Monday, January 21, 2013

The Last Minute Jam Band "Philly's Most Dangerous Band"

The Last Minute Jam Band...
“Philly's Most Dangerous Band”

"For us, it’s about getting the balance of the Philly heritage bands,
legends and new bands, artists... just keeping that balance if we
can on Tuesday nights with the Last Minute Jam".
The Legendary Dobbs is so honored to have the Last Minute Jam back at the club on a monthly event. This is a night for all musicians to network, jam, see  classic artists and also new artists in the scene. The Vibe hasn't changed since TLMJB's existence, its a music community gathering. The musicianship is second to none, for me hearing Allen James play guitar with back rhythm of longtine friend Gary Lee and Geore Manney always runs chills up my spine. If you have nothing to do on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month, stop on in to see this special monthly event you will get Hooked!!!
Jim Thorpe - The Legendary Dobbs
The Last Minute Jam Band celebrates its return residency to South Street! Philly’s most
prestigious and longest-running jam session continues its legacy at The Legendary
Dobbs, 304 South Street, known as “the Hippest Street in town.”
The first two events featured R&B legend Bunny Sigler, new sensation Soraia, Johnny’s
Dance Band and American Dream with The Soul Survivors Charlie & Richie Ingui.
The events were emceed by Philadelphia’s legendary disc jockey Michael Tearson.
The Last Minute Jam started in June, 1986, at the Khyber Pass in Old City,
Philadelphia. In January, 1987, they moved to JC Dobbs on South Street for their weekly
Tuesday night residency from 1986 – 1996.
Creating a rich palette of sounds and textures, the Last Minute Jam Band shares a
collective penchant for improvisation, a commitment to song craft and a propensity
to cross genre boundaries, drawing from a range of traditions including rock, blues,
funk, jazz and even psychedelia. In addition, the Last Minute Jam Band is unified by the
nimble ears of their receptive listeners.
Members of the current Last Minute Jam Band are bandleader George Manney, Allen
James, Garry Lee, Rocco Notte and Bobby Michaels. Former members include Greg
Davis, Wally Smith and Michael Radcliffe. The atmosphere of these jam sessions rose
to legendary fame among the musical community and attracted such legendary artists
as the Robert Plant band, Ace Frehley (Kiss), Little Feat, Will Lee (of David Letterman’s
house bands), Psychedelic Furs, Joe Zawinul's band, Spencer Davis, Chris Squire (Yes),
Greg Kihn and Mike Tyler (LL Cool J).
George Manney's LMJ copyright also plays a part in his label, a label that
released the benefit CDs, Last Minute Jam All Stars Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, which are
now a part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Library and Archives.
Meet us on South Street at The Legendary Dobbs, where rock and roll legends play
music on this very same stage and celebrate the monthly residency of
the Last Minute Jam Band, Philly’s Most Dangerous Band

JC Dobbs Meet Me On South Street
Here is a Sample Video
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