Sunday, August 2, 2015

4th Annual Liberty Musicfest Complete Schedule and Events.

The 4th Annual Liberty Musicfest is soon approaching. The 4 day event will take place at Bullshooters 14000 Bustleton Ave. Phila, PA, 19116
On Aug 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th

Below is all the information on Festival Schedules, Event Pages and More:

$10 Each Day
$20 for all 4 days
We are not doing advance tickets, mainly because of the high service fees costs
All single dale and 4 Day tickets can be purchased at the door.

Each Day Event Page:

Check out Sounds of the Artists Performing:

The Sponsors and Companies
That Make this Event Possible
DVT Entertainment - Unclaimed Bands - SSA Music - ThatMag
Miller Lite - PBR - Coors Light
Milk Street - Connie's Ric Rac - Gashouse Radio - The Philly Roundtable

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Schedule of Events:

Thursday 8/27/2015

Main Stage Indoor

12am - Mahatma X
11pm - Mark Gaines 
10pm - A Better Class of Criminal 
9pm - Joie Katos
8pm - Pascal Project
6:30-8:30 - VIP Happy Hour LMF Kick Off Party

Acoustic Stage Indoor
11.30pm - Jeremiah Tall
10.30pm - Dan Callahan
9.30pm - Jordan Bickhart
8.30pm -Marc Lancaster

Friday 8/28/2015
Main Stage Indoor
12am - Audio Impulse
11pm - Palaceburn
10pm - Revel 9
9pm - JAE
8pm - Tony DeSimone Band
6:30-8:30  - VIP Happy Hour 

Acoustic Stage Indoor
11.40pm - Scott Bluth
10.30pm - Paul Donovan
9.30pm - Paul Saint John
8.30pm - Jo Stones
7.00pm -  PM Minerva

Saturday 8/29/2015All Ages can attend from 2pm to 9pm
Under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian
Main Stage Indoor
12:30pm - Pavelle
11.30pm - Jay Skull in Spades
10.30pm - Riverside Odds
9.30pm - Sweet Leda
8.30pm - East of the west
7.30pm - Zymotic Flow
6.30pm - John Faye & Those Meddling Kids 
5.30pm - Sweet Eureka
4.30pm - Sezhu
2:00-4:00pm - School of Rock
6:30-8:30pm - VIP Happy Hour 
Acoustic Stage Indoor
12:00am - Clashing Plaid 
11.00pm - Mike Nappi
10.00pm - Twin Ghosts
9.00pm - Montgomery Streets
8.00pm - Josh Miller
7.00pm - Jessica Graae
6.00pm - Cory Presner
5.00pm - Industy Panel - The Philly Roundtable
4.00pm - Brianna Nelson

Outdoor Stage
8.00pm - Dirty Purple
7.00pm - Midnight Mob
6.00pm - Kelley Plante
5.00pm - The Means
4.00pm - 1 Echo 1
3.00pm - Knightlife
2:00pm - Murphee Doyle

Sunday 8/30/2015
All Ages can attend from 2pm to 9pm
Under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian
Main Stage Indoor
11:30pm - The Madeleine Haze
10:30pm - Crown of Earth
9.30pm - Ketosis
8.30pm - Next to None 
7.30pm - Rausch
6.30pm - Mile Marker Zero
5.30pm - In The Presence of Wolves
4.30pm - Shadow Merchant
2:00-4:00pm - School of Rock
6:30-8:30 VIP Happy Hour 
Acoustic Stage Indoor
8:50pm & 9:50pm - Trevor Keat
6:50pm & 7:50pm -  Daniel and Jennifer
4.50pm & 5:50pm - Glaida J 
4.00 PM Industy Panel State of the Music
Outdoor Stage
8.00pm - Dr Bearspace and the Spacemen
7.00pm - The Good Mess
6.00pm - Alright Junior
5.00pm - 1FM
4.00pm - The Phonies
3.00pm - Tasty Face
2:00pm - Nice Couch

All Photos are from last years 3rd Annual Liberty Musicfest 2014

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  1. This is an unreal lineup for a festival. SOOOOO MANYYYYY KILLER BANDS!!!