Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Progressive Funk Band BLUE FOOD invades Dobbs on 3/23/13

Blue Food is funk for the 21st century. A 7-piece progressive funk rock act, creating eclectic, powerful music fusing elements of funk, rock, metal, jazz, and everything in between.

Blue Food is funk for the 21st century. Formed in 2008 and naming themselves after the George Carlin routine about the absence of any blue food ("Don't say blueberries, 'cause you know they're purple."), the band—Odin Alvarez, drums; Michael Carolan, trumpet; Angel Eduardo, vocals; Jeremy Gorin, saxophone; Wilhelmus Sapanaro, bass; Miles Ungar, guitar; and Chris Winn, trombone—played their first s...how at Greenwich Village’s famous Bitter End in July of 2009, and has been flattening audiences in the New York City area ever since with their dynamic stage presence and unique sound, which is equal parts Led Zeppelin and Stevie Wonder.


 In early 2011, after two years of performing live and writing material, the Blue Food headed into their guitarist’s home studio to independently record their full-length debut. The resulting album, entitled "Engines," is an ambitious collection of songs that blends the members’ various influences, from the classic rock and funk of the 1970s to modern pop, dance, and heavy metal. Officially released in August of 2012, “Engines” weaves seamlessly between the hard-hitting guitar riffage on songs like “Boogiemen,” the funky grooves on tracks like “Joker Face,” and the anthemic, catchy chorus of the album’s centerpiece, “Engine of the World.”

Armed with a new CD and determined to make their mark on the modern music scene, Blue Food is prepared to bring their powerful sound to the masses. Combining their contemporary edge with old school sensibilities and a raucous, in-your-face live presence, this band is bound blow minds, shake asses, and shatter eardrums worldwide.

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