Monday, September 9, 2013

Progressive Music Returns to Dobbs on 9/21 w/ Out of the Beardspace, iNFiNiEN, Dave Mackay Group, The Tea Club & Left of Logic

The Legendary Dobbs is so AMPED for this upcoming show that features nothing but Progressive Music! This is a show from start to finish that will expand your mind musically like no other. Below features the bands and their music. Check these amazing artists out!!!
Out of the Beardspace
Out of the Beardspace is a 6-piece experimental rock band from South Jersey. Influenced by greats such as Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis, Return to Forever, The Mars Volta, Yes, King Crimson, Bjork, The Beatles, Radiohead, Frank Zappa and Duke Ellington
Here is a recent video from 2013 Liberty Music Festival at the Legendary Dobbs


Dave Mackay Group (DMG) began as an experiment in sound; an attempt at combining some very different musical ingredients in a big pot with the hope of making some tasty musical soup. Over the past few years, the band's sound has evolved into a unique style of instrumental music which lives somewhere between the worlds of alternative rock, fusion and film soundtracks.

Here is the Dave Mackay Group - Clusion (Live @ Berklee Performance Center)  

Philadelphia based Experimental Progressive band. Exotic tonalities and thick chords mixed with Jazz, African, Balkan, Pop, Rock and Indian Music.
"Calling it "fusion" isn't even entirely correct, since that smacks of cocktail parties and easy-listening boredom. This is the sublimation of styles, a group of highly trained players sacrificing their training for the sake of something more exciting."-Philadelphia City Paper
Here is the iNFiNiEN's video for "Aquatica"  

"...Amazement flows through me as my mind attempts to understand how such a fine piece of awesome can simply exist... M is for Masterpiece..."
-Eric Zecchel,
"...Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson once stated in an interview that '...the Mars Volta, Tool, and Radiohead. . .are the future of progressive music.'
I would like to add The Tea Club to that list."
-Conor Fynes,
Here is The Tea Club - "Quickly Quickly Quickly" Album Teaser   

Left of

Left of Logic is a hard-hitting rock electronica trio featuring Austen Royce Goodman on bass guitar, Dan Townsend on keytar, and Tim Knowlton on percussion.
Blending elements of modern electronic music with the raw power of live rock performance, their music launches audiences on an energetic and mind-warping musical thrill-ride.

Here is Left of Logic - Feel This To Survive (LIVE @ BAR EAST)


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