Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beyond Dishonor - Hardest Working Band in Metalcore

Every once in awhile a band emerges from the underground metal scene mainly because of hard work and dedication into writing original compositions that don't fall into the norm. Well thats Beyond Dishonor and more... BD combines complex writing, devastating grooves, dual guitar attack and front man that is aggressive as hell. This one of the most explosive live bands I have seen in the metal world. DVT Entertainment is proud to be working with BD. They had a successful radio campaign in the fall with their previous release "Travestry" which peaked to #3 on the CMJ Metal Charts right behind Lamb of God. Check out their Video below for Otis (Dragonslayer) you will see what I mean. Check out their new track from their upcoming EP Generations called ED-209 vs. The Staircase featuring Ricky Armellino

They will be playing next Saturday Feb 23rd at 11:30pm for my Birthday Bash at TL Dobbs
- Jim Thorpe - Legendary Dobbs

If you are not having fun, the crowd isn’t having fun—this sums up the philosophy of Beyond Dishonor. Comprised of five members with very disparate influences, styles and quirks, this stalwart of the resurgent New Jersey Metal scene combines all of those myriad differences between them and, somehow, creates music that is brutal and aggressive enough for the most hardcore of fans and yet groovy enough to be accessible to those on the fringe.

Formed in late 2006, Beyond Dishonor has represented one of the few success stories in a very challenging landscape. Much of their success stems from the overwhelming support and praise provided by the many nationally-recognized artists they have supported, including Unearth, Chimaira, August Burns Red, Attack Attack, All Shall Perish, As Blood Runs Black, Winds of Plague, Born of Osiris, The Absence, Carnifex, Suffocation, Emmure, Mushroomhead, Texas in July, Chimaira, This or the Apocalyspe and so many more.

 Beyond Dishonor is an extremely hard-working band, playing 70+ shows a year. Their recent full-length, travesty., was a bold, conceptual step for the band. The music is wrapped around the lyrics of singer Reese Dunlap, who's literary, filmographic and intellectual obsessiveness pervades each song with hidden meanings, double entendre', and tongue-in-cheek jabs. It is their sense of humor, their unabashed desire to be serious without appearing pretentious and a high level of stage experience that has helped shape this 5 piece.

Currently they are recording their upcoming 2013 release "Generations" with Andreas Magnusson at Planet Red Studios (Oh Sleeper, Impending Doom, A Life Once Lost, Black Dahlia Murder, This or the Apocalypse).

Endorsements - Dark Horse Percussion, Emp!re Clothing, Brewtal Beer Company
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