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3rd Annual South Street Spring Festival 5/2/15 Artist Spotlight Vol 2: 2nd St. Stage

Welcome to the Volume 1 of 2: of the South Street Spring Festival Artist Spotlights.
Each year DVT Entertainment brings the Philly's Emerging Artists to the Spring Festival. We would like to give you a preview of the amazing , diversified talent we have for you this year.
The South Street Spring Festival is an all day event on Saturday May 2, 2015 and starts at 11am on South Street in Philly from 8th street to Front St. The performances are outside and free to everyone and all ages. So check out the sounds!!!!
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Artists Performing on the 2nd Street Stage

East of the West
Set time: 7:00pm
Musical Fabric... Stitched in Short Story...
East of the West is a modern, live-action comic book without the possession or hindrance of "one" main character.
Frankie Jah, Kevin O'Beirne, and Teddro Osso illustrate tales of morality (or lack of there of) with their unique brand of musicianship, while Roberto Chavez attempts to weave character based short story into the backdrop of imagination they collectively create...
Zymotic Flow
Set time: 6:00pm
Zymotic Flow is a fast rising hard rock band in Philadelphia. There sounds range from a mix of Incubus, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins with driving grooves and melodic hooks.
They make their return to the South Street Spring Festival after they explosive set last year.
In The Presence of Wolves
Set time: 5:00pm
"Incredibly humble yet technically adventurous and virtuosic" - Jordan Blum (AXS Contributor)

"The band’s technical ability and tasteful songwriting is miles ahead of most nationally touring acts." - Graham Noel (Kill All Music)

"The crowd actually cheered after their sound check; that is how incredible this band is live." - Dustin Dellinger (Gashouse Radio)

"Vivacious and thoughtful, both technical and melodic." - Justin Carlton (The Phantom Tollbooth)
Kid Felix
Set time: 4:00pm
After forming in May 2011, Kid Felix quickly began to make themselves known within the Philadelphia music scene. They releas...ed their first EP November 2011 called 'Head Above Water', and with its success they gained international exposure as the Grand Prize regional finalists of the 2012 Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands, as well as playing both Bamboozle and the Warped Tour in the summer of 2012.
Kid Felix then went on to solidify there role in the music scene when they released their second EP, 'Young Luck' in October 2012. 'Young Luck' grabbed the attention of some very important figures in the music industry today, allowing them to play to huge crowds in venues such at the TLA, World Cafe, Susquehanna Bank Center, Electric Factory, House of Blues, Starland Ballroom and more. Now on the heels of their third release, 'Rivals', as well as a brand new music video for "I Am the River", Kid Felix finds themselves touring the East Coast, playing music festivals and growing their markets.
Alright Junior
Set time: 3:00pm

"Philadelphia's own Alright Junior has been one of my favorite locals for years now."
- Wendy Rollins, Assistant Program Director at Radio 104.5 WRFF
“Alright Junior offer beautifully-arranged frenetic rock songs, doused with passion and finished off with a heavy dose of head thrashing. Lead singer Jace Miller is a born performer, and gestures frantically, grabs the microphone for dear life, and at one point even dives into the audience, almost knocking over an unsuspecting spectator. The entire band is all over the stage, thrashing harder than any band I’ve seen. I’m struck by the comparison of children on a Moonbounce.”


Set time: 2:00pm

Sonnder is an experimental indie rock band based out of Philadelphia, PA. Their music spans the vast genre of alternative, encompassing sounds from punk and electronic to ambient and heavy rock influences. Sonnder has just released their debut EP entitled “Thief," allowing them to expand their reach farther across the northeastern United States. The single “Too Bad You’re Not In Love” has gotten a lot of great praise, and has been the cause of a number of exciting opportunities, including a live performance on Radio 104.5! The band is currently in the midst of a year long singles project in which each month of 2015 will yield a brand new song available through the band's website and all online music distributors. The January single "Drifter" received great praise landing air time and a write up from WXPN's The Key. Overall, Sonnder plans to continue to stay positive and honest, pushing themselves artistically while broadening their horizons.

Nik Greenley Band

Set time: 1:00pm
"Without hesitation, I will declare Nik Greeley as the best frontman in Philadelphia. Greeley is a smooth criminal, a funk s...oul brother, and yet 100% punk rock. He’s simultaneously foxy and frightening."
Wendy McCardle, The Swollen Fox
"Greeley – the ultimate showman – growls, pumps his fist and slides to his knees, where he arches his back and pleadingly wails before the girls sitting on the tapestry table. He frantically emotes for one more song, seemingly burning through all of his energy and passion, and then retreats to the back of the courtyard and his beer."
George Miller, Jump Magazine

Soggy Box
Bluebond Guitars School Of Music
Set time: 12:00pm

Soggy Box is band from the Bluebond "Rock" Music School

Liv Devine
Set time: 11:00pm

Liv Devine, a 25-year-old country singer/songwriter/recording artist on Sunny Road Records. In an effort to meet the task of breaking into the competitive “Nashville Country Market”, Liv has aligned herself with track record entertainment industry veterans. She recorded her EP in Nashville at Blackbird Studios. Liv’s EP was produced by Grammy Award winning producer, Obie O’Brien (music producer and engineer of the Bon Jovi camp) along with Grammy Award winning songwriters.

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