Tuesday, September 13, 2016

5 Artists Not to Miss Out On!

5 Artists Not to Miss Out On!
by: Jim Thorpe - DVT Entertainment

I would like to present you with 5 artists you show not miss out on. The Artists listed are a breath of fresh air in the this over saturated mediocre offerings that the so called industry is trying to push down everyone's throat. Creativity, Out of the Box and Unique are ways to describe what a music lover is looking for. So open you ears and check these artists out. Hope you find a new favorite artist.

Twelve Foot Ninja

If you don't know about Twelve Foot Ninja, where have you been? 
The band is one of the freshest sounding metal bands out there with their unique sound with comparisons to Faith No More, System Of The Down. They band just released "OUTLIER" and below is the album sampler. If your looking for a band that thinks out of the box and uniquely crafts songs that push the bounderies, I recommend Checking out Twelve Foot Ninja .


This is a band a found about by accidentally download it off of iTunes. The song was "Coconut Dracula" ( the Video is below) from Violence and Desctruction. I was totally surprised how bad ass this band is. Basically take Incubus, Deftones, and their New Wave flavor, throw in a blender and you get this awesomeness. They just released a new record "Power Under Control" on Victory Records. This release expands the bands growth on this release with tracks like "Darkness", "Bad Guy" and "Better Day". 

Wild Adriatic

Wild Adriatic is band that we have booked (DVT Entertainment) several times over the years and now have gone on to bigger stages, tours and gain worldwide fans. This is a band that WOWED they hell out my partner Vince and myself. There sound is rooted in blues rock sound fusing sounds reminiscent of  Bill Withers, Free, Zeppelin with Alabama Shakes, My Morning Jacket and Mutemath. See this band live will sell you, the video below "Mess Around" is favorite song of mine from them. Hope you enjoy!!!

Tessellated Shapes

With so many great Progressive Rock/Metal records released over the past few years, there has been a resurgence in this genre. So how does a band not get caught up in being compared to the usual suspects Rush, Dream Theater, Opeth and Porcupine Tree? You do what Tessellated Shapes did with melody w/ technicality, arrangements, rhythm patterns and vocal arrangements. The are fresh sound with female vocals over multilayered sound textures. If your interested in some newer prog music check out their video of their Album Preview.


A new artist on the indie scene that embraces creating a emotional canvas for songwriting. Deadfellow's sound is honest by channeling the souls of Tom Waits, Dylan and Cash but crafting a very unique style of his own. Having the opportunity to hear various tracks off the new release the songs are well crafted and keep you embodied in the songs.
"I Dream I Lost my Girl" from the first single from the highly anticipated new EP "Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener" out November 2016

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