Thursday, October 31, 2013

Check Out Hephystus and Charetta at Dobbs on Saturday Nov. 9th!

On Saturday, November 9th we have a sick hard rock and metal lineup that features the regional bands Hephystus and Charetta  along with the bands Red Rising and RatFarm. This is a powerhouse lineup.
If your looking for new rock band to discover this is definitely a night to attend.
Progressive/Metal/Rock from Greensboro, NC.
For Fans of :
Dream Theater, Trivium, A Mutiny Within, Opeth, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica

This is not your father’s kind of metal. This is definitely not a hair band. Hephystus is a new metallic breed ~ tight, pounding, progressive and dramatic. Three life-long friends blended their unique styles to form the core of the band. Guitarists Brandon Miller and Matt Halberg, and drummer Troy Surratt all played in previous bands together but their sound was truly cemented by the arrival of Aaron Yow’s bone-shaking bass tone. Dense and melodic, Hephystus puts the life and soul back into metal.

"Burn The Page, the new release by Greensboro based Hephystus is a magnificent album replete with original material that evoke memories of a day when ambitious, sprawling and lavishly produced rock albums were a mainstay of rock radio (YES and Emerson, Lake & Palmer come easily to mind). Make no mistake though, Burn The Page is not a rehashing of 70's rock, instead it is fresh, new, progressive metal and full of life."
Burn the Page is an example of dark progressive metal done right. Fans of Evergrey in particular should absolutely check out what Hephystus has to offer, but this band should also appeal to fans of the larger progressive metal genre, whether that's Dream Theater and Fates Warning or Leprous and even Tool...4.5 stars - one of the best progressive metal albums you've never heard!"
- Justin G

Alternative Hard Rock from New York, NY
For fans of:
Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, Deftones, Sevendust, Godsmack, Lacuna Coil
An apocalypse can be translated from Greek as an uncovering, or a “lifting of the veil” to disclose something hidden. With their latest release entitled “Apocalypse”, New York City based rock band CHARETTA is attempting to lift the veil and expose their brand of rock music to a much broader audience. Already one of the well known acts in the New York scene, CHARETTA’s sound can be described as ...aggressive, groove oriented rock with angst-filled, melodic female vocals. “Apocalypse” was recorded at VuDu Studios in Port Jefferson, New York and produced by Mike Watts (Story of the Year, Theory of a Deadman). The five song EP features some of the band’s most memorable work to date. “Great grooves, monster riffs and killer vocals” says Watts.   
 CHARETTA (pronounced “sha-RET-uh”) consists of Angelina DelCarmen (vocals), Pablo LaFrossia (guitar), Chris Fullam (guitar), Richard Mollo (bass), and Adonis Sanchez (drums). The band formed in 2007 when Angelina moved from her hometown of Kansas City to New York City to pursue a career as an actress. Soon after, she met Pablo and Adonis who were searching for a singer for a new musical project. “She sang on our demos and just blew us away. One audition was all we needed to hear,” says Adonis. The three immediately sparked a musical chemistry and began writing new material together. Several months later they added Richard as their permanent bassist and the band’s core foundation was born. Once all the pieces were in place, they traveled to Florida to record their debut self-titled EP “Charetta” with producer Brett Hestla (Creed, Dark New Day). It was released in 2008 and offered a glimpse of what was to come. It was soon followed up by a full length album in 2009 entitled “Defying the Inevitable”, which was also produced by Brett Hestla. In 2010, the band added Chris as their second guitarist. “Chris and I have very similar styles, so it was a natural fit and easy transition,” shares Pablo. Later that year, the band began working with producer Mike Watts and would release their “A Nation Distracted” EP in 2011. The EP release show was the bands most memorable to date, as they performed for a SOLD OUT crowd at New York City’s legendary Irving Plaza.

CHARETTA has opened for such national acts such as Red, Hinder, Eye Empire, Taproot, Exist Trace, Saliva & Smile Empty Soul, and have also performed headlining shows of their own at major New York City venues such as Irving Plaza and Gramercy Theatre. In total, they have performed approximately 200 live shows to date. The band has also released two music videos and their music has been featured in the independent film “5th of a Degree” and the television show “The Mun2 Look”.  CHARETTA is poised to take the next step and make a national impact with their latest offering. The band continues to blaze their own path and “Apocalypse” will open many eyes and ears along the way. You can find them online at, as well as most popular music sites such as Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.


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