stage, they caught my ear with there well crafted pop rock songs backed by a tight well rounded band that grooved. I heard the influences of Wilco, Neil Young and OAR in their songwriting, which is not a bad group of artists to be in comparision too. There was a great crowd watching on and getting into the Shakeup's live performance. I recommend you check out The Wayside Shakeup if your into those artists. They will be on the 1st floor stage on Saturday Nov. 17th at 8pm. - Jim Thorpe, The Legendary Dobbs

The Wayside Shakeup began in 2003 with some quiet jams in an apartment in Haddon Township, NJ, a suburban town just over the bridge from Philadelphia. Founding members Chris D'Antonio and Rob Volansky bypassed the usual acoustic cover list and ended up writing a handful of original tunes, one of which ended up as a centerpiece on their debut album. After a brief stint, though, Volansky headed overseas, and D'Antonio took root in Philly. When Rob returned in 2007, the two began writing songs in earnest. Since then, they've played a number of rooms in the area, from acoustic cover gigs around South Jersey to all-originals sets at The Legendary Dobbs on South St. They've added and subtracted players through the years and recently debuted a five-piece lineup at MilkBoy in Ardmore. The Wayside Shakeup's self-titled debut album emerged in 2011 and is a collection of songs that reflect the diversity of Chris and Rob's influences. Ranging from shameless pop to wobbly blues, and with a sly wink to everything from Chris's roots in doo-wop to Rob's grunge ethic, The Wayside Shakeup offers a cross-section of songs tied together by players who want, simply, to make music that they would want to listen to. Groove out, belt out, chill out. The hooks are there to do with as you please, so feel free to sing along.

The Wayside Shakeup plan on getting back into the studio to record more new music in early 2013

We have a "new-ish" video called Avalon. In light of Hurricane Sandy, we plan on playing this one Saturday night because it is about Avalon, New Jersey.


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