Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 Liberty Musicfest - Selected Artist's Session: 4

August, 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th
Brought to by: DVT Entertainment, The Legendary Dobbs & ThatMAg!
Sponsored by: SSA Music, Unclaimed Bands, SongBites4u, Starr Hill Brewery, Reverbnation

It's About a 1 1/2 Months away from the 2nd Annual Liberty Musicfest at The Legendary Dobbs. On June 20th, 2013 we selected 54+ bands to perform out of 220 artist subbmissions. The talent is beyond amazing and will be 4 days of WOWs!
Leading up to the Liberty Musicfest we will be introducing to you all the artists, 4 at a time.
So check them out. This is going to be an epic event!!! Check out these artists below!

The Royal Noise 
- from Philadelphia, PA

“the whole damn band is a p...ack of rhythm devils… a clear case of a half-dozen souls consumed by percussion poltergeists, and there are only two things they could have done: call an exorcist or form a kick-ass jazz/funk band. Fortunately for us, The Royal Noise gave in to the beat beast and did the latter.”
- Brian Robbins, JAMBANDS.COM

"one of the best funk acts to emerge from the East Coast in a long while"

“Sounding a bit like Bono fronting Radiohead...Their sound is polished and they have hooks in all the right places...I can easily picture them playing for a sea of people, guys with their girl on their shoulders, hands waving back and forth in the air, an occasional exposed breast. You get the picture.”
J.R. Oliver - Ear Candy
“If you’ve never heard Face The King, I’d prepare yourselves to get familiar with them in 2012. Already getting ready for the new year, Face The King has made a list of resolutions, a few of which include selling out Gramercy Theater, selling out an out-of-state show, finishing the “greatest record ever,” and landing a major label deal. If a band can do this in 2012, my money is on Face The King.”

All The Locals - from Atlanta, Georgia

It's been said the newest members of Atlanta's booming music scene have a sound that's a clear "amalgamation of blues, neo-soul, and rock-and-roll". Giving Pink Floyd and Maxwel a run for their money, All The Locals are no strangers to the industry. Atlanta-based producer, John Briglevich (who worked with the band on their newest set of rhythmically seductive songs), says, "...[their music is] hard to describe and that why I dig it. I'm scrambling to try and make this [EP] sound as good as they do live."

Check them out at :

Skyline Cinema - from Philadelphia, PA.

"Brooding and beautiful, SKYLINE CINEMA commands the attention of Philadelphia - and beyond - with their prismatic alt-rock tunes accented with shades o...f post-hardcore. This band a must-listen for fans of Circa Survive, Brand New and The Pretty Reckless. SKYLINE CINEMA is already playing popular venues in the Philly area, showcasing raw, emotional music that simply cannot be ignored. This band has Philly's attention, and they do not intend to let it go."
- Sara Parker


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