Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December Bands you Should Check Out at the Grape Room!

DVT Entertainment strives to promote and introduce you to the amazing indie music that is brewing and Philadelphia along with must see touring acts. We are known for going beyond the normal booking agents and really promote events, artists and offer opportunities to as many bands possible. Why because we love music and continue to help the indie artists grow

With the addition of booking The Grape Room in Manayunk-Philly PA. we are able to bring you even more original music.

If your in a band and looking for dates in 2016 drop us a line at

Check out these great bands and become a fan!!!

Philly, PA
The Grape Room on Friday December 11th

Are You Ready? Polymer is dusting off our microphones and stringing up our guitars to play our their show in five + years. 
Polymer is an explosive rock band from Philadelphia that has developed a reputation for having one of the most energetic stage shows around.

Mari Rosa
Boston, Ma.
The Grape Room on Thursday December 17th
Award winning Italian Argentine American multi lingual singer songwriter. Remarkably hyphen averse. Irony lover
“ catching the attention of bossa nova and Latin jazz aficionados, who praise her voice as well as her multilingual song-writing skills.” Russell Contreras, Boston Globe
“Seductive and alluring.” Billboard Songwriting Contest

“Mari Rosa’s debut disc, Honeyspot, feels like the sonic progeny of Martin Denny’s Afro-Desia(1959) and Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz’s Gets Au Go Go (1964). Like those two classics, songwriter/vocalist Rosa’s disc resists blushing at its own suave subtext… In 2005, Rosa received her first Billboard Music Award for Songwriting; she wrote nine of the twelve songs on Honeyspot, which is still being shopped to labels. She composes in jazz, bossa nova, and bolero styles, and various heady amalgams thereof. [Rosa] describes Honeyspot as a concept album. It is also –like Pink Floyd’s Meddle and the Ohio Players’ Honey –a conception album.”
Andres Solar, Miami New Times
Agent Moosehead
Philly, PA.
The Grape Room on Friday December 18th

Philadelphia's dank, hairy, oily jazz underbelly yields many unknown innovative groups performing works of groundbreaking so...nic expression. all too often these groups go unnoticed on the agendas of most philly hipster youth on their way to dance parties or trips to see their emo pop favorites spouting out their anthems.

Casting aside these defeating propositions, Agent Moosehead, and many others, continue to try to push the boundaries of that four letter word (J-A-Z-Z) and explore avenues that some may just be too cool to travel down with them.
The Good Mess
Philly, PA.
The Grape Room on Saturday December 19th
Toy Drive for Kids
"The Good Mess creates a generally feel-good atmosphere with driving instrumentals and sleek vocal takes, whether in the form of soft melodies or all-out exclamations."
-Jay Breslin,
"The Good Mess delivered with an upbeat great set of original music. The band has a strong following of fans.They were real professionals and a pleasure to work with. I will have them back to The Trocadero!"
-Steven Cermanski, Praying Mantis Entertainment

 "The Good Mess delivers a diverse set of rocking songs with an amazingly energetic live show!"
      - Scooter & The Grape Room
Looseleaf Trio
Philly, PA.
The Grape Room on New Year's Eve Thursday Dec 31st
Passion for music drives the Looseleaf Trio more than anything else. The trio have been working their way onto the Philly mu...sic scene and are just beginning to find their creative stride. They love performing their music and play live shows as much as possible. The Looseleaf Trio is set to release their first full length album featuring ten original songs.

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