Monday, November 26, 2012

My Enemy Complete brings back their Arena Performance at Dobbs Dec. 15th

My Enemy Complete first show in Philadelphia was at The Legendary Dobbs "Liberty Musicfest" in Aug 2012. MEC was a standout at the festival bringing their powerful and emotional live performance that put the feeling that you were watching them in a large stadium. Bilaal is every essence of what you want in a frontman. He engages the crowd with his presence and eaily makes you pay attention to his words with the backing of the sonic force the band projects from the stage. Treat yourself before the holioday and come to Dobbs on Dec. 15th to witness a band that will become your favorite new band.... Jim Thorpe - Legendary Dobbs
Dec. 15th Lineup: Spiral Out (A Tool Tribute), Tungsten, My enemy Complete, The Silent Signals and Maudeline Haze
My Enemy Complete is a DC based band inspired by dense electronics and emotional songwriting. MEC is built on sonic experimentation and a blend of electronic and organic instruments. Their songs focus on disconnecting from the old and reconnecting with the new in an attempt to carve out something unique or unknown.

What do musicians do when their bands meet their maker? They create something new with other musicians. So it is with My Enemy Complete, established by former 51 Peg musicians Brian Fasani and Carlo Pizarro as well as Bilaal Y (vocals/guitar/synth) of Chrysalis. On their six-song comprehensive debut EP, the US trio merges dark, complex arranging of Alternative and Progressive Rock with departures toward Tool or APC and random, razor-sharp slivers of industrial. It not only reads well, but it sounds good as well. The interaction between atmospheric fragile, at times melancholy tinged moments and massively powerful lava-flows in combination with stirring waves of melodies and Bilaals distinct vocals you will be caught from the second you experience it. You can also detect something new each time you listen, electronic details, which swirl around within epic strings. An intensive tryst between introversion and volcanic eruptions.
Coma Magazine - Review by Neska

“If you think of the sound of a band as a food recipe, take hearty doses of either Tool or A Perfect Circle and mix it with the electronic work and brooding lyrics of Pretty Hate Machine era Nine Inch Nails. Throw in a pinch of The Cure and Depeche Mode and you will find My Enemy Complete. This band blends electronic music with actual instrumentation extremely well. The layers provide an extremely intense feel that must create one hell of an atmosphere live if translated well.”

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