Monday, December 17, 2012

NY Rockers Midnight Mob play The Legendary Dobbs 2yr. Anniversary Show Sat. Dec. 22nd.

Bullet belts, big guitars, groove, sweat and a sonic presence that will blow up your house and tell you it's ok.

Midnight Mob... 101 Death Proof

I remember the first show we had Midnight Mob in at Dobbs. They blew me away along with the people in attendence. The Singer, Blacky, brought a prowless and attitude backing it with an amazing stage presence. Blackey makes you pay attention to what is going on stage and draws you in with her sultry vocals. Carly, Catastrophe, Spyder and Squeeze provide the ripping guitar and groove backdrop. Midnight Mob has become a favorite among the Philly scene and also of Legendary Dobbs. Check out their music and videos below. You will not be disappointed. We so honored to have them perform on our 2nd. Year Anniversary Show this Saturday 12/22/12!!!  - Jim Thorpe - TL Dobbs

Midnight Mob... 101 Death Proof!

Once upon a time there lived 5 strangers from all walks of life. Each held tightly what has kept them alive since the other night. The 5 stained with bloody hands, no alibi and without a fear of dying alone. Living as though deathproof and stared down by strangers as if the walking dead, these 5 have drifted over the Earth eying others like themselves to pull of...
f the perfect crime to set the world on fire. The 4 call her Blackey and her heart beats faster when each post is scratched and each hair is risen. Everyone will hear her voice and tell their children their loved ones her story. Close your eyes, throw on your headphones and set your stereo to overdrive. If the sun never rises and the 5 strangers never touched you then it was All for Nothing. The Midnight Mob moves on and you’re left with a moonlit sky and 99 ways to die.. Swagg 'N' Roll bleeding influences such as: GNR, Danzig, Social Distortion, Cheap Trick, T.Rex and Joan Jett.

"If your heart ain't in it you might as well be dead."
Blackey Deathproof on lead vox spews Midnight Mob's "101 Death Proof" blend of high octane Rock N Roll with Social Distortion sentiment. Midnight Mob's penchant for stripped down swag n roll is as refreshing & sobering as a punch in the face. Formed in February 2009 and lineup solidified in 2010. Midnight Mob consists of Blackey Deathproof (vox), Carly Quinn (bass.vox), Mickey Squeeze & Spydyr (guitars) and Catastrophe (drums). Late January 2011 Midnight Mob had their first official release, which was a self titled EP. This release was supplemented with the band's first video, "Overdrive". Midnight Mob has thrived in the most extravagant rooms and has become hungry in the diviest of places. In a blink of an eye Midnight Mob has gained the reputation of one of the most hard working, unique and high energy live acts on the east coast and has taken their rock n roll circus across the bridges of NYC as far south as GA, as far north as ME and as far west as TX. Midnight Mob has had a successful US college radio campaign by incorporating two new singles in September 2011: "All For Nothing" and Walking Dead". In addition, the video for "All For Nothing", done by the renown Jarret Bellucci, has opened the band up to massive exposure outside of the US. The Mob also has 16 network television placement opportunities in the works, which includes networks such as: MTV, FOX Sports and E! Currently as 2012 comes to a close Midnight Mob throws another gem out there for everyone, the much anticipated follow up release (11/12), "Black Moon Rising" along with a video for the acoustic track, "These Days". Last but not least mega club Starland Ballroom has taken notice of Midnight Mob and has asked them to open up for Monster Magnet (12/15/12), which will close out the year. In the new year look for Midnight Mob to be going overseas. Peace, Love, Swag N Roll.... 


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