Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DVT Entertaintment Press Release: Jim Thorpe - Vince Volz

As of May 04, 2014 we (Jim Thorpe / Vince Volz)  will no longer be booking the Legendary Dobbs. Our Final night will be rockin' out for Heather Mae's Bday Party on MAY 29th! We have had 3 1/2 great years booking amazing acts, meeting tons of great artists and people. As a Company, we decide that DVT needs to grow. We will continue to organize and be involved with The Liberty Musicfest, South Street Spring Festival, Dewey Beach Music Conference and excited about the debut of the Elm City Music Festival in New Haven, CT in November. DVT is stepping it up with the Artist Management and Artist Consultations to help up & coming, driven musicians achieve greater success in their career. With this blog DVT will keep artists up to date with current music trends, information and for fans introducing them to new music from you the artists.

On the management side, we currently have three artists that are making waves in the industry with the Alternative Hip Hop sounds of Rowboat Casino, the New Sound of Progressive Rock In The Presence of Wolves and the Philly's Newest speed punk rock and rollers The Riverside Odds. And not forgetting previous work with KID FELIX who continue to astound audiences up & down the East Coast.

We are coordinating with a larger venue with several floors available to host tons of National/Regional/Local music.

So...........We will be booking at Finnigan's Wake!!!!

Another amazing location, steeped in tradition, spanning an entire city block on the Southern edge of Northern Liberties. Just minutes from the Piazza at Schmidts & The Electric Factory and conveniently located to I-95, The Ben Franklin Bridge & SEPTA Blue Line & Bus Routes.  Boasting two stages 250 cap in the Quiet Man's Pub and The 300-600 cap upstairs stage. We will be bringing the following programming: Tuesday - "Open Mic Night" w/ Jake Falana of Kid Felix as your host, Wednesday - "Open Band Jam Night", Thursdays, Fridays & additional nights as available will be Multi-band Showcases.

We thank all of you for the support you have shown to us and we look forward to more music and crazy nights ahead !!!
Liberty Musicfest Update:
In August we will be bringing "The Liberty Musicfest" to Finnigans Wake. This will give us access to 4 different performance areas, for vendors, artist mentoring, 3-4 stages of showcases. Killer Drink Specials!!! and More!!!
For Band Submissions:

For Bookings contact: dvtevents@gmail.com
Blog: www.dvtentertainment.blogspot.com
Twitter: DVTevents


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  1. You Guys, you don't know me but I totally see why you left Dobbs now. I never in my life have seen in the music scene here in Philly owners who constantly self promote themselves over the venue they own. There egos are so ridiculous just on their FB posts alone, couldn't imagine what its like in person. I love how they throw around the bands like Tool, Rage, Pearl Jam, etc.. that was in the 90's and they had nothing to do with that. When did they take over, February??? It's obvious they don't have a clue, I just checked their upcoming schedule and its a lot shitty bands, so it looks like I will not be going to Dobbs much. I saw this guy there, which I found out was one of the owners, totally flipping out in the bar in front of customers. Who does that???? I feel bad for you guys building Dobbs back up and with in a few months it's consider a joke to us bands on the scene, yeah people know its spreading live a virus like they are.

    I have nothing but respect for you guys. Jim I used to live at the Grape St. Pub back in the day and we met a few times, your a class act and one of the best booking agents Philly has ever seen. You do know how to develop bands and definitely clubs. A see that your back at The Grape Room and Finnigan's Wake which is awesome and I know its going to be a success!! Keep doing what you guys are doing, we the scene appreciate it!!!