Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brooklyn's Krissy Krissy returns for the Sandy Relief Concert at Legendary Dobbs on Jan 15th to help fellow Artists.

I had the privledge in seeing Krissy Krissy the 1st time at the Dewey Beach Music Conference in Sept.  2012. From the first sound of her Soulful Pop vocals with well crafted songs was a standout through out her set, I knew there was something special about Krissy Krissy. I knew I had to bring her to Philly. Krissy Krissy debut at Dobbs in the Fall at Dobbs was even more impressive. Her show was 3 bars higher than DBMC and made the people in the audience just go WOW!!! She returns Saturday Jan 19th for the Sandy Relief Concert which all the proceeds go to MusicCares. This organization helps musicians in need and the storm devestaed much of the shore line in New Jersey and New York. I recommend coming out to she her performance you will not be dissapointed. Check out the video and song clips for a taste of this amazing artist. Jim Thorpe - The Legendary Dobbs/DBMC

Recent News:
Krissy Krissy Charted TOP 10 in 24 hours on I Heart Radio with her debut single “Dream” which landed a featured spot on MTV winning Freshman Pick of the week, & 200,000 video views in 48 hours with her VEVO debut!

When Krissy Krissy was a little girl, she would get behind the pulpit at church, hype up the crowd with a lot of “Come on everybody! Get your hands up!” in a voice soulful beyond her years, and belt out Fred Hammond or Kirk Franklin songs so hard that the veins in her head would bulge, her face would turn red, and the congregation wouldn’t know what hit them.
Not much has changed since then. When the 23-year-old pop/rock artist sings, that same guttural passion still shows on her face and her audience is still dumbstruck at this “little white girl with soul,” as she was so oft described. Except today instead of doing it at the church in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood that she grew up in, she’s singing it out to millions nationwide via MTV, Logo, iHeartRadio, and YouTube thanks to her summer hit, “Dream,” the first single from her debut EP, Above All, which is a Freshman Pick on MTVu, a “NewNextNow” featured video on Logo, and a Top 10 hit on iHeartRadio.

“I’ve been singing and showboating for as long as I could talk and walk,” says the California-born/Brooklyn-bred Krissy Krissy, whose church nickname was “Frederica” because of how well she would perform Fred Hammond’s gospel greats. “I’m the baby girl out of a family of six kids and my dad was a pastor and very musical – he played piano and guitar and even made me my first guitar when I was 15. All the kids in my family would sing, but because I was the baby girl, my dad would give me solos and sit me on top of a kitchen table and have me sing for everyone.”

“I hate labels, so I just like to call my music ‘genre-less, feel good music,’” she explains. “A lot of pop singers today are sex symbols and that’s not what I’m about. I want people to hear my music, not see it. I want people to feel something when they hear my songs and to relate to what I’m singing. I think my music speaks to the misfits out there; people who, like me, go against the grain.”
Above all, Krissy Krissy is a breath of fresh air and a new spark of light for the pop/rock world

The Huffington Post Says….

“Like Rupa, Brooklyn’s Krissy Krissy has a distinct voice that stands out in a crowd, and by crowd, I mean a music industry with a bunch of pretenders and clones.”

Krissy on MTVBuzzworthy!

“Tracks like “Broken Glass” showcase Krissy’s sultry vocals (we’re feeling some Mary J. Blige soul vibes mixed with some Natasha Bedingfield flair and even a little Mary Mary gospel realness), while her scrappy “Suspicious” video proves that she go all Carrie Underwood on anyone who mistreats her.”
Checkout a lot more press at: http://krissykrissy.com/category/press/

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  1. OMG she is amazing! I will coming to the show at Dobbs on Saturday