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Just Show Up in 2017: Insight on your Musical Career

DVT Entertainment wishes a great musical year!

2016 is in the books and first things are first. This year we lost so many great artists from David Bowie, Prince, Sharon Jones, Glen Frey, Bernie Worrell, Maurice White, Phife Dawg, Keith Emerson, and many more... Bowie,Prince and Sharon Jones really hit me hard because these artists represent "Legend" to me. The never compromised on there art, always pushed themselves no matter what people thought. These are qualities I current don't see in today's music industry mentality. For all artists. #neverdupicated

2016 Observations in the Scene / Touring Acts

This past year in the Philly Scene was interesting to say the least. I start off with there were a lot of great bands and performances I saw this year. I would say though really disappointed in they way bands/artists have been with their brand. The trend last year was a majority of bands are cramming so many local shows within two month periods. This so counter productive it drives me This hurts you more than you know along with the venues and it effects better opportunities in the future. Artists really need to get to basics put together a realistic game plan to build your bands fan-base along with opportunities.
In my opinion about 90% of the artists on the scene  seem to be going through the motions and trying to mold into something there not instead of growing organically. These all genres across the board. it seams that the artists don't push limits of their abilities, are play it safe mode or afraid to try something different. I seen about 300+ live unsigned performances and probably listen to about 1000 artists. Like I said above, there were lots of great music last year but really nobody had that WOW factor!!! Nothing that moved me.

So in 2017 I put a challenge out there the you the Artists, create music that inspires, pushes the boundaries, WOW Factor and don't be afraid to try something out of the box!!!

2017 Artist Resolutions

Every artist wants to succeed in one capacity or another whether its better shows, branding, reviews, killer songs, etc. So I put together some goals for the artists for 2017

1. Music
Strive to make a great song first, don't worry about should I put out an EP or Record. Concentrate on one song and make it the best it can be then move on to the next. We are in the time where people are lucky to give you 30-60 secs. to determine if they will listen to more. So buckle down, and right some game changing music!!!!
2. Shows
Insanity = doing the same thing over and over with the same result. That is basically the local scenes across the USA. So lets start fresh and work on EVENTS instead of playing every possible show with in 2 month period in the local scene. I know its a great feeling playing different venues in the city, but artists must Hustle Smarter to benefit from each show. The question we get most is how do we get on the festivals that DVT and others put on. We look at bands that are trying hard to build their brand, write go music and work smart!
Challenge #2:
On your next show coming up, contact all the bands on the bill, work on a poster, combine your promotions and put a killer show/event together. When all the bands are working together you will be surprised what can happen!

3. BrandingBranding is another aspect that seem to be disappearing from the local artists. It is the one thing that does set you apart from other artists, more professional and attracts new fans. Branding is everything from logos, Artist photos, posters, live shows and merchandise. A comprehensive artist package create sets the tone and what you represent. 

DVT Entertainment in Review and the Future

Vince and myself first off would like to thank all the artists and venues that we worked with last year. Without you there would be not be DVT Entertainment. For people who don't know, we are probably the best music lovers on the planet especially the unsigned music scene. DVT was built on our passion of music and we will continue in 2017!!!!

The Grape Room

in 2016 we joined forces with the owner Scooter to put The Grape Room back in the eye of the scene and regional level as one of the best rooms to play at in Philly. We saw a resurgence in crowds at the Grape along with strong walk up crowds interested in what was going on! In 2017 we are going to be taking it up a few notches more this year. We have two national shows coming up

Wednesday 13/Bourbon Crow Acoustic - Saturday, January 21st - Get Tickets
Mack Myers Moore feat. Zach Myers of Shinedown Wed. March 8th - Get Tickets

South Street Spring Festival

This was the 4th year in which DVT booked the the two main stages and the street performers. Each this event keeps growing with 60,000+ people attended this year. We had over 40 artists perform this one day event. As like each year the music praise was hot topic and mostly talked about. Its so amazing that each artist kept on rising to the occasion by performing at such high levels.
We are back in 2017, booking artists for this great event. See Image below to submit your artist for consideration in performing!

2nd Street Festival
It great when you get the call to book a location that you always wanted to book. We were so honored to be apart of the 2nd St Festival in 2016 booking the Schmidt's Commons in  Northern Liberties. We had a blast booking this event bringing some of the best artists to center stage in the courtyard. It was a big undertaking for us but it turn out amazing and thanks to the artists who made it happen!!!

The Liberty Music Festival
This is DVT's biggest event each year and the best way to describe the 5th year is VIBE!!!
We held LMF at The Grape Room this year, closed down the street for out door performances and had over 80+ artists from all over the country attended. The only hiccup was the rain on Sunday but we brought as many acts to the inside. As I mentioned above "VIBE" is the best way to describe the atmosphere the entire 4 day event, from the first band on Thursday the tone was set that this was going to a real special LMF. In all my experiences with festivals and live shows I never have seen artists keep pushing each others performances to higher levels, artists talking to artists, etc. The Networking is what DVT preaches and we saw so many people meeting new people, discussing show swaps and just talking about music. It was definitely the most successful LMF to date.
The 6th Annual Liberty Musicfest will be back at The Grape Room this year, shutting down the street and also adding several venues and locations on Main St.  We also we be adding more Seminars and workshops. along with guest speakers! Stay tuned for more info!!!

This was the 1st year, it was a collaboration with the South Street Headhouse District and DVT Entertainment held at the TLA on South Street.
This was a gathering of friends. A DOBBS REUNION!!! Peers, musicians & travelers alike coming together to celebrate the contribution of Heshey Schlachterman, who has made and continues to make such an incredible impact on thousands upon thousands of burgeoning musicians and patrons of South Street, a place he calls home. A man with a kind heart and an endless catalog of stories. It was also a benefit for music education, all the proceeds this year went to Rock the Nation.
This is going to be a yearly event so stay tuned for information on 2017 event!!!

DVT in 2017

We have a lot going on in 2017, with all the festivals and bookings at The Grape Room.
 We are looking forward to continue to help consult artists with their career, help with tours and put on great shows!
We have teamed up with Broken Goblet Brewery to bring a new monthly music series with 2nd Acoustic Fridays and 2nd Saturday Lets Get Loud!
Again, thank you to everyone that helped our endeavors be successful. We look towards 2017 and want to help elevate MUSIC and the ARTISTS to New Levels!!!

 Jim - Vince - Erik

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  1. Great ideas Jim would love to participate with full band.

  2. Great ideas Jim would love to participate with full band.