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2016 South Street Spring Festival Meet the Artists at the 2nd St. Stage

2016 South Street Spring Festival
Saturday May 7th, 2016

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/558040267692381/
Meet the Artists at the 2nd St. Stage
Sweet Eureka

11:00am 2nd St. Stage

Though Sweet Eureka will be a fresh name to most, the band members will be familiar to many. Frontman/guitarist Jamie Victor... (founding member of Victor Victor Band), drummer Ari Miller (formerly of Surgeon), and bass player Patrick Polli (TMT, Disciples, Cowgirls From Hell, Mandobot) are no strangers to the Philly/NYC music scene.
Separately they have played many of the notable/notorious rock rooms of the east coast (Arlene's, the Troc, TLA, North Star, El Bar, KFN and CBGB) and have recorded with celebrated producers/engineers (Steve Albini, Brian McTear, Andrew Lipke, Phil Nicolo). Together now, the band lives for live performance and song craftsmanship. Currently, Sweet Eeureka is playing limited engagements while recording their debut album at their ranch/garage in Pennsylvania.

Nomad Clientele
12:00pm 2nd St. Stage
Nomad Clientele is a cohort of seasoned musicians from the greater Philadelphia area that came together to travel new ground.... They have taken all their varying styles to create something very interesting. The shows are passionate and energetic. The music is sincere and unapologetic. These guys are bringing something fresh. They call it "skank rock". Others call it ska. No matter how you want to categorize, take a listen. Check it.

Zymotic Flow

Alternative rock 5 piece from Philly/South Jersey
“Music is about conveying emotion or a specific feeling whether it be the best feeling in the world or the absolute worst. I think connecting with people on an emotional level via lyrics and chord patterns and sound is what it’s all about.”
Having songs people can get down to is instrumental in creating that crazy electric atmosphere that drives lives performances. ZFlow says preforming live is the best part about being a musician. “The energy and adrenaline. It’s hot and heavy and loud and if you do it right, you can start a party. It’s my favorite thing about being a musician. The energy from your band mates and the crowd all culminate to this amazing experience you share with everyone there.”
2:00pm 2nd St. Stage

West Chester PA based rock trio, WaveRadio recently delivered their network television debut on CBS.  They performed their award winning song of the year, Wire Walker at CBS 3, Philadelphia. 

The band holds three 2016 Homey Awards via 93.7 FM WSTW.  Those include: Song of The Year Wire Walker by Colin McGetrick, Best Drummer - Chris Cotter,  and Best Keyboardist - James McLaughlin.   
WaveRadio also won first place in Philadelphia's Beta Hi Fi competition in 2015.  
The band has showcased at SXSW, Launch Music Conference, DBMC, Wilmington Flower Show, Wilmo Rock Circus, Liberty Music Fest,  and Frozen Harbor Fest, among other notable festivals.
WaveRadio songs are on rotation at FM, AM, and web radio stations. 
The band recently created and released their soundtrack for feature length documentary, "Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus" in cooperation with the band, The National, and hip hop artist Richard Raw
Currently, WaveRadio is mixing their third studio work, planned for release late in the Spring 2016.  They now have shows scheduled in and around the Philadelphia area including Launch Music Festival and Conference in Lancaster and South Street Spring Fest in Philly. .
“…The indie rock trio (WaveRadio) took first place at last year’s Beta Hi Fi competition
at World Cafe Live thanks their full, cinematic style…”
“WaveRadio took the stage first, and immediately established themselves as the act to beat. The West Chester band has an impressively full sound for only being a three-piece – James McGlaughlin plays a pair of keyboards in the Ray Manzarek style, where the left hand carries the high lead melodies and the right hand runs the baseline…Considerably better were their originals, which incorporated some of that Doors-y sense of wandering psychedelia but was probably more in line with the buoyant pop of Jukebox the Ghost and the cinematic anthems of fun. Colin McGetrick has a dynamic voice; Chris Cotter’s drumming is uptempo and on point.” –John Vettese, WXPN the Key 8/25/2014,
“Undoubtedly the next big thing out of Philly… Sweeping atmospheric melodies, deep soul searing lyrics and without a doubt the tightest, most epic sound from a three piece band since U2.”
– Kevin McQuiston, WCHE Radio
Modern Colour
3:00pm 2nd St. Stage

- "The White Stripes brought the blues into mainstream with... their deconstructed stylings, The Black Keys continue this with their exceptional releases. Modern Colour keeps it simple and a little dirty (in a good way)."- Frank Friel- 100 Greatest Guitarist Page

While bursting onto the Philadelphia music scene as the city’s response to the deconstructed blues-rock pioneered by Jack White and The Black Keys, Modern Colour expanded their sound by experimenting with different genres and working with artists representative of each. Though the band is still a straightforward and in-your-face rock n’ roll group, a closer listen reveals layers of hip-hop, neo-soul, R&B, Americana, and funk influences hidden beneath the blues bars and driving drums.
Memphis Crawl
4:00pm 2nd St. Stage

"Bluesy","Ballsy","Soulful" and "Convention Defying"….These are some of Words that Have Been Used to Describe Memphis Crawl. The Crawl was Formed in 2004 by Charismatic Frontman Matty O'Brien on The Blue-Collar Streets of New York City….The Son of a Counter Culture Mother From Brooklyn and A Country-Blues Bred Outlaw Daddy From The South, Matty was Raised on a Strict Diet of Rock n Roll and Delta Blues and even as a Small Child it was Clear that this "Old Soul"... Was a Natural Performer....Soon after putting the Group Together Matty Found some Of the Heaviest Cats Around…..Guitarist Stevens, Bassist Slim Earl and Percussionist Michael Powder... From Their First Jam Session Together it was Obvious That Their collective Energy and Chemistry was Truly Something Special and a Once in a Lifetime gift. This Four Piece PowerHouse has Toured all over the U.S. from NYC to Los Angeles and parts of Europe....Their Fanbase Known as "The CrawlDogs" have Become a Huge Funky Family... Kind of a Cross Between a Counter Culture Commune and a Traveling Circus. If You Get a Chance to see the band Live...you will quickly find out why their motto is "play like its your last night on Earth!!'.
In Presence of Wolves
5:00pm 2nd St. Stage
"Progressive and groovy and plenty heavy."
- Vince Neilstein (MetalSucks.Net)
"Incredibly humble yet technically adventurous ...and virtuosic"
- Jordan Blum (AXS Contributor)
"The band’s technical ability and tasteful songwriting is miles ahead of most nationally touring acts." - Graham Noel (Kill All Music)
"The crowd actually cheered after their sound check; that is how incredible this band is live."
- Dustin Dellinger (Gashouse Radio)
"Vivacious and thoughtful, both technical and melodic."

- Justin Carlton (The Phantom Tollbooth)

In The Presence Of Wolves is a progressive rock/metal band from the South Jersey/Philly area. Established in 2009 and fully ...realized in 2012, the 4-piece quickly became a staple in the local prog scene and has performed at such esteemed venues as the TLA, Trocadero, Kung Fu Necktie, and The Legendary Dobbs. Musically, the band combines the composition of classic prog rock with the intensity of modern metal and the finesse of jazz, resulting in a sound that is both music fans of many genres and unique amongst the progressive scene. ITPOW have opened for international prog rock bands Haken and Riverside in 2015.

6:00pm 2nd St. Stage

Many millennia ago, the earth and sky gave birth to the mighty Tytans Kronos, Okeanos, Hyperion and Prometheus - who ruled benevolently during a period known as “The Golden Age.” Unnerved by an ancient prophecy, Kronos grew fearful of his own children and devoured each of them whole. After escaping their father’s belly, Zeus and his siblings waged a great war, eventually overthrowing and entombing the Tytans deep in Tartarus;

the dark abyss where ancient souls are cast away to rot in perpetual punishment.

Regrettably, the reign of the new gods became tainted by Zeus’ power-hungry greed and monstrous infidelities. As the Golden Agedecayed into turmoil, the Tytans, with the aid of Zeus’ daughter Athena, were released from their prison and seek refuge in the modern age. Now living in secret and concealing their powers, the Tytans have formed a rock band in the hopes to convert new followers into an army of Demigods to help battle Zeus and return the
Tytans to their rightful place among the heavens. And thus STEREOTYTANS was born!.

The Tea Club
7:00pm 2nd St. Stage

"... A challenging, modern and frequently scintillating album... With a little luck, exposure and continued self-belief, this Philadelphia band could have an incredible future..."
-Prog Magazine

 "...The music on Grappling is clearly an amazing step up for The Tea Club. Once again I find myself almost at a loss for words other than to say if you’ve never listened to The Tea Club you MUST check them out. They get my highest recommendation..."
-Jerry Lucky, author of "The Progressive Rock Files"

"One of the best progressive rock records this side of 1975... Truly a must listen for pretty much everyone that likes anything even remotely progressive related..."
-Kevin Zecchel, The Monolith

“...If you resurrected Poe and Lovecraft, gave them guitars and synthesizers and called them a band, then set them loose on the world, you probably still wouldn’t get a cast of characters as unique, twisted, and fantastical as Dr. Abraham, Simon Magus, The Eternal German Infant, and Big Al. New Jersey gem The Tea Club, on the other hand, continue to do just that...”
-Justin Carlton, The PROG Mind

 "This is not about skill or sound... this is about vision..."
-Robert Walton, ProgArchives.com


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