Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SavFest USA Bridging The Pond - Sat. Oct.19th hosted by Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden

SavFest USA Bridging the Pond

special co-host....NICKO McBRAIN from IRON MAIDEN!!!!!!

A night of heavy rock in aid of Ian's Chain Charity.
A great venue, awesome line up , stunning price of just  $20
 21 and Over...
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Ian's Chain Charity

Our son lost his life to mental illness culminating in him taking his own life on 21st December 2012, a day which we will never forget. Ian was only 23 years old and left a daughter and fiancée and a heartbroken family and friends. We have decided to try and prevent this happening to others.

By providing a motorhome we can achieve two aims.
To provide holiday support for those suffering from mental illness. A motorhome can give a sense of adventure and will allow a family to work together, talk and hopefully galvanize giving a sense of worth for the one suffering.
At a time when there is a feeling of isolation, self loathing, worthlessness a holiday could possibly be the difference between suicide or survival.

The loss of a loved one through suicide is unlike any other.
When someone makes a choice to take their own life there is a feeling of " What if" or "Why"
By allowing those left behind to use our facility again we can allow families to grieve, to be alone with their thoughts or to try and answer those questions.
The grieving process is longer in a lot of cases and so we intend to work with outside agencies and charities to take referrals for those needing help at anytime.

special co-host....

The Bands Performing

Faith or Fear from Philadelphia


Anvil Bitch from Philadelphia

Citadel from Philadelphia

Slander from Blackpool, UK

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