Tuesday, July 3, 2018

DVT Presents: 2nd Street Festival Artists @ The Piazza Sun Aug 5th 2018

DVT Entertainment is Proud to be part of the 2nd Street Festival again this year with these very special artists who will perform at The Piazza in Northern Liberties on Sunday August 5th. This event is FREE and the performances with be in the courtyard along with vendors,  restaurants, food trucks & more. All along 2nd St you will find more vendors, music, food and drinks , So come out out and have a great time!!!

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/240748449863863/

Steal Your Face

A Band Beyond Description...
Steal Your Face has a reputation as one of the most dangerous jam-bands on the planet. Born from the spirit of Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead, Steal Your Face is a high energy band. Known for mind-blowing jams, innovative lead guitar and emotional vocals they have spent the last 10 years building their own wild legacy. Steal Your Face shows are unique psychedelic adventures that blend thought provoking original music with not just the vast library of the Grateful Dead, but a repertoire that includes Dylan, Marley,Bowie, and many more. From Elvis to Grandmaster Flash, for these bad boys of The Grateful Dead scene, nothing is off limits.

Cookie Rabinowitz

"Bespectacled Philadelphia soul man specializes in slickly funky pop R&B that harks back to Hall & Oates and the classic Sound of Philadelphia era".
- Dan DeLuca: The best of Philly music, Philadelphia Inquirer

Memphis Crawl


Vanderlyle is an indie rock group based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Formed in October 2016, the band’s style favors piano and synth-driven melodies, tight guitar lines, layered harmonies, all backed by a robust rhythm section. After debuting in September 2017 with the single, “Just a Friend,” the outfit released their follow-up single, “Breaking Through,” in January 2018. The band plans to release their debut EP in Spring 2018.

The Burgeoning

Riding a new wave in the greater Philadelphia music scene, The Burgeoning brings to their fans and the people, in general, an eclectic, lively, and dance party vibe. Their sound is a beach funky west coast Cali feel meshed smoothly with a dynamic east coast style. Lead singer Logan Thierjung serenades the crowd with his refined vocal melodies, layered gracefully over smokey chords on keys and rhythm guitar. Drummer Brandon kicks up the feel with his enticing rock/hip hop beats, guaranteed to make bodies sway. Bassist Alex Thierjung, brother to Logan, lays a smooth foundation with deep and percussive basslines that resonate and bump through the chest. Upon this smooth yet poppy drum and bass foundation lead guitarist Mark Menkevich dances his fingers across the friends and that splash like rain over the audience. This variegated and talented group of artists bring together their distinct styles and stitch together a colorful quilt of style and emotion that will warm even the coolest regions of the soul. As they take us on a journey through their songs, they invite their fans, old and new ones, to grow – rather burgeon – with them as they share their talent with the world.



Come explore the sounds of our groovy soul vibes. This four piece band is straight out of Philadelphia. Come party and dance to our fresh new sounds. 


Many millennia ago, the earth and sky gave birth to the mighty Tytans­– Kronos, Okeanus, Hyperion & Prometheus – who ruled benevolently during  a period known as “The Golden Age.” Unnerved by an ancient prophecy, Kronos grew fearful of his own children and devoured each of them whole. After escaping their father’s belly, Zeus and his siblings waged a great war,  eventually overthrowing and entombing the Tytans deep in Tartarus; the dark abyss where ancient souls are cast away to  rot in perpetual punishment. Regrettably, the reign of the new gods became tainted by Zeus’ power-hungry greed and  monstrous infidelities. As the Golden Age decayed into turmoil, the Tytans, with the aid of Zeus’  daughter Athena, were released from their prison and seek refuge in the modern age. Now living in secret and concealing their powers, the Tytans have formed a rock band in the hopes to convert new followers into an army of Demigods to help battle Zeus and return the Tytans to their rightful place among the heavens. And thus, STEREOTYTANS was born!
The Philadelphia-based, comic book inspired, hard rock band, is taking Olympus and Earth by storm. These aren’t your ordinary rockers, however.  The Tytans describe their sound as “if Living Color, Fishbone and Radiohead had a threeway while Public Enemy watched and then birthed sweet, sweet musical babies with hints of soul, funk and metal mixed in for good measure.” Fans who experience crew’s elemental superpowers will betransformed through a truly unique musical experience.

Louis Middleton

Born in Philadelphia and raised in a house full of music, Louis learned at an early age to appreciate all styles and genres of music. He studied piano, vocal performance and song-writing at the Berklee College of Music. His close relationship with Professor Livingston Taylor is still reflected in his strong and wide repertoire of sounds from the early 70's and artists such as his favorite source of inspiration, Elton John.

After college Louis joined Zander Bleck, a rising pop rock artist, and went on tour with David Cook. More recently Louis has been in demand in the LA area as a solo piano man, session player, keyboardist and vocalist for bands such as Zander Bleck, Mark Mackay, and The Babys. When not out on the road or in studio, you can find him at one of the famed local jams such as Soundcheck Live and the Sunset Jam.

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