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5 Must See Bands at The Grape Room in February 2016

5 Must See Bands at The Grape Room in February 2016!

DVT Entertainment continues to bring you quality music events and introducing you to new artists that are making major strides in the music world. Take a listen and hopefully you will find a new favorite artist and check them out live.

The Blind Spots
(Ithaca, NY)
The Grape Room Thursday, February 6th, 2016
Art Therapy Thursday's hosted by Sansom

This all original, female-fronted, five-piece moxy rock band from Ithaca, NY is driving hard at bigger things and has been busy building an airtight justification for all the buzz surrounding it, both in its hometown and throughout the region. The band gets better and better, with its solid-as-a-rock rhythm section, eclectic library of vintage keyboard sounds, bold and inventive electric guitar stylings, electrifying lead vocals from force of nature Maddy Walsh who continues to reach new heights at every show, and uplifting, infectious songs that leave audiences humming.

Arc & Stones
(Nashville, TN) 
The Grape Room Friday, February 5th, 2016

"It's so important for this type of band to have the right make-up in order to truly get our message across, and in the midst of being rebuilt, these latest shows with Kansas proved to be both inspirational and aspirational for us. Those nights were the perfect mix of what was needed to give our confidence, confidence. Now, having just signed with MP Music House Management out of New York, and ImageTwelve28 Booking Agency out of Nashville's legendary Music Row, we are more prepared than ever to hit the ground running. The attitude, edge, grunge and kick, the soul, fire, mystique, and most importantly, honesty, are the key elements of what we feel is needed to create the art of Rock music, and what is necessary to elevate Rock culture once more." - Arc & Stones

The Riverside Odds
(Nashville, TN) 
The Grape Room Saturday, February 13th, 2016

1st Real Punk Show at Grape's History w/ Thorazine, The Prisoners & Son & Heir

Drinking, fighting, stealing your girlfriends, wrestling, and more drinking… and that’s just in the first six minutes. Sounds like one hell of a fun night, right? The Riverside Odds will deliver to you Philadelphia speed punk rock n roll like a freight train fueled off cigarettes PBR and scotch whiskey.
Influenced by bands such as The Dwarves, Black Flag, Zeke, Ramones, The Dead Boys, Token Entry, The Riverside Odds know just how to throw down fast and hard rock n roll.

Chamomile and Whiskey
(Charlottesville, VA)
The Grape Room Friday, February 19th, 2016

An eclectic blend of raucous-roots, drunken-Irish, potent-americana, and served with whiskey... and plenty of it.

"going for it: smart original tunesmithing, interesting cross-genre pollination and richly textured sonics..."   - New York Music Daily

The Shelters
(Los Angeles, CA)
Warner Bros. Records
The Grape Room Saturday, February 27th, 2016
Jim Thorpe of DVT's Annual B-Day Bash
W/ Carfax Abbey, Eighteenth Hour, Bohemian Mule and Stealing Fame

Rock missionaries, testifying for the earthy pleasure and purpose of music delivered with full heart and zero subterfuge. The Shelters make one feel something, a propulsive beginning that testifies to rock’s enduring power.

 - Jambase

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