Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mile Marker Zero returns to Haunt Philly on 10/27 with their "Nightmare on South St."

Mile Marker Zero returns to The Legendary Dobbs on the Peter Steele Memorial Show on Saturday October 27th, playing at Midnight!!!

MMZ will be performing their insane horror/halloween medley "Nightmare on South St." which they played at last year's Peter Steele Memorial and totally woke up the dead with their perfromance. Just Imagine Dream Theater doing a medley of every horror related subject(movies,songs,soundtracks) and accompany it with a multimedia on the TV Screens. Here is a snippet from a show in Conn.

Mile Marker Zero - Nightmare on Main st from Machine-Light on Vimeo.

Formed in 2003, New Haven, Connecticut quintet Mile Marker Zero have taken a slightly off-kilter, multi-tiered approach towards rock music that bordered on duality. Their songs are epic and ambitious, filled with unconventional arrangements and challenging rhythms yet they also flow with powerful melodies and memorable choruses. Even their name is a dichotomy.

Such sonic chemistry usually doesn’t come without training. Every member of Mile Marker Zero has a solid background in music theory and classical performance, which he vigorously applies to songs such as “A Thousand Nights,” which combines the atmospherics of Pink Floyd with the dramatic tension of A Perfect Circle, and “The Reaping Tide” a faster, more turbulent track that sounds like a hybrid of Metallica and Dream Theater. Alley, Tim Rykoski (bass) and Mark Focarile (keyboards) have honed their chops together for years before they met guitarist John Tuohy, where they were all attending Western Connecticut University’s school of music. Interestingly their fields of study didn’t directly correlate to their roles in Mile Marker Zero. Tuohy earned his degree in jazz guitar and Alley actually majored in percussion.
As more listeners heard the band’s songs, word rapidly spread. Music fans who had grown weary of predictable arrangements and watered down melodies were attracted to Mile Marker Zero’s sense of adventure. Combining well-crafted songs with technical proficiency, and raw energy with sonic intensity, the band creates gritty hard rock that bristles with progressive rock influences

“We’ve always wanted to write music that was a real experience for the listener,” says Alley. “We grew up listening to early progressive rock so we liked epic songwriting, but we were also into mid-90s rock which was much more direct. So we really wanted to be kind of grandiose and over the top, but we wanted to be strongly melodic and didn‘t want to be over people‘s heads.”


  1. You this bnd fucking amazing! That is so cool, wasn't expecting Slayer, Ghostbusters, 28 Days later.... I went an chcked out their original stuff, they are wicked as hell... I will be there.

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