Thursday, November 8, 2012

H RV RD (Equal Vision Records) returns to Dobbs on Nov. 14th!!!

The Legendary Dobbs can't wait until H RV RD's return show on Wednesday November 14th w/ an amazing bill w/ Sugar Glyder, The Great SOCIO, Junior Astronomers and Climbing the Walls. This is going to be a show you will not forget. We had the pleasure 4 months ago to book H RV VD on 3-5 days notice because of a show cancellation. WOW!!! is all I can say, the band has become one of my favorites, Here is a Clip of their last show at Dobbs.  Jim Thorpe (The Legendary Dobbs)

HRVRD is a five-piece outfit based from Charlotte, NC, a band that combines indie-rock with post-hardcore and pop sensibility.When listening to a HRVRD song you can expect complex rhythms underneath swirling guitar effects and highly technical playingwith nodstowards progressive rock. Their debut EP Animals was released in 2008; their debut full-length, The Inevitable And I was released on December 1, 2009.
“Live music has so much potential for greatness,” expresses HRVRD vocalist Jesse Clasen. “To me, a studio recording is a snapshot of where a song is at that moment, and it should always continue to evolve and take on new perspectives. Live performances are opportunities to share something unique and beautiful with your audience…I've always admired the artists that let their songs blossom into something new and exciting even after they've been recorded.”
On the new album, HRVRD’s haunting sound blends intricate and cinematic guitar riffs with dark, passionate lyrics and powerful, driving rhythms. Effortlessly encompassing the impressive technical qualities of underground progressive-rock and experimental outfits, while remaining accessible through honest, relatable lyrics, the fusion creates a full-bodied, dreamlike ambience filled with catchy, yet sonically sinister melodies. Clasen’s ethereal voice defies genres and offers vast vocal range with a wide spectrum of stylistic tones that stand out as notable without overpowering the outfit’s more than capable instrumentations. Their true talent shines not only in their ability to perfectly juxtapose driving and atmospheric elements in a complimentary manner but also in their use of those musical elements to guide and balance the lyrical storytelling.
“The most important thing we kept in mind [on the new album] was a strict "less is more" rule,” Herrera notes. “In the end, I think the songs are more mature, more heartfelt and more honest, we used all of our experiences from the first record and tried to learn from them to make a better, shorter and more focused product.” Lyrically, the new album shares a journey of intense internal struggles of the ordinary man. “It’s about the tension between positive and negative perspectives on relationships, progression, religion, and science,” Clasen expounds. “And more personally, it’s me working out who and what I love, and why.”The band will release the sophomore, full-length album through Upstate NY-based independent label Equal Vision Records later this year, with the record’s release date and details yet to be revealed.

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