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2017 Liberty Musicfest Meet the Artists Sunday Main Inside Stage at The Grape Room

The 6th Annual Liberty Musicfest
Wed. Aug 16th thru Sunday Aug 20th

The Grape Room - Broken Goblet Brewery - Pretzel Park
Event Page: Click Here 

Bringing together musicians, fans and industry professionals for one incredible weekend filled with entertaining & informative events. The festival seeks to introduce music enthusiasts to up-and-coming original independent on the cusp regional and national artists. As well as provide tips and tricks to attendees on music industry topics such as publishing, touring, and social media. It is a huge networking festival that you can meet artists and music professionals.

Sunday, August 20th, 2017
Indoor Main Stage
at The Grape Room

Primatives - Philadelphia  time: 11:30pm

Raw, visceral and aggressive pretty much sums up the Philly based PRIMATIVES and their sound. The no-frills four-piece grunge-punk group bring the energy through memorable guitar melodies, fast paced driving rhythms, catching lyrics and their own blend of old school punk
rock. PRIMATIVES evoke their musical influences of NIRVANA, QUEENS OF THE STONEAGE and GREEN DAY in their music, of course without forgetting to include the grunge attitude. PRIMATIVES’ music has been acclaimed to be hard, loud and enough to piss off your mom! Formed in 2012, PRIMATIVES came to be from longtime friends Kyle Ranshaw, Dave Harvey III and Andy Buch whom would be later joined by James Berardi in 2013. PRIMATIVES released their first self-titled EP in late 2014 which confirmed the path for the group. Since the band’s debut, they’ve been playing live in support of the release and receiving excellent praise. The bands hard work and determination landed PRIMATIVES a slot on the EXTREME MANAGEMENT GROUP INC. management roster in 2017 alongside well-known acts such as Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Cryptopsy, Origin, Rings of Saturn, Threat Signal and many others. PRIMATIVES has a lot in store for 2018 and won’t let anything get in their way.

Fauxtron - Philadelphia  time: 10:40pm

Fauxtron is a rock band based in and around Philadelphia, PA. We are Renee Belsky (vocals, guitar), Pat Stiefel, (guitar)Brian Eberle (bass), and Brian Wales (drums).

We play original rock music infused with pop, punk, funk, and even some psychedelia. We'll throw in a couple of covers for good measure.

Popular Creeps - Philadelphia  time: 9:50pm

Hailing from Philadelphia, Popular Creeps aim to bring back the fun and spontaneity to the original local music scene. Made up of Del Atom, Ken Blum, Jeff Steinmetz and Nick Graveley; Popular Creeps channel the controlled chaos of The Replacements, Foo Fighters, and Oasis.  They keep the audience guessing from one show to another and challenge them to hold on for the ride.

New Single "Call Me"

Streetlight Circus - NYC  time: 9:00pm

Since 2010, Streetlight Circus has been a hot property in the resurgence of hard rock and roll. The band has rocked thousands thanks to invites to festivals such as the M3 Rock Fest, Rock ‘N Derby, The Great South Bay Music Festival, The Soundwave Music Festival, and others. The quartet has performed to packed houses throughout the U.S., from the Sunset Strip in Hollywood to theatres in New York City and up and down the East Coast.
An ever-growing fan base has seen Streetlight Circus share bills at large venues with a wide variety of heavyweights such as Halestorm, Twisted Sister, Sixx: AM, Anthrax, Megadeth, Buckcherry, Faster Pussycat, A Day to Remember, Five Finger Death Punch, Queensryche, Ghost, Shinedown, Tom Kiefer, Bret Michaels, The Doobie Brothers, Billy Squier, Kix, and countless others. The band prides itself on being professional and easy to work with while providing concertgoers with a high voltage live show.
The band has received positive press and support from major newspapers, leading hard rock online publications, and Internet and terrestrial radio from Texas to Denmark.

Adventure Lost - Philadelphia, PA.  time: 8:10pm

Get Lost — it's amazing what you will find when you aren't looking for anything.
Adventure Lost is a 'progressive-pop' duo hailing from the city of Brotherly Love. Comprised of lead singer and guitarist Jack Faracchio and drummer Larry Iaccio, Adventure Lost is guaranteed to entertain through intensely energetic yet intimate live shows, and relentlessly innovative songwriting.
Inspired by the likes of The Beatles, Coldplay, Queen, Fall Out Boy, and many others, AL's sound is a culmination of innumerable, diverse influences that have come together to create something refreshingly unique.
Adventure Lost is as much an ideology as it is a band, believing that everyone must GET LOST in order to truly find themselves. Only when a person is at their most vulnerable can one truly experience the beauty and bliss of the unknown and feel absolutely alive.

Signals of Bedlam - New York, NY.  time: 7:20pm

“Escaping Velocity is a beautiful album ripe for prog worship...the compositions are varied and, more importantly, strong enough to draw in fans from both the rock and metal camps. And with The Mars Volta gone, these guys seem capable of sliding right into that role.” (8.7/10)
- Metal Trenches
“Signals of Bedlam is definitely a band I’d like to see live. Who doesn’t love a thumping rhythm section with great vocals?...Trust me on this one!”
- The Aquarian Weekly

Casual Friday - New Jersey  time: 5:40pm

Two years into an incredible journey and the four regular guys from the suburbs of North Jersey are still going strong. Casual Friday, comprised of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Keith Carroll, vocalist/lead guitarist Kyle Frasca, vocalist/bassist Cengiz (The Wizard) Najarian and drummer Adam Tonner have an undeniable chemistry that delivers an energy you cannot see in any other band today. With a sound influenced by the 90’s/2000’s alternative/punk scene, Casual Friday brings that energetic, “breaking loose” vibe with a melodic twist that will stick with you all the way through your 9 to 5 shift.
Formed in April of 2015, the roots of Casual Friday were planted by an unlikely duo of accountants searching for a way to ditch the pressure of the corporate flag and escape the mental drainage of the daily office grind. It worked; and that desire to escape is exactly what sets Casual Friday apart, they are the same as their fans. Four working class Americans chasing after the dream that all too often takes a backseat to the inevitable realities of life. The music was made to pick you back up when life knocks you down

Underlined Passages - Baltimore,MD  time: 4:50pm

Underlined Passages is Jamaal Turner and Michael Nestor (ex. Seldon Plan). This trio takes their time in delivering tight, delicious indie-pop pieces akin to big rockers Nada Surf, Built To Spill, Pedro The Lion, and Sunny Day Real Estate.
The Big Takeover writes about their latest effort, The Fantastic Quest, "...doubt there will be a more achingly beautiful album of guitar-driven indie-pop this year." This record landed them as a top pick of 2016 by Culture Catch and the band has repeatedly made top 10 lists in 2016 with songs from The Fantastic Quest.
Underlined Passages has had tremendous college and independent radio support, charting consistently in the top 20 on a slew of stations including large stations such as: WRSU, WRPI, WUOG, KDHX, WMSE and WTMD. Airplay on WRSU, WTMD and WFDU resulted in Underlined Passages being asked to play and interview in studio for each station, with a listener-requested repeat performance on WRSU.

Illusions Of Grandeur - Lancaster, PA.  time: 3:10pm

IOG is a new rock and symphonic band from Lancaster, PA. The band was formed in 2015 by bass player CM and vocalist extraordinaire Maggie Mayhem. 
IOG soon added Bones on keyboards and programming, Jerich on guitar and Dom on drums. IOG is hard at work writing and composing songs to release and EP under Toil Records.

Granz - Philadelphia, PA.  time: 2:20pm

Granz is a 5-piece Indie-Pop band based out of Philadelphia, PA. 
What began as a singer-songwriter busking through Australia has now developed into a full-blown Indie-Pop experience growing in Philly's own backyard. 
From head in the clouds to both feet on the ground

The Amatory Murder - Brooklyn, NY.  time: 1:30pm

The Amatory Murder is an alternative rock band founded by Christian Peppas in Brooklyn, New York. Following in the footsteps of influential artists Muse, Pink Floyd, U2 and Nine Inch Nails, Peppas along with the band employ a variety of foundational sounds utilizing synthetic atmospheres, piano and programmed beat arrangements. Mixed with organic drums, heavy guitars and catchy hooks, the tracks are then topped off with angst-ridden lyrics. The band has shared the stage with musicians including Alesana, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Farewell My Love, The Red Paintings, Megosh, Justin Symbol, Get Scared, Julien-K, The Dreaming and Blood On The Dance Floor

A Ship Named Beagle - Philadelphia, PA.  time: 12:40pm

Philly based band with influences ranging from punk rock, indie rock, noise, beer, food, instruments...

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