Monday, May 23, 2016

5 Artists To Check Out at The Grape Room in May/June

DVT Entertainment each month likes to introduce you to 5 artists you need to check out live. All these artists you will be able see at The Grape Room in Manayunk - Philly

My Darling Fury
Richmond, VA
The Grape Room - Friday May 27th

My Darling Fury’s affinity for complex rhythmic structures, operatic-sized dramatics, and 
chamber music intimacy should surprise no one, considering that Reyes and Matthews both 
come from classically trained backgrounds. With a pliant, strikingly beautiful voice that recalls 
Freddie Mercury, Andrew Bird and even Nate Reuss of Fun., Cuban-American singer 
Danny Reyes conveys poignant lyrics in both English and Spanish, through songs that devastate and inspire. Looping and layering his acrobatic vocals with the assistance of an effects processor, he infuses the band’s sound with Cuban rhythms and harmonizes with himself in real time.


1985 (first show) - 2007 (retired) + 2015 (reunited). New MUSIC this year. Reissues, shows, videos. Spread the word! We are back in action

The Grape Room - Friday June 10th

Reverist is an Orlando based Indie Pop band that credits its humble origin to medical doctor Omar Qazi, but subsequently evolved into a fuller sound with the additions of drummer Steve Addington and bassist Matthew Walsh.
The project began while Qazi was in undergrad where he was inspired by the band Keane and taught himself to play piano and guitar. Songwriting began as an accident for him initially, but ultimately progressed into a regular, creative release in his journey through his medical training. Qazi looked to expand the project and met seasoned drummer Steve Addington, whose experience ranges from high school marching band to playing Top 40 hits alongside a DJ. The duo added the multi-talented Walsh in late 2015 before recording their first EP, "Dreaming Onward," at Parafonic Recording Studio in Orlando, Florida.
With there being more genres under the sun than bands to play said genres, Reverist possesses an eclectic, unique sound with solid, rich vocals that bring a captivating essence among symphonic, scientific synth blends and engaging drum beats. The trio adds a fresh feeling to the music scene—slightly left-field with a soothing, yet animated, presence that can appeal to almost any mood.

The Danbees
The Grape Room - Saturday June 18th
Formed while attending Ithaca College, classmates Mark Slotoroff (Vocals/Guitar/Piano) and Wade McManus (Drums/Backing Vocals) took the plunge into New York City following their graduation in 2014. Within the first month of the move, Slotoroff called upon childhood friend, Shane Matthews (Lead Guitar) to join the band while McManus simultaneously called upon his longtime friend, Sam Enright (Bass) to join. Officially meeting in person on August 21st of 2014, The Danbees played their first show under the current, and now permanent lineup, on August 22nd, the very next day, at The University of New Haven in Connecticut. Currently, The Danbees can primarily be found selling out rock clubs on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. However, if you're lucky, you can find them in the underground scenes of both Boston and Philadelphia.

Noble Giants
The Grape Room - Thursday June 30th

With full force, Lexington, Kentucky based indie rock band, Noble Giants debuted the summer of 2015. Quickly following their first shows of the summer, the group made their single, “Mary” available to the public on most major digital streaming sites. With public support flooding in from social media and the Lexington community, the guys hit the studio to record their EP titled, {ERADIXATE}, released December 29, 2015. The band has stayed busy playing shows in Tennessee, Ohio, and around Central Kentucky gaining new fans and support with each show. Reminiscent of Joy Division and the 1975, the sound of the band brings together hints of iconic 80s rock with new age pop. {ERADIXATE} is available on all digital distribution sites, and through our website,

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